Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Gaming Retreat Weekend

I was fortunate to spend the past extended 4 day weekend, hanging with 32 other like-minded individuals for some good gaming, good beer & good cheer.

Photo Credit - Jason Robillard
 I got to enjoy numerous games with folks I get to basically see once a year. This is what I believe was my 4th year of involvement.

Friday morning I started with Chaos in the Old World

We had 5 players (The Skaven Expansion set) & went about despoiling the world.

I had the Slanneth force & enjoyed swarming a zone, corrupting the nobles & extending my power. I managed to with the game with 1 more vp than the second place Nurgle force.

Then it was time for an Epic Command & Colours game. 3 players per side with an overall commander who fielded command cards.

Things did not go well on our left flank. Meanwhile the flank I held was a back & forth affair with lots of light mounted troops.

With the loss of 14 of our banners, the battle was over.

The players of the Epic Battle.

 Next was the first of 2 games of Star Wars Imperial Assault. Brent had bought some 3D terrain pieces to really make the game pop!

I grabbed the body guard Onar Koma to play for this campaign. Lot's of health, but then I realized I had no defence HAHAHAHA.

Brent also had some 3D printed game boards to track health & endurance. Very nice! The also had a slot to stand the gear cards in.

Nothing like starting in the mix! We even had Han Solo assisting, but he got taken down quite quickly.

I had gotten bloodied, but then continued on, not really the target of Brent's Empire forces. Oh look who I found!

We did manage to eek out a victory & got the codes into the computer terminal, releasing the shuttle.

I then got into a game of Congo, which Bruce had brought along for some miniature gaming. Played the same scenario which has become a good one for multi-player. Getting the idol from the centre & off the board.

Friday night we pulled out my Zombicide Green Horde (unpainted!) We chose scenario 2. I was playing the Barbarian & died on turn 2 after rushing into a couple walkers & failing to hit a single one!

This scenario had a lot of hedges (which block LOS) meaning we had LOTS of splitting occuring & before long the board was filled. No we didn't survive. 

Saturday saw the second game of Imperial Assault take place.

We had to recover C3P0 to get more info. We got hammered & had to retreat, losing the game.

I then introduced Tim & Brent to Fate of the Elder Gods.

Another game I am sure to bring every year is The Adventurers - Temple of Horus. Great little game that takes not to much time. In this round, we only got 9 turns in before our exit was blocked with the falling stones. 2 players got out & Bruce won.

The game I look forward too on the Saturday Night, is Eldritch Horror. This is usually a giggle fest consisting of overtired players, alcohol, late night game ( you get the picture)

We were unable to stop the Old one & doom befell the world. In fact I spent most of my game somehow stuck in the Bermuda Triangle. Seemed every time I moved away, I was somehow drawn back to that location. We even had our chef play & found him the chef character. He really had a good time, but we kept him up way past his bedtime!

 So after Brunch Sunday morning, it was time to pack up & head for home. Thanks to the Lloyd brothers for hosting another fine, fun event. Just need to remember ear plugs for next year to lessen the stomping people in the hall waking me up all hours.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Zombicide Black Plague

Continuing with the push to finish off the core box of Black Plague, here I have another 3 of the shamblers finished.

So just a short post as I am reading through the rules for Vengeance to run at the club tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Frostgrave - Granite Golem

As I continue prepping for the Hunt For Golem mini-campaign, I've been sourcing some needed figures.

As I found some casualty figures in the previous post & have finished the remainder this past Sunday. I also wanted to find a unique figure to represent the Granite Golem. There are a lot of miniature manufacturers with lots of options.

However I had a buddy get me a couple figures of this guy, a prepainted Wizards of the Coast figure named Maug. I've seen some others who are Frostgrave players also use this guy.

So I got him based & painted up. Here is the final result. I opted for a metal collar, inscribed with runes, the various additional granite plates held together with metal bands.

 I am happy with the result.

As well here are the remaining victims of said Golem's rampage.

I've also got a couple more of the Zombicide Zombies done, this is relevant as I've been using the walker zombies as the Zombies in Frostgrave.

That leaves me with 11 more Zombies to complete the core game box...meanwhile Zombicide Green Horde is on its way, & I still have all the expansions of Black Plague yet to do!

It's all good though. Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Frostgrave - Bring Out Yer Dead!

As I prepare for the guys to come out this Sunday for our next Frostgrave Campaign game. I needed to get some stuff painted before hand.

We will be doing "The Attack Site" from the Hunt for Golem. I needed a bunch of corpse markers to represent the wiped out warbands. 

Thus with a bit of digging & found a couple packs of casualty figures

These are the first batch completed (there are more on the paint table) & are from several ranges.

These 2 are old Mordheim metal casualty figures 

These next ones are Gripping Beast Pict casualties I believe. The pack consisted of 2 different figures.

The last 2 are Foundry I believe & are Viking casualties.

 As stated earlier, I have several more to finish up before Sunday.


On Saturday we had a games day, where several of us got together. Bruce once again brought out his Congo setup. As the weather was quite atrocious, we had a couple of the lads drop out, so we ended up with a 3 player game.

We randomly chose forces. I got the Traders (Slavers) led by the Emir.

The scenario was finding the ancient relic in the group of huts at the centre of the board. As well there were 4 plot points which when captured would provide a table corner that you needed to exit.

My forces advance. My Scouts made towards a bluff (which had a plot point on top of it) 

A group of soldiers makes towards a clump of jungle & another plot point (the fella standing inside the jungle)

The soldiers captured the plot point, but then I set upon him with my young warriors. Notice that I had previously played some stress on the soldiers & they were hurting in melee when I hit them

I was able to push them back & continued to follow up on them. These young warriors became a nuisance to Bruce.

As Bruce & I were going at it, Stephen approached the village unmolested. Then encountered the guardians.

Having finished off the first group of soldiers, the Young Warriors were making their way towards some Askari. By this point Bruce had set off an event making for a heavy downpour. All ranged weapons were limited to medium & suffered -2 dice. My young warriors couldn't have been happier!

With Stephen successfully snagging the treasure, the centre was becoming a busy place.

There was a great amount of melee. I had a unit of fanatics that were rolling D10's unless stressed. They initially mauled 2 of Stephens units before the opponents caught on & stressed them (thus reducing their dice types). Eventually they were gunned down by a ranged unit.

However, the Emir with his group did manage to capture the idol from Stephen's depleted unit & the game ended.

Thanks for the fun game Bruce!