Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last game of 2017

I was invited for a game of 54mm American War of Independence fun at Bob's place yesterday afternoon. To start this entire week has been insanely cold. As I went to start my car....ok, luckily we have a second vehicle, though it left my wife without one. It would seem the battery froze & is dead. Looks like I will be starting the new year with getting a new battery for my car.

Even today its -25 as I type this. Don't think it got any higher.

Anyway...the game Bob ran was using I believe the Command & Colours rules as it followed the 3 zones & cards.

Scott beat me there & thus he took the British... I got, the rabble. I do not recall the battle. Perhaps Bob will respond below.

I do know my troops consisted of Rifle (closest to the British), Militia (2nd rank), Provinicial, some Cavalry with George Washington & 1 group of 3 Regulars.

Scott started off with hammering my rifle units. I soon realized that these guys were actually pretty good units....if I could save them from being destroyed. 

My cards precluded doing anything on the right flank. However I had several left flank cards, thus I got George moving with the Cavalry. He was able to  cause the British Light troops to withdraw, only to have them rout when they failed to roll any flags to recover.

This system is certainly about morale. Every time a unit is forced to retreat, it must roll dice to see if they stay. If no flags are rolled, the unit routs. Scott had full units do this on 5 dice, Which I think is where the game began to turn.

I finally pulled the Provincials & Regulars off the hill & advanced, hammering at his end units as best I could, trying to kill off stuff, or make them rout. 

The game was close, but I did eek out a victory for the Americans. Lucky for me neither the Grenadiers or the Highlanders made it to my units.

Thanks Bob for hosting the game! Now its back to hibernation as the year draws to a close. I have several figures painted & drying from the dip. They will be my first post of 2018!

Happy New Year Everyone! --- except for the Politicians who feel that a New Year is cause to increase taxes!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

With last night ending with the spirits of Christmas past. We are now in the moment of Christmas Presents. Although both Christie-Anne & I are still dealing with our gifted flu/colds we still awoke to the tradition of Christmas Music, Coffee/Egg-nog/Rum drinks & unwrapping/tearing open our presents.

Fortune smiled on me as I was gifted with some more miniatures, books & of course love.

I was quick to snap some photos before placing them back beneath the tree.

Some Infinity figures - though they will certainly be used for other games. I still find myself shying away from games that require an app/ tablet to play

Also some Malifaux figures found themselves joining the collection. These are such cool figures, again I can see uses in other games, Frostgrave immediately comes to mind.

One of the books I received was the hard cover Witcher 3 Wild Hunt book. I am still stuck at killing the Kraken in the 2nd installment of the a long time before I reach this game. I have been enjoying the passion of cosplayers taking these characters from the game into reality.

So as we prepare the turkey for today's feast we have but one more of the Christmas spirits to pay homage too. That is the Spirit of Christmas yet to come. So I wish to thank all those who visit my blog & comment on my shenanigans. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas & a Happy Prosperous year to come!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Star Wars Imperial Assault: Obi-Wan & Lando Calrissian

This past weekend among the flurry of Christmas related stuff, I managed to get 2 more of the Star Wars Imperial Assault figures finished.

So here are Obi-Wan Kenobi & Lando Calrissian

Like the others I've painted, these are for a friend. Mine are all still untouched by primer or paint. I have several more of them on the paint table interspersed with some more Zombicide zombies & stuff for Frostgrave. Looking forward to the Christmas break to get some more time at these!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Malifeaux, Wizkids & Bit Swap buys

It's been a busy past few days. Sunday was spent attending the Out of the Basement gaming groups bit swap. I managed to part with some items, while keeping within my $100 spend limit. Thus although my wife may disagree, I did 'make' some money when the sun set.

I got these 2 Infinity biker kits for a sweet $10.00. Not sure what I will use them for, but they have a definate cool factor to them.

$1.00 for each of the Reaper Bones. 2 of them are more sci-fi & I hope to see them used for Rogue Stars. The last fella will be a good zombie apocalypse survivor.

