Tuesday, July 2, 2024

It seems I've gotten - In Too Deep!

Last fall, I got to try a new game (at least for me) during Kefcon called In Too Deep. Not sure what I was really getting into, however...


I think it best to allow the makers of the game provide the intro


So afterwards I was talking with Craig about our thoughts of the game. Both of us were taken enough to track it down for our group to play. The copy I found didn't have the miniatures, just the standees, so a quick search got me the company's website & I was able to procur them.

So here are the first bunch I finished painting up during the weekend. These figures are likely close to 54mm in scale.

The Jumper & The Scourge


The Sprinter & The Fixer


The Disruptor & The Persuader


These were done with Speedpaints/Constrast Paints, with minor acrylics to finish or the metal pieces


And the rear view.


There are another 4 or 5 cyber criminals to paint, as well as the Security Bot & Droids. Then we will be ready to get a game in. I am not sure our club night will work as there won't be enough time, however it may provide a good opportunity to show the game & see who goes Too Deep!


Thanks for visiting. 

Friday, June 28, 2024

Building 6 & a few more Terrain Crate

Building 6 is now completed. A bit of a smaller one, but not by much.


I went with a wood plank floor for this one.


Also finished up some of the tables/benches from the Terrain Crate stuff I got. 


If you were to buy it now, it would be part of the Tavern set shown in my previous post. So just a short post for today, as we move into a long weekend!

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Terrain Crate Tavern

Continuing with the box of Mantic's Terrain Crate stuff, I've finished up the Tavern Set.


As I did the Kickstarter for this, I actually have extra's which I will not be using, so they will be into the Swapmeet box & hopefully finding a new home at some point. The set I had also had the tables/benches as a separate bag, & they are now on the paint table, so not part of this post.


The fireplace has an insert that represents the flame/iron fire holder & can be pulled out. Which of course would make my OSL attempt look rather odd.


For the bottles, I went over them with Gloss varnish after the matte spray to try to make them pop & a bit shinier. 

So a short post for today, as I am pulling stuff out for an upcoming swapmeet. Thanks as always for stopping by! 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Building 5 - Halfway there!

 Continuing with my commission for a local game store, I've completed the next building for them.

For this one, I've used the very cool patterned wall paper to represent the stone walls all around, as well as the flooring.


This wallpaper first came to my notice from a fellow on one of the facebook miniatures sites I follow, where he was using it for his bases. Intriqued & impressed, I sought out a couple rolls of this, as it was quickly becoming hard to find....I wonder why?


It is a bit of a challenge to work with as it is slightly metallic & the paint seems to have a hard time adhering to hit, but with perserverence it all works in the end.

I am quite happy with the result & look forward to getting them to their new home.

I've also finished up that horse needed for the cart set from Terrain Crate. As I painted this, I realized how few horses I've painted in all the years I've actually been painting.

I've begun working on the next building & am working on the Tavern set for Terrain Crate. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Building 4 & some Terrain Crate!

Another building is completed, as this is the 4th of 10. A quicker one than the previous, & as I make more, they are coming along quicker, with tweaks to the process as I continue to learn things.


Again, these are all going to have removable roofs to allow figures to be used inside them.


As well as much of the time on the buildings involves waiting for glue to dry, I've opened up a box of Terrain Crate & started working on these. The Terrain crate series I got was the Kickstarter versions & now it appears they are selling the various sets individually. 

Up first is the Horse & Cart. This is a 4 piece set

 Horse and Cart

I am still working on the horse & should have it done soon, so will post a pic of that when done, likely with the next building I am doing.


I used speed/contrast for all of it, except for the metal barrel staves & metal bits on the cart. This was followed by some light drybrushing.


The cart suffers from a fair bit of warping due to the material used in its construction & although I tried using hot/cold water dips to improve, it may take some other method to correct. It is however still usable.

Thus that completes my post for today! Thanks for taking the time to view/read. 

Friday, June 7, 2024

Another Addition to the Village

Continuing my work on the building commision for a local game store, I've completed the 3rd of 10 buildings.


