Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year! Last Miniatures & Year in Review

Well, we've completed another lap of the year track. So HAPPY NEW YEAR!


To those who follow my blog, I wish to thank you. As all bloggers we appreciate the community we've created of like minded individuals to share our projects & learn from others.


So without further fanfare, here are the last of my 2021 miniatures freshly off the paint table. Perhaps the matt varnish is still wet on them. The last of the Fleet Crew I had based. This poor sot had 2 fingers snap off while removing his supports.


However not to be undone, I decided to add some liquid green stuff & created a rough bandage to represent a recent laser injury, either combat or industrial, who can say.


The 2nd figure is also from one of Bob Naismith's figure sets called Skumthugs. This strapping fellow is the Boss.


A nice figure & I really like Bob's posing of pretty much all of his figures. Nothing too fancy or unrealistic.


So with that done, its time for the review. As I think back, this is likely also the first review I've done, & normally I wouldn't, but its been another of those odd years we've all been living in.

Who would have thought we would still be dealing with it? One of the things I've missed most is getting to the gameboard with friends. However on the flip side, it has allowed me more time to actually focus on painting stuff & work on other projects.

With the completion & posting of this post, I will have had 104 posts for 2021. Comparing that number to the last couple of years, 66 in 2020 & 44 in 2019. That shows an increase in my blogging for sure. While some posts were quick & small, they were still posts of my hobby time.

Early in the year I was working on my Core Space Kickstarter stuff. Hoping to get it to the table...well, the painting happened, but not so much getting it to the table.

I also worked on some fantasy figures for use in Frostgrave. At the same time I began dabbling more with my 3d fdm printer. 

March saw me work on my first Boardgame Project, where I am painting the figures from the boardgames I enjoy. I was able to complete both of "The Adventurers" Games 


 April saw me begin my BEF Project, painting up my British figures for use in Chain of Command. I did complete the platoon & a couple of vehicles. 


In June I was doing a lot of 3d printing & completed a bunch of files I got from Thingeverse, as well as some resin printing of Bob Naismith's figure sets. At around this time I was also approached by Lv-427 folks asking if I would be interested in doing test prints for them. I agreed & have been printing out tiles of their terrain system & providing images for their website. Black Friday saw me purchase a 2nd FDM printer & I now have the 2 of them printing things for when we can get back together at the table.


So this brings me pretty much to the end of my review. Again thanks to those that follow & comment (unless your a spammer of course). I look forward to continue the hobby adventures in the New Year.



Thursday, December 30, 2021

Stargrave / Core Space - Fleet Crew

Got another 3 of the figures I 3d printed from Bob Naismith finished to use in Stargrave or Core Space.

These figures are from a series of Fleet Crew that Bob put out on his Patreon. They are also available on his website Bob Naismith.


The odd thing is that there was some glitched files which Bob commented on & has since replaced. However as these fellows were already printed, I just used some green stuff patches to fill the holes & now they are reporting for duty.


I have the others somewhere, but these ones were based, so figured they are part of the year end paint table cleanup (which I won't complete). I currently have 1 more Fleet crew figure & an Underworld Boss figure currently being worked on, which I hope to have done tomorrow before the year ends.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

I think I know which list I was on for Christmas!

So with Christmas completed, boxing day passed, we are now in that respite space before New Years. I got a little hobby time down in the basement today, which is great because it is bloody cold outside & has been since Christmas.

So what was under the tree for me this year? Well...

A bunch of box sets from Privateer Press's Horde game, as well as some blisters. I know that this game has lost its appeal for many, however the minaitures are still fantastic & most often I rarely ever use miniatures for games they are meant for anyway.

Now the funniest thing about all of these miniatures, is that we spotted them at our local Goodwill Store. Even better they were the correct 50% off the sticker colour for that week. Christie asked which ones I would like for Christmas....I said any of them would work.....well...


What was even more amazing is some of the other miniature offerings that were also there & again the same 50% of due to the tag colour. She also got them for me. I will certainly need to improve my painting before tackling these!


So with all of the excitement of having so many "small packages" under the tree, I also received a gift I bought for myself from a Black Friday sale.


So now I've got a bunch more miniatures to work on with the learnings I hope to develop from these books!

So yes, it was a Merry Christmas. Hope all of yours was as well. Betwen the frigidly cold weather & the pandemic continuing, I hope to find more hobby time to work on my projects. I hope to have 1 more post prior to the New Year.

Friday, December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas! And a gift from a Friend

As the clock ticks, it draws ever closer, where we join with friends & family to celebrate Christmas. So to start, I wish everyone who follows my blog MERRY CHRISTMAS!


So as is my tradition, I offer you a festive eve, take the time to enjoy the spirit of the season, and remember those who are less fortunate. I also often reflect on those I've served with & the memories of Christmas's spent away from family. So my thoughts turn to those who are still serving today & hope their Christmas finds time for joy & blessings as well.

