Wednesday, February 18, 2015

EWG - Dead of Winter...Again! Descent & All's Quiet for now on the Martian Front.

Quite a mixed bag of tricks this posting as several things came together this eve.

First up, I ran another game of Dead of Winter at the club last night. I had a buddy & his wife whom have been waiting for an opportunity to give this game a play.

As we had 5 people that wanted to play, I just hosted the game. So going around the table we had Bruce, Brian, Dave, Wes & Emmy.

I opted to run the initial scenario recommended for new players.

Something I find is becoming a very common occurrence. A bitten survivor dying on the first turn while heading to a location.

The game continued & I had hoped to have taken quite a few photos to tell the tale, however this is when my camera's battery decided to also get bitten.

I can say the game ended when a Survivor who returned to the compound was bitten & spread the disease, killing 2 more Helpless Survivors & dropping the Morale to 0. Wes (who was a betrayer) was the sole winner of the game.

Up next we have another Descent figure. This time Corbin. 

Lastly I finished a unit of modified Mk II's which were outfitted with sponson guns & an MG. The original engine however could not handle the extra weight & thus these tanks move a bit slower than normal.

This will be the first of quite a few All's Quiet on the Martian Front elements as I start preparing for the Mayday Games Convention. I do have some more Zombicide miniatures in the painting queue as well.

Monday, February 9, 2015

More Descent

This morning I finished the matte spray of the next 3 Descent consignment figures.

First up is Jaes the Exile who appears to be a cross between a monk & rune master

Next is Brother Gherinn who appears to suffer from some sort of malady. I am thinking priest? But at what cost?

Last is Lindel who seems to be some sort of Ranger.

I have 2 more Descent figures to complete, & then will likely be working on some more Zombicide & All's Quiet on the Martian Front.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Saturday Night Gaming

Last night I ventured over to Craig's house for some board gaming.

He and his wife Arlene already had Cthulhu Wars set up & ready to go. This would be my second time playing this & as well we had 4 players.

We randomly drew our factions from the black bag & once again I got the Great Cthulhu!

The starting zone are pre-determined so here is a shot of the early game. Craig who was playing the Black Goat brought his Old One out on the second turn.

The 4 player game sure makes the board busy, especially on the European/Asian half of the board. 


This was an odd situation that found Shub-Niggarath engaged with almost the entire Nyarlathotep host.

The Creeping Chaos faction seemed quite powerful with its ability to fly the Horrors about the board & use Night Gaunts to spirit away elements of the opposing side. This faction needs to be kept away from receiving its spell books as much as possible.

The game was won by Arlene who was playing the Creeping Chaos (blue faction)

I then pulled out Dead of Winter, as neither Craig or his wife had played. After thoughts I should have taken photos of the board, Main mission etc.

However here we have the hall of the dead. This is the second time I've had Edward White, only to see him perish as he ventured out into the cold. 

I then had my second character, Ashley, get bitten & she infected Buddy Davis. This pretty much euchered me as I had to return all my cards (I had all my secret mission cards & was waiting for the game to end. Ahh well, nothing goes as planned.

Scott was the sole winner of this game.

It was a good night of gaming & I look forward to more of the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

EWG in the Dead of Winter

We had our first Tuesday EWG club meet this eve & I brought out Dead of Winter. As it turns out, we are in another bit of a cold spell, so it segway's nicely.

I played with Brian, Sean & Barry.

 Things got of to an ominous start as the first character Brian moved to a different location suffered a Bitten, causing her death. Down goes Morale (we started at 6).

We then totally failed this Crisis, having 0 cards played to prevent it. It wasn't so bad however as the locations that received the zombies had no characters in them.

Now that I look back, I don't believe we had a single successful Crisis. This next one caused our demise as we lost 2 more Morale.

As well we lost 3 other characters, which brought us to 0 on the Morale track, ending the game. A photo of the fallen.

The game was won however by both myself having obtained my objectives, as well as the Betrayer (who was Sean). The game only lasted 4 rounds before we ran out of morale, so that goes to show the importance of handling the crises. All the players enjoyed the game. Will see if I can schmooze Craig & his wife into playing this on Saturday.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Four More Descent Heroes

Another four heroes are now off the paint table.

First up is Tinashi the Wanderer. She appears to be some sort of goblin rogue

Followed by Ravaella Lightfoot. Her small stature denotes a halfling mage?

Third up is Orkell the Swift. Remind me not to run beside this guy they way he waves his axes around.

Lastly we have Rendiel, who appears to be a bard.

All are soft plastic & there are mould lines in some really nasty places

Another four Descent figures are on the table & then I will be switching gears for a bit. As well, tomorrow is club night.