Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas!

Taking a few minutes while the turkey is resting to get a post out. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! In this festive season please don't lick any poles!


I have several presents under the tree that I will post later, but the one takeaway this year, is that all the gaming items received are either already painted or do not need painting! How rare is that!

Also I've been working away on an upcoming Zombicide club campaign. Here is a sneak peak being that this is a time for giving....


I got the wall files from Perrochon on Thingeverse & have a bunch printed out. Now working on colour themes that I can paint up more walls as needed when the campaign progresses. I have lots of graffiti decal sets from various companies. The last building for the first scenario is currently on the paint table & while all the base colours are done, & is now waiting for the decalling to occur. 

I have the vehicles ready (still clean as the Zompocalypse is just beginning), & am now getting some dumpsters together. Will think about adding the garbage bins I am seeing printed too...if I have enough! 

OK my mouth is watering, I need to eat! Best wishes all! 

Monday, December 18, 2023

Stargrave - Q37 The Medical Lab

Sunday saw us begin our Q37 scenarios in our current campaign. It was also the first run through for the ship encounters using Bold Endeavor. Even though there was no plan to have the Unwanted Company arrivals, 3 of us rolled events that added the pirates chasing us to the next scenario. We had 5 players in this game!

To continue the narrative of this current campaign I had to add additional text to the scenario.

 Scenario 3 - The Medical Lab

Having jumped away from the planet that was being invaded by the pirates, your comms picks up a garbled message. Unable to decipher the words, you were able to get a location. Checking against your star charts, the location appears to show empty space....there is nothing there. Guessing it may be a disabled ship, you figure this may offer a lucrative opportunity & set course.

Upon arrival, you find an uncharted planetoid. The signal is being emitted by an orbiting beacon. Getting a visual of the beacon shows that its been heavily damaged by weapons fire, which explains the garbled transmissions. You then turn your attention to the planet, where a surface scan reveals a large station. Hailing the station is met with silence. Your curiosity piqued you land your ship at one of the landing pads, though no-one greets you.

Despite your misgivings, your exploration thus far has proved quiet. Everything seems strangely normal, theres just noone here. It appears as if everyone just got up & left, leaving everything as it was. Yet there is something ominous, an unhealthy smell is in the air, something worse than the usual staleness of recycled oxygen.

Having passed through the outer habitat sections, your draw closer to the centre of the station. You are starting to get a few hits on your sensors. It could be interference from the station itself, potentially other crews or maybe you've finally found the residents.

Setup - In the center is a large room containing 16 Stasis Pods situated around the outer edges. The middle of the room contains various medical/science stations & a couple of computer consoles which are still operating. The remainder of the board contains walls sectioning off & contain various crates & containers. The central loot token is placed in the centre of the table.

 After players determine their starting location, each deploys 2 loot tokens (1 data / 1 physical) using the normal rules, excepting that 1 of the tokens must be placed beside a stasis pod. Players will then deploy 2 small & 1 large salvage token anywhere on the table.

Special Rules 

At the end of each turn, starting with the player that lost initiative, each player has the option to select a stasis pod & roll a d20. On a 13+, the player deploys a plague zombie within 2" of the pod. The pod then sinks into the floor after discharging its occupant. The zombie may be placed into combat with anyone that is within the 2" area.

The Reanimation rules are in effect

All doors are sealed & will need to be hacked or picked to open them (TN14)

The windows are treated as force walls & require a natural 19-20 to shatter.

Whenever a Loot token is unlocked, roll a D20. On a 10+  a plague zombie enters at 2 random entry locations.

 Loot & XP 

Roll for loot as normal after this scenario 

+10 xp if Captain is ever in combat with a plague zombie

+10 xp if First Mate is ever in combat with a plague zombie

+10 xp if a member of the crew is reduced to 0 health

+5 xp for each door unlocked.


Aroo-Gah's crew makes for the first doot after dropping a force wall over the unneeded access.

With the first door down, the crew moves to the second.

Oddly enough, 2 of the windows were shattered with the first attempts to shoo them.

