Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus Project

So after what seems to be like a 2 week break from the paint table...well it wasn't a break, I've been gathering stuff for an upcoming swapmeet, as well as prepwork of more miniatures.

However I've decided to do the next of my boardgame miniatures. This is another of my favorite beer & pretzel games The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus.


I've started off with the 3 denizens who wander the halls of the Pyramid. Here we have Pharaoh Sanakht, his bride Initkaes & his architect Imhotep - who according to the heiroglyphs "Live togther here for eternity!"


These are the soft plastic figures that have become so popular with boardgames these days. Nice sculpts all around

Now it will be on to the entrepid adventurers who are going to delve into the depths of the pyramid! 

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Frostgrave/Mordheim - Stormguard Scoutpost

Today is just a quick post for one of the first items I 3d printed, from one of the first 3d file kickstarters I supported. It has been since been stashed away in a box, primed black & waiting for its moment of glory.

This terrain feature is called the Scoutpost & was part of the Stormguard Kickstarter by RM Studios. Sadly this series has since been retired by the company, though they alluded that it would be offered  during a 'future' kickstarter as an add-on. Guess its a good thing I snagged the images when I did!


Not being on the grid every waking moment, I tend to lose track of these things, however having the files I can now print them at my liesure. 

So here we have the Scoutpost. 


I added figures for scale. For the painting, I again use my preferred craft paints of Burnt Umber for the base over a black primer. Then drybrushing of Yellow Ochre, Spanish Olive & finally Sand. The sand really gives that nice final touch to finish it off.


This piece will make a great central table to offer LOS blockage as warbands battle around it.  

Monday, November 15, 2021

Stargrave - Spartan Games Armoury Set

In my previous post where I was working with some of the items I receieved with my Deadzone Kickstarter, I was looking at the boxart on the Spartan Games set I had picked up at a swap meet.


I tried emulating the palette then & now completed the actual box contents for this set. These are all resin pieces.


Mostly used craft paints on these (as I often do with terrain type pieces). Here is an image with figures for scale.


The crates themselves have separate lids. I thought about adding some company logoing but opted to just leave them generic. There is one piece (the Kiosk) which I didn't add to the image as it used clear plastic pieces (the glue is now drying) & to be fair it wouldn't likely show up well in a photo.


Now onto the next project....wonder what it will be? 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Last Days - Remainder of the quick Barricades

Sunday saw me get a good chunk of the painting done for these remaining pieces of the files I got of Thingeverse (see previous post for the link).

The 2 remaining longer barricades of barrels, blocks & tires.


With figures for scale.


And the 2 barricades that contained a vending machine as part of them. Again I went & Googled images for both Coke & Pepsi vending machines. Then attempted to scale them down to fit the side & front of the machine.  


Then it was on to weathering them. They were work to complete, but I am very happy with the result.

 I then also stumbled upon some large wooden spools, which I got in a trade from someone (Jarrett I believe).


Made of some dense foam or plasticard (it was hard to tell), the pattern was in a very light colour. I applied some Wyldwood contrast paint all over to darken them. 


Just like while in the military, these were much sought after by troops to make use as rugged tables while deployed on operations. So with these completed its likely back to the scatter stuff for Stargrave.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Last Days - Scatter Pieces

This will be my first (though some shall say 2nd if you follow Zomtober posts) display of some of the Zombie Apocaluypse scatter terrain  barricades I got off of Thingeverse from a creator named ISOpod.

These first cinder blocks are pieces that broke away from the other barricades while removing the supports. Which is all together fine with me, as it adds more clutter for visual effect!


Next up are 2 more pieces. One just a small LOS blocking bit & the other a graffitied bench. Something that could be at a bus stop.


This last larger piece is the biggest of the file set. Made up of barrels, traffic control post, cinder blocks & tires.


I am enjoying the opportunity to work with weathering on the barrels. Again I also added some printed paper signage for more detailing.


this is the same barricade, just spun around.

I have 2 more of these larger barricades on the paint table & a couple of others, which you will be seeing soon! Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Stargrave - Weapons Cabinets

With Zomtober now finished I am back to doing some more of the scenery bits from the Mantic Deadzone (1st ed) Kickstarter

Today I have 3 weapon cabinets - which were an addon from Antenoctis Workshop. It appears my camera is slightly skewed on the tripod...now its art!


I decided to go with a palette similar to the box art on this Spartans Game purchase I snagged at one of our swap meets. These models will be in the queue soon for painting, as they've been primed & are ready to go.


Here is an image of them for scale.

Up next is a couple more batches of the quick barricades of cinderblocks & tires which I previewed in one off my earlier Zomtober Posts.