Monday, April 22, 2019

Frostgrave Banshees & some walls

This past Sunday allowed me to finish up the remainder of the walls from a set I purchased some time ago. Alas, one of my failings, is never remembering to photograph the original packaging before priming & then forgetting stuff for long periods of time. Then of course my mind has forgotten the company that produced them.

I also did up an old GW blister of metal Spirit Host to use as Banshee's for Frostgrave. Perhaps they could also be used as wraiths.

Up next, I am working through whats sitting on the paint table, so quite a few figures for use in Frostgrave, as well I am finally getting started on my WW2 figures for Chain of Command.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Frostgrave Minor Demon & Giant Spiders

This past weekend I finished 4 more figures to add to my monster collection for Frostgrave

First up is an old metal RAFM figure of a minor demon from what I believe was a magician set.

As well, 3 more of the Nolzer's pre-primed plastic D&D Giant Spiders.

I wanted to keep a couple of them raised on their legs...though not sure how well they will remain secured to their bases, with just their leg tips to hold them.

I admit to contemplating modified spiders for our games that will actually spit webs onto targets which will reduce their actions similar to poison. However when hit twice & failing their TN, they become ensnared & are auto-poisoned once the spider either draws them to itself or moves to them.

I opted to go with varied paint schemes as well.

I next have some old GW ghost/spectral horde figures to paint up for use as banshees or spirits of some sort.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Frostgrave Campaign Game 4 - The Moving Maze

This past Sunday was our 4th campaign game of Frostgrave. This time we delved into the first scenario of Into The Breeding Pits.

We had 5 warbands pitted against one another.

Yhegda the Witch (Level 9)

Bilgax the Necromancer (Level 5)

Severus the Enchanter (Level 10)

Kalzar the Summoner (Level 0)

Herryk the Enchanter (Level 12)

The scenario was pretty much verbatim from the book with the following modifications.

At the beginning of the turn, the person with the lowest initiative rolls a d4 to determine how many terrain features will move 4" in a straight line. The large bluff in the centre of the table could not move.

Whenever a treasure is picked up, a Violent Fungi appears using our house rules of a d20 & direction die to determine where it spawns.

The Violent Fungi were also modified in that when they were slain, they exploded in a cloud of spores affecting anyone within 2" with poison unless they passed a Will Test with TN 10.

The Aftermath:

This was one of our fastest games to date, with all the treasures quickly being scooped up & rushed off the table.

Severus - 300xp, 80gc, Scroll of Nightmare, +2 Damage Bow, Grimoire - Shield.

Herryk - 330xp, 120gc, Grimoire - Heal (sold), Amulet of Resistance, Scroll of Planewalk.  Dain Killed.

Kalzar - 290xp, 250gc, Grimoire - Embed Enchantment, Horn of Destruction, +2 Damage Dagger.

Bilgax - 280xp, 160gc, Grimoire - Power Ward, Orb of Power (8). Kill Badly Wounded

Yhegda - 90xp, 2gc. Ewald & Bear Killed, Arnot Badly Wounded.

The store in Bordertown now has the following items available to purchase

Grimoires - Fast Act, Furious Quill, Brew Potion, Bone Dart, Bind Demon, Heal, Reveal Secret, Banish, Grenade

Scrolls - Circle of Protection, Combat Awareness, Call Storm

Potions - Strength, Demon in a Bottle, Teleportation.

Thanks to all those who are following along!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Frostgrave - Violent Fungi

This Sunday is our next Frostgrave Campaign game & we venture into the Breeding Pits.

Our first scenario will be the Moving Maze & we needed to get Violent Fungi miniatures done up for it. My buddy Scott had already painted some, but I saw the need for more as our game involves 5-6 players, meaning lots of treasure, which in turn means lots of Fungi!

Enter Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures - Myconid Adults. Pre-primed, they just needed rebasing & then some painting. Looking at the painting on the packaging, I thought about it...then looking at real mushrooms, have come to see that most Fungi, have rather more mundane appearances.

Coming 2 to a pack, I snagged 3. I opted for the more mundane colouring of the bodies, then added some moss green for their 'beards'. I definately liked the multi-coloured crests, so wanted to retain that aspect.

Finishing up with Strong Army Painter Dip to get into the recesses, makes their bodies pop.

Now we will see these guys in action..of course with the multi-player games we have I have to modify the scenarios, otherwise they are a cake-walk. However I have a wonderfully great modification idea for these critters!