Of course this was made much tougher with the addition of the Unwanted arrivals of pirates. It seemed that most arrived behind the Empire Crew

Scott's crew is tied down with Pirate Shock Troopers...

Four crews have entered the main chamber, with zombies running about

Aroogah unlocks an objective while covered by smoke

As my crew begins to withdraw, more Pirate Shock Troopers block the path

Scott's Captain is surrounded by members of Craig's crew.

We had quite a few fall to the zombies, pirates included, which were annoying as they too became reanimated. I believe all the crews made it away with loot, though many had  fewer crewmen for the effort....though I am sure they will Zombies!

Friday, December 15, 2023

Stargrave - Plague Zombies

As we launch the Q37 scenarios in the next part of our campaign I needed to get a bunch of Plague Zombies painted up.

Luckily I have a pile of the Mantic plastic sprues of them. These are multi-part & can be built in various ways.


Which I did without thinking too much. I ended up gluing 2 helmets on as if they were 0 environment ones. Realizing it after the fact....well I went with it & am happy with how they turned out.


This is the first batch of what I am sure will be more as we progress in the campaign. These were speed painted. I went with grey outfits to represent station security types.


It would seem that while trying to control some of the infected, they too became infected. Speaking of the other infected, I was hoping to find generic civilians/scientist/doctor plague zombies, but my current searches have yielded little. Maybe some of you 3d modellers who may visit can run with this! This led me to my Zombicide figures where I painted up the inmates from Prison Outbreak.

They will be good generic plague zombies while I continue my search! The game is this Sunday, so looking forward to the insanity!



Stargrave - Salvage Tokens

 As we are about to begin using the Bold Endeavor & as I was reading through the Ship Maintenance, it got me thinking about creating some Salvage tokens, that crews could grab whilst on their adventures.

I made 2 sizes, small & large using scrap sprue & some leftover bits of PLA to represent cables.

Painted them up with a bit of weathering, you know what they say about one mans trash...

How these will work is that they will be randomly placed by the crews just like the data & physical loot. A crewman can then grab them by spending an action to pick them up. They will suffer the penalties of a heavy item & be slowed to half movement.

Now you say what about the big one? Well, that will require 2 crewmen to carry.

So, after lugging these 'spare scrap parts' back to the ship, how do they work?

They can be stored in the cargo hold. Small tokens will add 10 structural points if the engineer successfully makes his TN10 roll. Large tokens will add 20 structural points. These can be used after determining the result & seeing where the new structural total falls with regards to the Critical Thresholds. Players may then freely add the extra structure points.

I will be adding these to our next game (Sunday) to see how they are received by the gang. As we all are using well used (almost derelict) craft our ships only have 500 structure points to begin. This little project had reduced more sprue ending up in the trash & I have some ideas of some other piles & containers with scrap to use.

Zombicide - Prison Outbreak Cons

Normally I would be painting my Zombicide figures for Zomtober, however as I have a game coming up (which is not Zombicide), I needed a bunch of figures to represent plague zombies. As to which game that is, check out my previous post.

Scouring the web for 3d print files...they were not as prevalant as I thought. So I turned to Prison Outbreak! And thus my Zombicide post was born.


These figures will perfectly fit the bill of transformed people into ravening, always hungry, zombies.

I speed painted them & was quite happy with the Army Painter Fire Giant Orange that I used for their coveralls.


 There did seem to be a lot of undressing females in the set, was there something that caused them to overheat? 


So that leaves the Prison guards which will be painted up at a later date. Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, December 9, 2023

Stargrave - Cryo / Stasis Chambers

With our current Stargrave Campaign now moving towards the Q37 scenarios, I needed to get a bunch of Cryo / Stasis chambers painted up.


So it was off to Thingeverse to see what was available. I ended up getting the files from RogueVector. I printed 16 in total.


Printed on my FDM printer, these came out nicely. Once painted, I was puttering around with various techniques on the glass, trying for some crystalization effects, but for most ended up with more of a fogging effect at the edges.


Quite happy with how they have turned out, however I am sure when we see what pops out of them, they will be cursed! I've also been thinking about more signage embellishments, but I am getting into crunch time to get the next things needed for the game painted up!

 Thanks for visiting.