Sunday, October 31, 2021

Zomtober - Week 5

So as another Zomtober shambles to an end, here are the last 2 figures for this years month long event.


 Again working through my Zombicide figures, these are 2 more of the core box walker Zombies.


I didn't do quite as much gore as I've put on some of my previous ones, although all Zombies will likely get the dirty hand treatment, as they delve into the living for sustenance. 

 So with the close of Zomtober, I don't think that will prevent me from doing more as I work through 'projects' - ie: I would like to finally get my 1st ed core box of Zombicide finished so I can start a campaign (I've got some ideas on how to do that, as well as will take rules from 2nd ed / Black Plague to improve on the original.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Stargrave - Strategic Display & Fueling Nodes

Continuing through all the bits I received with my Deadzone Kickstarter all those years ago. Here I have a couple more of the add-ons that were created by Antenocitis Workshop & made of resin. However looking on their site today, some of these are no longer available in the form I got mine in. Perhaps they were originally built for Deadzone?

Up first is the Strategic Display.


This was a 2 part kit which oddly had no top centrepiece to mount the display on. 


I used some blister plastic painted black to cover that space & then glued the supplied displays all around the various monitors.


Here is an image with some figures for scale.


The second item I completed during this lunch hour hobby time was the 4 Fueling Nodes (which are still available from Antenoctis Workshop). 


These will make great little features for any hangar bay or ship ports. 


As with most of my items, i've added some printed labels to them to add some detail. The numbers came from old GW decal sheets which I have a large number of.


I am very happy with how these turned out! 

 Now I need to see about getting a ship done to use with them! As always, I thank you for visiting my blog.


Sunday, October 24, 2021

Zomtober - Week 4

For this week's entry, I just have the single Zombie from Zombicide as my entry. 


I have been busy with getting stuff done for Stargrave use & prep for winter painting while I can still prime outside.


This shambling fellow is from the core box of 1st ed Zombicide (shows you have slow I am at getting stuff painted!)


I have a couple more on the paint table for next weeks post. Also I have the first of a batch of quick barricades that I got from Thingeverse & posted by ISOpod. There are several in the set.


I printed them on my resin printer, & when removing them, some of them separated into smaller pieces which isn't really an issue, as it allows for some further variety.


These wlouldn't really stop a swarm of zombies, but would provide a small bit of cover & may just provide those seconds to extract yourself from a bad situation.


So until next week!



Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Stargrave - You Have the Con.

Continuing with my scatter stuff, here are some Consoles that came as part of my Mantic Deadzone 1st Ed Kickstarter. These will see use in Stargrave, Core Space & 5 Parsecs from Home.


All are in resin.


They also came with the central console image which needed to be cut out & glued into place. 


As with most of the image stuff I print, I use white glue & then wet the image before placing. This make the glue more runny & easier to burnish.


I've got a larger strategic display as the next piece I am currently working on. Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Stargrave - Yes! More containers!

While working on my next Zomtober post for this week, I was able to do some quick side painting on another batch of the resin containers & boxes I received as part of the Mantic Deadzone 1st ed Kickstarter (basically I am painting everything I had found in that box) & you can expect to see more of these pieces in future posts.


Simple job of white primer & then using contrast or wash (in the case of the blue) paints to cover them & give them the mottled looks. I am trying to move away from the traditional palettes & aiming for something more futuristic. Nothing fancy & they will look great on the table. 


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Zomtober - Week 3

This weeks entry for Zomtober are the remainder of the Space Zombies that will most likely see their first table use in Stargrave


You can see my previous Space Zombies post for more information on where the sculpts came from


In Stargrave they are referred to as Plague Zombies & there are several types. I expect these ones will be the Soldier ones with 0 Shoot just blasting away at anything in range.


Have a great remainder of your weekend! 

Friday, October 15, 2021

Stargrave - In the News!

