Monday, February 24, 2014

Descent Trollfens Expansion Heroes

After watching the Canadians take Gold early Sunday Morning, I settled down to finish off the 2 Heroes from the Descent Trollfens expansion.

A good weekend for it too as it was so chilly outside.

So here we have Augur Grisom & Roganna the Shade.

Once again they were very nice sculpts for soft plastic miniatures.

The completion of these finishes my original consignment, now its onto more Pirates & starting on the Zombicide expansion characters and Zombivores.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Third World War and more Pirates

Tonight I played a game of Third World War, set circa 1985. An American force was moving to capture a bridge being defended by overstretched Soviet forces.

Below is the battlefield. The Soviets were along the left side, while the Americans were entering from the right.

It seemed I drew the short straw, getting the oldest equipment on the table.

My unit defended the bridge and town, which were the main objectives.

Early on Scott moves towards a gap. The more modern equipment of the US force and the double cards in the deck made them more maneuverable. As it turned out the Soviet force was unable to destroy a single American unit, while the entire Soviet force was obliterated.

Having arrived home I was able to get photos of the next 4 pirate crew I had matte sprayed this morning before work.

The metal figures below are Foundry (left) and Old Glory.

The next two consist of a plastic (left) from Weapons & Warriors, & another metal Old Glory.

So I find myself happily at almost half the next crew completed, needing only the Captain, Navigator & another 5 crewmen.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mice & Mystics and of course some Pirates

Yes I am aware that I've been absent getting anything posted other than the EWG club game the other night & I shall not bore you with excuses, but now with this long weekend I am finally getting back on track.

First up are 2 of the figures from the Mice & Mystics Expansion. As I am painting these for another, I do not know whom they are except the Mouse appears to be a Shaman type & of course the other critter is an obvious opponent.

And of course 2 more Pirate Crewmen. One of these finishes off the 5th crew, so now I am working on getting at least 1 more crew completed before Mayday.

Both figures are Old Glory metals.

I have 3 more Pirates drying from the dip & its off to the club tomorrow eve.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Maurice at EWG

Last night I got into a game of Maurice with Bruce. We played the Battle of Freemans Farm during the American War of Independence.

Although intended to be played with 4 players, we were kind of shy on numbers so Bruce played the British while I played the Americans.

Both sides has 11 Army Points. I started the battle with 2 units near the farm. I placed my Lt Foot in the woods & the Militia inside the farmstead. Bruce had arrayed his starting forces along the ridge

The remainder of my force marched up to take positions behind the farmstead. Most were militia, so I was leery of trying to disrupt them moving over the fences.

The remainder of my reinforcements arrived on turn 2 & quickly marched to join the bottleneck that was forming. As luck would have it, the militia managed to defeat the British force to their front, while the Light foot on the left held another British unit at bay until I got another unit in support. I did lose a badly disrupted militia unit in a charge by the British, but then was able to outgun & eventually defeat him. Bruce had a heck of a time having his elite troops arrive, having needed to roll a 6 to arrive, so by the time they did, it was too late.

The battle ended with the army points standing at 9 - 0 for the Americans. This was certainly due to some fine dice rolls at important moments, being able to punish a unit with 4 hits in one volley was quite a feat with all the disruptions we kept heaping on one another.

Hopefully next time will see the addition of more players. More information of our club night can be seen at Bob's blog