This is another based on the old Townscape book buildings.


Again, its been designed to allow players to use the inside or out (good for potential RPG gaming). 


The doors again open & close using my toothpick hinge design. 


Work on the next building is well under way. 

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cangames 2024!

I arrived home after the long weekend & another Cangames under my cap. Another chance to hang with some old gaming friends & make new ones....its what it's all about for me!



Arriving early to get my registration sorted, I got into a game of Dead Mans Hand. We had 4 players run through 3 scenarios. Split between the Law/Pinkerton's & Bandit/Mountain Men we were off.


The first scenario was just a shootout, the winners determined by who the last ones standing were.....

Victory went to the good guys! (Bandits/Mountain Men)

The 2nd Scenario was about getting the wagon off the table...unfortunately my images from this were blurry or had arms in them...suffice it to say we had some good early initiatives & extra move cards that allowed us to get away. Again the Bandits/Mountain Men took the victory

The last scenario took place at the mine. With the Lawmen/Pinkertons moving in on the illegal operation

 After much carnage...& me making full use of my Mountain Mens melee ability with knives, it was a bloodbath. Third game again went to the Bandits/Mountain Men. Great game Mike with beautifully painted miniatures & terrain. The card mechanics were cool too with the various actions.

 Friday evening it was time for some ancients. 

Vercingetorix and Caesar: Gergovia 52 BC

by Tod Creasey

In 52 BC Caesar laid seige to Gergovia a Gallic city commanded by the up and coming Vercingetorix. Can the legions complete their assault of the city before the allied tribes arrive?

This was a 6 player game. I played the gauls left flank infantry.

 This consisted of 2 Med foot, 1 Heavy Foot & some slinger/archer skirmishers. I used the first couple of turns & the mobility of my troops to rush forward to deny as much maneuver ground to the Romans as I could. I had some good command pips to get most of my force moving. The Heavy Inf were left behind.

Getting to where I wanted to be, we waited for the Romans to advance. The skirmishers were going at each other. The Romans did finally meet & hammered my Med Inf, but I did manage to hold him long enough for the Heavy Foot to arrive. As he broke through my units this disrupted his units so that they required individual commands to get things done. Lucky for me, he didn't get many each turn. One of my skirmishers did get behind him & a drawn out battle did see me finish his skirmishers off.


 The Long day of the convention, with the first games starting at 0900, my day began with Frostgrave.

Wreck of the Golden Hind - Frostgrave game with goblin pirates, undead sailors and treasure to be found on board on of the most famous privateer ships. 

For this game, Duncan had brought out a massive Reaper Bones ship. This multi layer ship was something to behold.

All of our bands had the same spells & we watched as continous failures to cast was dimishing our wizard/apprentice health pools.

Approaching the ship, my crew were investigating the various piles of barrels & crates, discovering 2 treasures, which they began to haul off the board. Meanwhile the remainder made for the ship.

The deck of the ship was swarming with Skeleton Pirates, who would attempt to fire their cannons at approaching threats....of course being so old, many misfired causing a blast area template hitting anything nearby. As the others arrived, we began crawling through the gunports. What awaited inside wasn't pretty.

Working together, we were able to clear out the skeletons. The boat seen with the crew, was sunk by a cannonball, its crew scrambling aboard the large ship. I believe 2 of the warbands got away with their Wizard captains & all had much depleted crews.

My afternoon game was spent playing Rivet Wars. Again we had 6 players battling over the map, we played an intro scenario using basic mechanics, then moved on to Secret Missions & Action Cards

My last game for Saturday was Rubberboots & the Island that Time Forgot, but as Tod couldn't remember...became The Title that Tod Forgot! For the combat mechanics we were using the Silver Bayonet dice system.

Tod used the massive ship from the morning game as one edge of the table. I believe their were 9 players in all, in 3 teams of 3 players. Although on a team, each player had their own victory conditions.

I had a group commanded by a Conquistidor who was looking for what else....but treasure!


