Sunday, August 6, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 7

Today we played our 7th Campaign game of Frostgrave. This scenario, entitled 'The Worm Hunts' saw the bands pitted against Giant Worms.

It all started out as a normal treasure hunt...however unbeknownst to the warbands, something was stalking these ruins, beneath the ground.

During each creature phase, a die is rolled, adding +1 per treasure that has been picked up. On an 18-20, a Giant Worm rises near one of the treasure tokens, determined randomly. These worms are drawn to treasures as if they were opponents. They will spend an action eating a treasure if unengaged. Also the normal campaign rules for picking up treasures apply (rolling for creatures).

Each Giant Worm slain by a band earns 50xp on top of normal experience.

We once again used the Ulterior Motive cards, however only 1 was attained with no-one entering a pit which contained gold, thus earning Craig some much needed gold crowns.

The Ulterior Motive cards in play were Emerald Eyes, Last Words, The Money Pit & Circle of Possession.

The aftermath of the battle was as follows;

Bob (Scott) - 380xp, 3 Treasures:  230GC, Potions - Demon in a Bottle, Strength, Healing, Elixer of Speed, Elixir of Life; Grimoire - Plague of Insects. Tom II - Slain.

Innovar (Craig) - 230xp, 1 Treasure: 40GC, Fate Stone. Clarisse, Shadow II - Miss Game, Delva - Slain

Ludwig (Chen) - 410xp, 2 Treasures: 70GC, Potions - Teleportation, Healing, +1 Shoot Bow.

Eben (Me) - 470xp, 2 Treasures: 80GC, Potions - Toughness, Healing, Scrolls - Plague of Insects, Banish, Elemental Hammer. Lorin - Miss Game