Sunday, January 31, 2021

Earth Elemental & Some Giant Toads...Take 2

OK so for those who follow my blog, your going to think, wait a sec....he just posted these. You would be half correct.

So today I finished the second Earth Elemental, going with a deep elemental look complete with some lava innards & a more stoney look to it.


This model does well for dry brushing with deep recesses for the brush to catch on.


Also you may remember these Giant Toads, I printed with my FDM printer. Well now they are painted.


I used some contrast paints on them, followed by a light drybrushing. I think I may go back & do an Army Painter dip on them, but for now consider them finished.


And again an image to show their size compared to a Frostgrave Apprentice.


So now I will be switching back to Core Space with the Crew of the Yamato.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Earth Elemental & Some Giant Toads

 During lunch today, I finished up the first of the 2 Earth Elementals I picked up last weekend.


I went with a black wash to start & then various shades of drybrushing to get the effect you see here.


The second one I plan on doing some lava type effects in the recessess & likely go with a greyer overall colouring to allow the lava effect pop more.

 As this was occuring, I am nearing the end of my current PLA spool & after seeing some FDM miniature prints that another gamer friend had been doing, thought I would give it a go on my FDM printer.

So I snagged a Giant Toad STL file I bought from Duncan Shadow's My minifactory store site.


I reduced the figure to 50% size & added supports with a brim base.


One I kept with how the supports printed on the one to show. The supports just sort of peel off. Then there is a bit of work to cleanup the brim from the base & rub the nubs from the supports off. Overall I think it turned out well & here you can see them beside a Frostgrave soldier for size.


How big are those fang faced frost toads anyway?  Can you imagine them printed at 100%? Guess they can be a wide range, just don't let them hop into your warband!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

This is my "Thank's Dan!" Post

 At the beginning of the year I saw a post on our club facebook page from a fellow gamer named Dan.

Dan got a new game. Dan's game looked cool! I had to get the same game Dan did.

So after scouring the sites for the local stores, it was time to look online...OK, not a big deal during the pandemic, as online sales are pretty much the norm for these days.

Of course I couldn't just get the base game when I was going to get free shipping. 

So went all in.

Almost felt like a Kickstarter, without the wait. It shipped I believe on Friday from NZ & arrived today. Now that's service!

So with it here, I am now eyeing some of the kits from Combatzone Scenery out of the UK. As expected the set I am most interested in is sold out atm, but I am sure it will become available again, being so popular.


So once again..THANKS! DAN!

On another front, I snagged a few more classic cars that I saw at Giant Tiger. As  soon as I saw them I thought "They look like they would be great for Fallout!"

 So without further ado....

It will almost be sad to turn them into derelicts, though the image just above looks like its already started.

As always, thanks for visiting!

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Frostgrave - Hellhounds & Werewolf

As shown previously, I had grabbed some of the Nolzur's Hellhounds to paint up.


I tried to go with the pattern on the back of the package, as I liked the look. They appear with a bit of shine, but come the spring that will be remedied.

I snagged 2 packs of these, figuring 4 should be more than enough to deal with meddling wizards, however that can always be corrected.


Another figure I completed is one of the 3d printed ones I did from a Patreon I follow. He is called the Beastman, however looking at him, he will make  a good werewolf too!

 Contrast paints were the big win on this fella, as they quickly made the fur pop! I used Agrax Earthshade on his light fur/skin areas & Gore-Grunta Fur for the main body. Otherwise it was pretty much craft paints for all the base colours. It appears I need to do a it more work on the claws.


As mentioned in my previous post, I needed to snag the Earth Elementals to round out my Elementals. So when I was at the local game store on the weekend, they were there waiting for me.


They are now being based on washers & will be the next to be painted. 

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Frostgrave - Elementals

2 weeks ago I picked up some of the Wizkids Nolzur's miniatures for use in my Frostgrave games. These are quite nice figures with a good price point.

 So far I collected Air, Water & Fire Elementals. Additionally I snagged some Hellhouds to dabble with.


Of note is that all of these figures are using clear material, which is a challenge to paint while maintaining the see-through aspect.


So this morning I finished the Fire Elementals, & here are the results...

 Air Elementals


Fairly quick paint, using craft paints for the most part (light greys) & then I tried using a dark grey contrast paint on the right hand one which gave it a darker angrier aspect.


Water Elementals


Again, fairly quick paintjob with using an ocean blue craft paint, with some touches of a GW technical. I tried to keep the paint thin, to maintain the transluscent nature of the model. I think I may go back at some point to use a bit of very light grey tips to represent the crests of waves or somesuch, but for now, these are done.


Fire Elementals


As expected these required the most time, starting with red then working up through orange & then a couple different shades of yellow. Again, I used some GW Yellow contrast paint to try to blend some of the recesses.


So where are the Hellhounds? Well the simple answer is in Hell...but really, they are next on the table & I will be using the same method I did for the fire elementals. I also hope to pick up the Earth Elementals today, though I doubt they will be the clear plastic.


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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Frostgrave - A surprise for me, is a surprise for you!

A few weeks back I saw a post on the Frostgrave Facebook group about Osprey updating their Spell Cards. As they were being offered through DriveThruRPG for purchase, I went to take a look.


We used the 1st edition cards during our last Frostgrave Campaign (which the Pandemic kind of killed). I think as a group we really liked how they looked & explained in better detail the spells, than as written originally. Each deck consists of 88 cards for the 10 base schools of magic

I decided at that point I was going to get the updated cards.


Then a thought hit me. As a thankyou to those who made the effort to be part of my campaign, having to drive outside the city to where I live...I would do them a favour & buy each of them their own deck. Alas it didn't make it in time for Christmas, so they will just need to wait until the pandemic allows for us to gather once again for a foray into Felstad!


Thanks again guys! I appreciate your taking your time to game with me. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Core Space - Purge Annihilator

Today I bring you the last of the Purge I recieved in the original Core Space Kickstarter. Here we have the Purge Annihilator


A very nice figure, although as with most soft plastics, mold lines are an issue. However these are generally buried within the paint palette, so not too big a deal.


This is the 'Big' Fella. Below I've placed him between the Harvester & the Devastator for comparison. I think when this guy shows up, I want to be in my shuttle & far, far, away. 

 I've got some Nolzur's figures to paint up next. Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Core Space - Purge Assassin & Live One

Two more figures completed today, both are Purge & consist of an Assassin & a Live One


As I was looking through the Core Space rulebook, near the back are several pages of conceptual art & info when the game was being developed. There was a comment that the Assassin was orignally going to be black, but was changed due to its 'darkness?' 


I did like the concept & just chose to do some red trimming on the panels (similar to the original Bat Mobile) I feel this breaks up the modile & gives it some punch.

Save Gotham City In This $140K Batmobile Replica | Motorious 
I have the Annihalator on the paint table now as well as some Nolzur's figures.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Core Space - Purge Devastators

 Just a short post for today. Finished up the 2nd set of the Purge Devastators

Kept these in their 'traditional' palette

I am now working on the 2nd Live One & Purge Assassin (which will not be the traditional colour scheme)