 I recently pulled out a box of my Deadzone 1st Ed Kickstarter stuff. Yes it was covered in dust. Anyway, one of the boxes I have contains a bunch of scatter terrain, which when looked at is 3d resin printed pieces. As I continue getting stuff primed for the winter painting season, here are some of the first pieces I painted up.

These 'NEWS' Kiosks are 3 sided affairs & come with a separate base. They also include the images for the 3 faces.


I then added one of my tiny printed label pieces onto the spines. Here they are with a figure for scale. These will do nicely as LOS blocks & will also see use in Core Space or any Cyberpunk gaming.


Also a couple more containers are now complete from the box as well. These were nice clean sculpts & were quick to paint.


The same 2 containers stacked to show the details on the end.


And 1 final image with a figure for scale.


Up next will be the remaining Space Zombies for my weekly Zomtober entry this weekend.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Zomtober - Week 2 Space Zombies!!!

 Here we are at week 2 of Zomtober! 


I was able to take some time out to complete 3 Space Zombies for use in Stargrave...& any other sci-fi themed games we play! I decided to use the cover of the Stargrave Quarantine 37 as the palette for them


These figures are 3d printed resin & the files were bought from a MMF sale by Pascal Blanche


Image taken from Pascal Blanche's MMF listing I purchased

I really liked them when I saw them, though I haven't printed out the cyrochamber as of yet. I know many will say "Wait a Second, they are Space Skeletons!"


To alleviate that, I used some liquid greenstuff smattered onto some of them to represent the remnants of flesh. It seems however the ones I chose to finish this week, were not the ones with the obvious work  


Below is an image of the one who does have the liquid greenstuff. Also the fact that they all still seem to have hanging entrails...well thats zombie enough for me!


As we celebrate our Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada here is a parting shot of them in the contest entry tile I submitted. Stay tuned for the remainder for my next Zombtober entry!

For those celebrating here in Canada with me, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Zomtober! You thought I forgot!

It's that time of year again when we focus our attentions on Zomtober, an event which i've participated in, albeit often tardy to post, that has run for several years. There were quite a few who were involved but many seem to have drifted off to other things.


However I will try to continue this cause, as it allows me an opportunity to get some more of the many Zombicide figures I have painted up! So here is my first weeks, late, figure. She is one of the plastic 1st Edition Core box walker zombies.


I am still impressed with the quality of the sculpts that this 'boardgame' produced & they will find many uses for other systems like Last Days, All Things Zombie & any other Pulp Apocolyptic systems.


I have a couple others haunting my paint table, as well as some 3d printed Space Zombies I'm working on for Stargrave's new Quarantine 37 Expansion. 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Stargrave - Terraining Day!

Just as the Subject says, today was spent finishing up a bunch more of the terrain scatter. I've now finished painting all the Lv427 Designs cargo piles I had, as well as painted up Combatzone Scenery's Hanley's Hope Lab set.

While designed for Aliens, Face Huggers are a fan favorite for alien bug types. The set has the iconic lab specimen containters.

Should you be inspired to purchase this set for yourselves, learn fom my errors. I didn't have any 2 part resin, so opted to use scenic water to fill my vats. I started by filling the bottom with Elmer's clear glue. The idea being that this would dry & seal the base area.

However in my excitement to work on these, I didn't wait long enough & began pouring the scenic water into the can guess the results. So take 2....used the Elmer clear glue & ALLOWED it to dry before pouring the scenic water. Then added the specimen. Let them sit for a couple days & finally placed the lids on them.


As well there are 3 lab tables with microsopes & coffee mugs! One has a facehugger specimen that was likely being inspected before the gestation period ended & the exomorphs burst forth.


There also ended up being 2 extra face huggers, which may find their way onto a base of their own.


A very nice set to be sure!

As mentioned I also completed the remaining Lv427 cargo piles.


Lastly I had this remaining Data Objective that was painted, but somehow kept getting overlooked, so here it is.


I just found a box of scatter terrain from Mantic's Deadzone (original kickstarter stuff) that I am now cleaning & prepping for painting.