Also this is my last hobby post until likely the 27th at the earliest. So I leave you with another of my quick paint table projects. Merchant Carts!


These mdf kits were purchased a couple years ago from Blotz! Each contains 2 carts & there are 2 different models offered.


I will caution those who buy them that the joins are very tight, thus after snapping an axle & handle on 1 of them, I would propose some light sanding of the axles prior to mounting the wheels.


Otherwise they went together well, & then it was a quick job of painting them Barnwood base, followed by Wyldwood Contrast paint & then some Sand colour drybrushing.

On another note, I dropped by a friends place today to drop something off & he provided me a miniature he painted during the Analoque Challenge some time ago. One of their goals was to paint a miniature for someone.

 Jonathan painted this fellow for me. I believe he is from the English Civil War era, but I can see him easily fitting into a Silver Bayonet game too!


Perhaps Jonathan can find the Analogue Challenge post where this was entered to provide more details as to the challenge.

As always, thanks to those who visit my blog for my scatterbrained posts, as I truly am all over the place when it comes to my hobby projects.


So he will now sit on my shelf of 'painted' miniatures! Thanks Jonathan! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Taking out the Trash

Just a quick post for today as we enter the final days before Christmas. I noticed a couple of trash bins on my painting table. Yes it seems forever that I am cleaning it up, with various partly finished projects festooning it!

 I figured I would paint these up, taking less than an hour to get them off & ready for the table.


They will certainly work for any Pulp, Super Hero, Zombie Apocalypse type game.


Image above with figure for scale. I have a couple other quick posts that will likely land before Christmas so please stay tuned! 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Delroy Chartier

Today I finished the last of the Adventurers for Pyamid of Horus, Delroy Chartier.


Born in the Caribbean, Delroy is a true mountain of muscle. Once a Mercenary, he turned to archeological treasure hunting to satisfy his love of risk & adventure. His special ability is Stamina.


I really like the look of this figure. 


With Delroy completed, I have now completed this project (which was to paint the figures of a boardgame). Now onto some other random things to wrap up the year! 

Friday, December 17, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Maki Watanabe

The 2nd last of the adventurers, today I bring to you Maki Watanabe.


This young Japanese girl fears no one. With her amazing reflexes, she is a modern day ninja-geisha. Her special ability is Reflexes


Her ability allows her to avoid the sting of a scorpion or the bite of a cobra. Of note, all of these special abilities can be used once per game, so a player must decide when its best to do so. 


Looking at her player card I was mulling over how to do that colouring of her trenchcoat. I opted to go with a purple base, followed by using Wyldwood contrast paint over it. I think it came close!

Thanks for visiting! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Jose Ardila

Today I bring you our next adventurer Jose Ardila


This Spanish adventurer is highly skilled with his hands & a master at picking locks. He has never seen a safe that he couldn't crack. His special ability is Lockpicking


Likely one of the best skills in the game, the ability to change a dice for the combination is key to completing the more difficult locks for the best loot!


This leaves 2 more adventurers to complete to count this project finished! 

Monday, December 13, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Abdel Wahab & Edgar Rice

My painting Sunday, allowed me to complete 2 more of the Adventurers. First up is Abdel Wahab


This erudite Egyptian is unrivaled when it comes to reading hieroglyphs & regularly accompanies expeditions that seek his expertise. His special ability is Linguistics.

The next adventurer is Edgar Rice


This South African military officer was once presumed dead. But he mysteriously returned when the discovery of the Pyramid of Horus was announced. He is the father of Lea Rice (remember her from the Temple of Chac!) & an expert on crocodiles. His special ability is Swimming


For these 2 figures, I tried something different & did NOT use the Army painter shade, opting instead to just use contrast paints or washes. 


I got a good start on the next adventurer today during lunch & hope to have him completed tomorrow.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

The Adventurers - Pyramid of Horus: Rasputin

Our next candidate is Rasputin


This strange & bewitched mystic from Siberia boasts supernatural talents that allow him to forsee the future. His special ability is clairvoyance.


An interesting model in the fact he has such pale skin, which isn't normal for me to paint. He kinda looks like Rob Zombie!


I do enjoy painting up these uniform blue type trenchcoats as they really pop when it comes to highlighting them. We've seen his ability make or break a last chance to escape the pyramid in the past! 

Thursday, December 9, 2021

The Adventurers = Pyramid of Horus: David Gore

Our next adventurer is David Gore


Hailing from Canada, this trigger-happy adventurer has wandered the world for more than 20 years, searching for ancient relics & has become a leading expert in modern archeology. His special ability is Shoot


Well its odd that folks think of us folks here in Canada as such...perhaps beer drinking, Hockey loving, fun-seekers; but there you have it.  


Another nice sculpt for a soft plastic. Let's just hope his being trigger happy also involves good aim!