Sunday, October 30, 2011

Games Room Update

It's been some time since my last post, but that is due to a trip to Calgary for Fallcon and continued renovations to the games room.  This post deals with the completion of my games table.

Several months ago I happened upon a store closing in Morinville. Of note was that they were selling their gondola shelving units. After deliberating for about 2 minutes I made a purchase of 2 - 4' units.
My thoughts on buying them were that I could use my current ping-pong table top & mount it on the top of the shelving units, thus providing me with storage shelves beneath.

Until this weekend they have sat dismantled in the garage, taking up valuable space, especially with winter coming on. This weekend they were taken down into the basement & construction began

The posts had to be cut down a bit, which meant in turn the pegboard backings did as much for a clean floor.  I positioned the carpet it was going to be placed on & made sure that it was centred so that people could walk around the table.

The table itself is higher than normal, as I didn't want to forfeit much shelf space, which means its pretty much standing only...which is fine be me as I find  many of those I game with tend to stand during miniature games anyway.

This image shows the base with the "kickboards" mounted & the final piece of pegboard waiting to be cut & mounted.

This is the final product. All that remains is fixing the 2 boards together so they don't slide apart and then painting them. I will probably drive a couple small bolts thru to affix the top to the base as well. Lastly, I need to start finding all my terrain pieces & getting the shelves loaded.

So after completing this, I discovered that I have another set of the gondola shelving that will create an identical base, should someone desire to create a similar table, I could be persuaded to sell it, as its slated to be moved into the crawlspace otherwise.

The other end of the basement is now a nightmare again with boxes, so that will be my next task as I try to get the games room ready by Rememberance Day with the intent of having some of the fellows over to launch it.