The table was littered with clue markers, that needed to be investigated. Sometimes good, but oftimes bad things would occur. Todd has an amazing assortment of miniature oddities in his collection.


As no-one was expecting the Spanish Inquisition...they of course showed up. They investigated the first clue & found ... a turtle!


While we were advancing, a portal opened & a fellow stepped out of it. I left the dealing of that with the Time Bandits who were part of my team.


Continuing with their exploration the Inquisition revealed a carnivorous plant, which they quickly moved away from.


As my crew finally reached some clue tokens, we managed to uncover 2 more carnivorous plants & an Ogre. Something tells me, just going after other players who had found treasure may be the safer course.


On the far side of the table, some witch coven was gathering  & summoning more nasties from its cauldron & incantations. This is also about the point where the Inquisitors had discovered some massive eggs...a treasure for sure & one that I much sought after. This lead to a mutual destruction of each other's bands

As if that wasn't enough, another faction arrived mounted on Pterodactyls, who wanted their eggs back & began flying about collecting them.

By this time, I had 1 remaining swordsman carrying off a set of eggs. As a Pterodactyl swooped towards him, he raised the eggs above his head & smashed them. It never hurts to deny others VP's. Thus ended the game. Not quite sure who it was that won, but I know it wasn't me 😀


 My Sunday started off with The Battle of Newburn. This 4 player game pitted the English against the Scottish Covenators & used the Black Powder rules.

I played the English & took on the Foot troops, whilst my partner handled the mounted troops & cannon.


 My partner had a hard time not rolling high & thus spent the first few turns doing nothing. I got my foot troops moving fairly successfully I got to the road (helps to roll 3 actions off the get-go)

As the 2 factions finally met, it was back & forth amongst the foot troops, but the English eventually routed the Scottish foot opposing them. I think almost every roll by the Scottish side when required to test was a 4 or less, thus causing them to flee. This happed with their mounted troops as well. Their reinforcements had just gotten to the intersection when the battle was won by the English force.

The last game for my Sunday was one of the ones I play in yearly.

The Shakespeare Code – Doctor Who

by Brian Hearn

Join the Tenth Doctor, Martha and a cast of Elizabethan characters in London in the early 1600s as they attempt to foil the scheme of three witch-like Carrionites who plan to  rewrite one of Shakespeare’s plays in order to unleash a hoard of their fellow creatures upon the world.

As a nice bonus, Brian won an award for his game table!

This was another multi-player game & rather than use the standard Doctor Who Miniatures rules, Brian has started to dabble with the Pulp Alley Rules


 I played the Carrionite Corvian League. All the Leagues had 3 characters each in them.


The 3 figures comprising my League.

We had in effect 3 good vs 3 evil players in the game. Both sides working together (as in they couldn't attack their aligned players)


The Red Cultists & I swarmed Sir Francis Bacon, taking him out, though the bugger kept making his recovery rolls & would jump back up. Luckily when he was down, most of those involved were able to move away to do other things. We left a single Red Cultist to deal with him. The coloured blocks were used by Brian as an activation mechanism. The number of blocks in the bag = to your league members. As blocks were drawn you would activate the figure & place the block beside them, to denote they had performed their action for the turn.

In order for the players figure to enter the Theatre they were required to find a ticket. The many numerous plot locations around the table would potentially provide the ticket....assuming you had answered me these questions 3 type effect. For those unfamiliar with Pulp Alley, in order to successfully get a plot point, you are required to pass a challenge. The challenge is randomly drawn & the player must successfully meet the requirements to pass. Failure often means taking hits.

Another Pulp Alley thing is they have dangerous areas which when entered require a challenge be passed. The stage was one of these.

There were several tokens on the board which were also dangerous areas, anything from horse manure piles to human slop.

 Several of the players had made the stage & were garnering tokens (feathers) which provided VP's. The Queen managed to score the most feathers by games end & won the game.

So another Cangames had ended & to finish off we went to Yangtze's for Chinese food, only to discover that it would closing, & would have its own final curtain.

Guess we will need to find another after-con meal venue for next year!