Thursday, January 31, 2013

Descent & Zombicide Characters

I've finished off a couple more of the Descent & Zombicide Characters.

First up we have the 2 Descent Heroes. Tatianna seems to be some sort of Clan Hunter.

Next is Lindel an Elf Paladin type. At least thats what I get from his description.

Next up are 2 more of the Main Box Heroes. Ned & Josh.

I really like the characters they've put into the game. Each has a lot of character & likely has been in a movie.

I am glad they didn't make Josh with his pants halfway down his backside. Again I have used an old 40K decal as his hoodie logo.

These figures have nice detail.

So coming up next are more Descent, Zombicide Heroes & some Scurvy Pirates will be making an appearance. I also have 1 Sloop that is almost finished & that is the last of the ships I need for the Mayday Game.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More Pirate Ships & Rowboats

The Shipyard continues to launch more freshly painted 28mm Pirate Ships. As well a couple more of the skiff/rowboats are done.

The first ship is another Gunboat. I am trying to use some old Letraset to give the ships names. Its been a challenge as all the lumps & bumps make setting the location of the letter a challenge.

These 2 skiffs are from the Weapons & Warriors Pirate boxed game. They come with sails which I am still painting up. As the ruleset doesn't have rules specifically for skiffs, I will need to make some. Otherwise the mount for the sail can be where a swivel gun can be mounted.

This last ship is another Sloop. All the pirate miniatures shown in these shots will eventually be getting a makeover, but will likely be used during the Mayday game as they are.

Just starting to see how many miniatures will need painting. Each of the caravals will need 14 crew, the gunboats & sloops 13 for a total of 134 miniatures.

I am now also deciding how best to paint them up. Should I paint crews with say, the same colour pants to define them as the same crew? There will surely be boarding battles after all. Another option is just to paint a coloured swatch on the base to define crew allegience

Any thoughts?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HOTT Campaign Markers

The final pieces (less villages) for the upcoming HOTT Campaign are now done.

Up first are some fleets. If a player gets a coastal city, they will have access to a fleet.

Next we have a couple dragons which may inhabit the mountain hexes. Meeting one of these could have mixed consequences for those entering their lairs.

Lastly, 3 more Field Army Markers are completed. Though they will not be used in the campaign, one never knows when another player will seek to join,

With these now done my focus will be mainly on the Pirates. 3 more ships & then the crews are on the deck.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

HOTT 2013 Campaign Map, Zombicide - Wanda

A few more items have left the painting table. I have also been busy making some adjustments to the upcoming EDBAG HOTT Campaign Rules which begins next month.

In the words of Gandalf  "The board is set, & now it the pieces are moving"

Below is the Campaign Map that will be used. The positions of the capitals are not set, they are merely used to show the locations of all major Cities / Capitals that will start the campaign. They may shift slightly, but there is a minimum of 3 spaces between major centres. As players begin to expand, they may discover small villages which they may add to their empire as well. They will in turn supply troop points & supplies.

I picked up a metal backed white board & then put magnetic strips on the back of all the hexes. It will be an interesting drive over to Dennis's place to see how well they stay in place.

Also to start the campaign I finished off the remainder of the needed city counters.
Up next we have Wanda the Waitress from the Zombicide game. This Rollerskating, Chainsaw / shotgun toting blonde will certainly mow down the Zombies in her path. With luck she will get lots of tips.

I have several more of the tokens needed for the HOTT Campaign on the painting desk - Fleets, Dragons, Villages & a couple more Field Army Markers. I very much doubt I will get many of the villages needed done for the campaign as I will be taking more of paint them as they are discovered approach. With a month between games I will have lots of opportunity to get them done.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Row-Row-Row your Boat

Today I finished up 4 of my 28mm rowboats, as well as a couple other items.

This is the first batch of rowboats for Pirates. Of course no Captain in his right mind would abandon his these are more for his crew to help tow him off of shoals & such.

These rowboats can be fitted with the ships Swivel Gun (if it has one of course)

Next up we have the last of my (required) HOTT Field Army Markers. There is now enough painted for the 5 players slated for the next HOTT Campaign to begin in February.

Also I have finished another of the Descent miniatures. Here we have Arvel Worldwalker. An Elf Ranger?

Lastly I have taken a photo of how I am going to be doing my Pirate Crew Bases. On the left is the barebones base with Cardstock planking & a washer to allow it to be stored on a magnetic tray for travel. On the right is the completed base. All that remains for that is to paint a swatch to denote whether the miniature is a Captain, Marine, Navigator, etc.
I am still debating whether to paint the swatch in the colour of the boat or just keep the swatches all the same colour & just place crew as needed.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Gunboat & HOTT Army Markers

Today I've finished up another 28mm Pirate Gunboat & some HOTT Field Army Markers.

First up is the Gunboat. I am really liking how they are turning out with their repaints. I am making the crew bases to match the decking paintjob.

I have finished the first 3 HOTT/Mighty Empire Field Army Markers. I based them on cardstock to make them less likely to topple & the flag fields have given me an opportunity to use up some more of the old GW 40K decals.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Descent, Zombie & more Mighty Empires

After spending the day checking out the new Big Brother / Big Sisters Lottery Home ( & scoping out the potential new Games Room) I returned home & finished up these miniatures.

Up first is another of the Descent consignment miniatures. This is Laughin Buldar - obviously a screaming berserk warrior type.

One thing I found unfortunate with this miniature is the thin shafted weaponry. No matter what one does, these flimsy pieces of plastic just don't hold their shape. My own version of this miniature is even worse!

Hopefully sculpters will always keep this in mind when creating their products. Otherwise the sculpt is very good with lots of detail.

Another Zombie rolled off the table as well...or should I say shambled.

Lastly I have been working on more of the cities & the last keep (as it stands now we only have 5 players for the next HOTT Campaign), as well as 4 more of the cities.

I am now working on 3 of the Field Army counters for the HOTT Campaign, the last of the first 8 consignment figures & another 28mm Pirate Gunboat.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Odds & Sods

This post finds me with several various miniatures painted. I have several projects on the go at the moment & am trying to work on each of them. One of them is a consignment for more of the Descent miniatures, another is my Pirates for Mayday & then just because you wanted it soooo bad. Another Zombie from Zombicide.

This time around I have finished a Sloop.

Up next another of my Zombies. I now have the characters from the base set primed & awaiting the move to the painting table.

This next Descent miniature is Okaluk & Rakash. Seems like he is some sort of wee lad who rides about on his Husky mount.

As we have decided as of last night, we will be doing another 28mm HOTT Campaign which I alluded too in an earlier post. As such I have a whole pile of Cities & Villages to begin painting. I also have a couple fleets (should anyone get them), some dragons & the Field Army tokens to get finished as well before next month. I also have quite a few miniatures from the consignment to work on as well.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Arrr! More Pirate Ships Matey!

I have completed 3 more 28mm Pirate Ships.

The first 2 are the remaining Caravels which will be part of the merchant fleet.


The last is a Gunboat which I picked up off of Will & repainted.

I have another 2 Gunboats & 3 sloops to repaint. Then I will begin on the crews for each ship.