One of the sellers is moving & so had quite a stack of boardgames & miniatures to move along. I got this Terraclips set with clips box for $15.00. Was glad to see it was one I needed for the others I have, as they are getting harder to find these days.

I also got these Predator Hounds for $2.00

This box of LOTR Rangers $15.00

And lastly, not appearing with a photo, was 2 old Delaque Necroumunda squads.

This evening I went to the club meeting where Kieran & his friend Keith introduced myself & Tyler to an introduction to Malifeaux. We each played a single Emissary figure. I chose the Dragon.

I was pitted against a Whiskey Golem, some larger Turtle thing & an Oriental Warrior of some type.

The game allowed us to learn the mechanics of the cards & how you get negative & postive flips. Also how the suits played can affect the action, allowing abilities to trigger.

It seemed a little overwhelming to start, however both Kieran & Keith did a good job of explaining. Thanks guys for doing this!

As our club now plays in a local hobby store, one cannot help but walk past the 'NEW ITEMS' conveniently located near the entrance.

I saw these new Wizkid kits.

And of course had to bring them home with me. Good thing there is but one more club night before Christmas!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Juno Beach with Rommel Rules & the rest of The Servants of Ra

Today we had another games day & Dave brought out his Rommel Rules with the Juno Beach scenario.

We had 2 players as the Canadians & I acted as the Germans with a fella named Peter. The view of the beach from the German perspective. The 716 Division was situated in entrenchments along the beach & were decidedly meant to slow the Canadians

The 716th had 2 artillery pieces in support. The entrenchments served to take hits, thus hopefully allowing the 716th to slow the Canadians at the beach, allowing for the 352nd Infantry Division to get into place.

We tried a salient option with only a couple of entrenched units in the centre of the beach. It seemed to work initially.

However the Canadians eventually won through, pushing backs the remnants of the 716th & running into the 352nd. The sheer number of tanks pretty much allowed all the Canadian attacks to benefit from Tank Shock bonuses.

The Canadians rushed its armour in to snatch a 2nd objective, however we were able to get the 21st Panzer units to beat them back & shattered several Canadian Armour units.

The battle proceeded past the 12 turns & another attempt was made to rush a Canadian Armoured unit to another of the objectives (The Canadians only needed 1 more to win). As the last action of the Germans allowed the use of a Event card which moved an opponents unit, thus clearing the objective. The Germans managed to squeek out a win, though the 716th Division had been obliterated, having lost all its units.

As well I have finished the remainder of the Servants of Ra company for In Her Majesty's Name.

Here we have Akhenaton & Professor Abdul Abir 

And Sairah with the last Cultist

Up next are some more Star Wars Imperial Assault & Zombicide Black Plague figures. Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Congo at the Club

Our last club night saw Bruce once again bring out his Congo stuff, for another 4 player romp. This time he had larger forces for each of the players & we got to try out the Witch Doctor spells. Alas I did *poof* in a puff of smoke on my 3rd spell.

The centre objective, guarded by some natives

Bruce had some old Airfix Zoo animals which he has painted up, this Giraffe is one of them (though scale wise it would be a baby giraffe)

A good portion of my forces move towards the objective

Some of one of my opponents

Who are approaching another of the Airfix Animals...gazelles!

The Colonial Soldiers make good time towards the objective

At the far end of the board, the Slavers engage some natives

Withering rifle fire has whittled down the objective defenders

My Cannibals with Witch Doctor in tow engage a group of soldiers

After dispatching the soldiers, the cannibals move into the objective area against the leaders group of white men & force them to flee into the open

Another view of the same moment

One group did manage to get the treasure off the table, but they were dogged the whole way & an amazing last minute rush by Tarzan & his troops almost won the day.

I also finished another Black Plague Zombie 

As well as the Mummy from the Servants of RA set

I have the remainder of the Servants of RA figures on the paint table as well as some more Black Plague Zombies & Star Wars Imperial Assault figures.