Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cangames 2017

After another excellent weekend of gaming in Canada's Capital, I've finally rested enough to get the blog post done, showcasing the shenanigans that is Cangames. Starting Friday afternoon & running until Sunday night, I participated in 7 games.


I started off with a game using the DBMM rules. Malcolm's Revenge - Macbeth at Dunsinane Hill. After year in exile Malcolm Canmore marches north with the army of Northumbria at Dunsinane Hill to face Macbeth who killed his father and took his crown. 

I controlled a large force of Vikings, consisting of Blades & one element of archers. Many of my troops were of inferior quality however, which could be bad when a battle is lost.

The battle begins with Macbeth advancing. We hold the line

First couple turns consisted of just advancing the lines to charge range. However things then got heated.

The centre's collided with the Armoured Knights of Macbeth initially causing some grief.

Soon it was the battle of the blade's as we pushed one another back & forth. Some units were slain on both sides. I was able to turn the flank at the one end of the line.

 Meanwhile Macbeth was under assault by some Cavalry, His element can be seen at the right of the image below. The far end of the battle was also a mass of disorganized elements. The battle swinging both ways.

 The end is nigh.

An image of the far end of the battle at games end.


The evening slot I played Frostgrave (of course!). We had 4 teams of 2 wizard bands in a Grab the treasure scenario. This was an introductory game showing some new players the game. We had smaller than normal bands & the intent was to play 2 games.

My Sigilist warband advances.

Imp's there were aplenty. This one was summoned to snag a treasure I had placed in the well.

The melee begins

There were a lot of deaths. One band lost its Wizard on the first turn & then the Apprentice on the 2nd. By games end I was down to just my Apprentice. There was one treasure on the table that truly was cursed, as anyone who dared to touch it was slain. The pile of bodies was quite a sight. Alas I failed to get a photo.


The morning started off with a game of Flight from the Apocalypse, a homegrown Zombies miniature game. A zombie-infested city, where gruesome death lurks on every corner. Eight survivors. One helicopter. And only four seats...

I was given Dick Danger to play. There were several ways to get victory points. Of course being on the Helicopter provided the lion's share, however I would also get point's for other players thanking me or wanting my autograph.

On my first turn I moved to a nearby truck to see if I could use it.

In the distance I could hear some rifle fire. A boss Zombie & some shamblers ( walkers) were moving towards a couple of the other survivors. The red tokens are encounters, which when revealed can be zombies, feral dogs, supplies to survivors. They move about the board towards visible players or noise. The yellow marker is a noise counter created when the rifle was fired.

I spotted an encounter near my own character & had 5 shamblers closing in on me.

I was able to drop 2 of them, before the remainder swarmed me & with some good rolls, removed 'The Danger' from the area.

With getting knocked out of the game by turn 4, it was time to go pay a visit to the vendors.

During the afternoon I played Villers-Bretonneux (Flames of War WW1). April 24,1918 saw the first tank versus tank battle in history. See if you can crush the British with your new wonder weapons. 

I played the Germans & commanded 2 Infantry platoons/companies. Our goal was to brea through & push off the opposite side of the table.

 The early fog of the game allowed the Germans to rush the befuddled British. I had a good round of breaking through the wire & was on the British before they could have tea.

The battle in the centre was also going well, with the British losing quite a few stands in the opening salvo's

The British are pushed from the trenches, which I then occupied. The main battle was being fought on the far end of the field, where the German tanks were met by a British tank unit (though only 1 had cannons). As well 2 Field guns were employed.

The British Field guns were destroyed & it was up to the lone British tank to decide the battle. One of the 3 German tanks had been destroyed. Eventually the last opportunity by the British to stem the attack was knocked out & with nothing capable of stopping the Germans, they continued to win the day.

In the evening I played Ironboots & the Island of the Damned. This was the annual Rubberboot's game, however this year Todd used the Frostgrave rule system & each of the players were part of 1 of 3 factions.

I played a Wildling beastmaster, however I did not have a Wizard, just a small horde of wild dogs & a Great Wolf.

