Thursday, August 22, 2019

Escape from Dulce!

Tuesday, Dan brought out a game to the club, which I had never seen before. An apparent Kickstarter buy for him, it looked pretty cool!

We were all cryogenically frozen specimens who have awoken & now are trying to escape this complex. I chose The Smith Family

Each player gets a character board denoting their stats, abilities,etc.

And away we go. We had Hirohito Honso & Amelia Earhardt joining me in this romp.

As you clear rooms, items can be found, as well as guards of various sorts.

Each of the cardstock stands of the various guards has a number that matches a specific card which shows their stats & what effects they will use on the players.

They would for example, Target the player with the most health, target the player with the least armor, etc. Pretty cool system.

We then met the first boss which guards the elevator to the next level 

There are also some NPC's who will join you if you have certain items. We got the Goat Boy who was pretty good in a brawl.

The higher you go the tougher it gets, but then the loot gets better too!

Eventually Goat Boy took one for the team & died.

We made it up to level 4, but then had to call it as the store would be closing soon.

It was a fun game with some interesting mechanics! Thanks Dan for introducing us to this game!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Frostgrave Campaign Game 7 - The Day Magic Died

This past Sunday we had our 7th campaign game of Frostgrave. The ending was..unexpected to say the least.

This scenario was based on "The Stars Are Wrong", however as usual, I modified it to suit our multi-player group.

Scenario Set-up

The ruins of the Planetarium Solaris lies at the centre of the table. Numerous pillars are scattered about & it seems many of the buildings nearby have collapsed & shifted...likely from the recent jolt. The pillars were the power source of the facility & drew collected energies into the complex. However due to the tremor, they have become misaligned, now they send random bolts of energy shooting between them or else overload with a radial burst.

If during the game a player rolls 1-4 for initiative, a bolt of energy immediately fires between 2 of the pillar. A d8 is rolled to determine the pillar the bolt departs from, then roll a d6 to determine which pillar it jumps to. On a 6 the pillar overloads sending energy in a 3" radius.

As if that isn't enough, at the beginning of each turn a card is drawn. Each card contains 1 of the schools of magic. Any spells from the school drawn are no longer castable, as well scrolls containing those spells become illegible.

To halt this catastrophe & hopefully correct it, the fallen beam on the Solaris must be removed (requires 4 actions). Then the Solaris can be reset, however as none present know exactly how, a Will Test TN10 +1 per turn needs to be passed. (ie on turn 4, the TN is 14) Success means the damage can be undone & the last card drawn is returned to the deck, the spells being once again available. However if the test is failed, another card is immediately drawn. The longer it takes these rival warbands to fix the Solaris, the worse it will get.
Once the Solaris is being corrected no further cards are drawn unless further Will test fails occur.

Treasure & Experience

5xp for each bolt of energy that occurs
25xp if a wizard is struck by an energy bolt
25xp for removing the beam
50xp for each successful reset of the Solaris
50xp for each treasure recovered
If the Solaris is reset so that no cards are drawn, each wizard on the table will recieve 100xp.

For this venture we had 6 warbands involved

Yhegda (Lvl: 17 Witch)

Bilgax (Lvl:11 Necromancer)

Severus (Lvl: 22 Enchanter)

Kalzar (Lvl: 11 Summoner)

Aknsdab (Lvl: 1 Summoner)

Herryk (Lvl: 20 Enchanter)

Now onto the tale!


So congratulations to Scott for winning the campaign! And also for being cursed for not saving Magic.  I guess you could say you were not getting off Scott Free!

We took a vote at the end of this game & decided we would start a new campaign. I decided to make it a continuation of sorts with magic having failed. The walls keeping back the demonic hordes have been weakened & this will allow us to segway into a Forgotten Pacts campaign. I guess in a odd sort of way it worked for the best.

We didn't really bother with loot afterwards as there wasn't much point. 

Chen had his band wiped out pretty much to a man by Andrew...again!

Thanks to those who took part in the campaign. It was a blast & the smacktalk makes it all the better.

Looking forward to the relaunch next month