There were several runic covered stones about the area, which when touched usually sent the individual elsewhere. In this case a Wizard popped up before our faction. A Frost Gian appeared on the bridge & was moving towards said wizard.

However with a successful Transpose, followed by a Wall, the Giant was dropped amongst our factions wizards. The first scrap saw the Barbarian fall, his head smashed to jelly.

Another faction is engaged by Drauger.

I cannot recall what caused it, but an ominous creature appeared in the Graveyard. It then disappeared.

 The dog pack assists with a Wizard takedown, then pondered their next moved, amidst a swarm of warriors crossing the bridge.

During this time, many of the Wizards & warriors had vanished upon touching the various runic stones, leaving but 3 factions above. (The rest had been sent to the catacomb's). As I did not find my own faction there, I didn't wander over to see what was happening, though I later heard a Liche was down there with other unmentionables.

One of the Wizards who I was now assisting moved his band into the Graveyard, a search revealing a treasure chest, which they then gathered & began moving away with. 

It seem's there were several artifacts of power discovered in the catacombs & depending on who held them & managed to depart the field provided varying amounts of experience.

I was able to keep my pack intact, & had not lost a single hound.


I got into another game of Flight from the Apocalypse. 

This time I played Laurie Kraft

Again early in the game I spotted 3 runners & a Crawler Zombie

I had a bit of space, however the runners each roll 3d6 for movement.

The first one got a little too close for comfort & I fired both pistols, missing with each. Not good at all ( I sense another early game.) As my second action I moved away.

Of course my shooting drew the attention of a LOT of incident tokens. I was wounded twice & bitten, however I was able to defeat the runners & ran up behind the building closest to me.

I then performed first aid on myself & removed one of the wound markers. I then began heading towards the helicopter. First up the ramp.

Then up & over the wrecked vehicles. No time to stop & search

Up ahead I saw another survivor inside an ice-cream truck being swarmed by runners, with more shamblers on the way.

Meanwhile Donald Trump had been turned into a Boss Zombie & was still tweeting! Hillary had taken control of a snow plow & with a soccer mom, her kids & some cult followers in tow, was running over anything in front of her.

Best not to get low sugar with the swarms of zombies at the ice cream truck. I ducked behind a building & moved down an alley, the chopper in sight.

As Hillary, the pilot, soccer mom & kids made for the chopper, I ran & using my heroic action, leapt over the fence & onto the tail of the helicopter. I was then able to get inside as it took off. The drunk pilot didn't goof & we managed to make it from the city.

 Sunday afternoon was the annual Doctor Who game run by Brian. This year it was Doctor Who - Green Death. Global Chemical’s pollution has spawned giant maggots soon to transform into giant flies that will take flight and spread the Green Death. Can the Third Doctor & UNIT prevent this?

I found myself playing the Brigadier with some UNIT troops, a medic & Captain Yates who had infiltrated the Chemical Plant. We had 4 objectives. Capture a live worm & get it to the lab in the building (beside where I started below), Rescue Jo, shut down the BOSS Computer & create & disperse the antidote before the bomber came & destroyed the area.

Jo finds herself trapped with a couple miners.

The Doctor rescues Jo & with some UNIT troops makes for the Chemical plant & searches for a way inside the Electrical fence.

One of the maggots turns into a fly & attacks Sgt Benton & his troops. It is then gunned down.

A UNIT helicopter flies over the area, dropping Frag Bomblets onto maggots.

Eventually as UNIT prepares to assault the Chemical plant, Sgt Benton provides the protestors with a UNIT lorry to move captured worms.

The antidote is discovered & rushed to the Medical chopper to be dispersed over the area.

The Doctor manages to get inside the plant & engages in an intellect battle with the BOSS computer, defeating it & shutting it down. By this time UNIT has destroyed the security forces of the plant & are now securing the area.

The bombing run is called off by the Brigadier in the nick of time & all those infected with the Green Death are cured of it's effects.

Thus ends another Cangames & I now have a year to look forward to the next one.