Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Christmas comes early!

WOW! just as I finished unpacking the Others Kickstarter, I arrived home to another parcel. This time it was the Battle Systems Urban Terrain Kickstarter. I sort of had wind that this was soon to be arriving a couple weeks ago. What made it even more enjoyable as I was entertained reading about Michael's blog post about his own set arriving 

Again I went a bit wild on this one, having my friend Jonathan telling me how good this crew was when they did the Fantasy sets, so off I went.

I also added a Shanty Town as the Kickstarter was nearing the end, visions of All Things Zombie running thru my head. 

I also snagged the Hawthorne Diner, Art Deco walls 

Fire Hall,& Police Station.

As well each box set came with some "Really Useful Items". Of that I have no doubt.

This coincides nicely with the Others figures, as a Cthulhu themed Pulp game will really pop with a table full of this terrain mixed with the foam-core ones Bruce built for me.

So with mention of the Others, I cracked open the base game just to show off some of these wild tentacled corrupted figures 

They are getting freakier!

The big boss from the core game

And a sampling of the Heroes from FAITH.

Needless to say, the arrival of all these goodies, is getting me a bit distracted from my current focus of Frostgrave. I am sure I can squeeze some of these in & will refrain from opening any of the Others boxes. At least for now...

Thanks for reading

Frostgrave Sigilist & Apprentice

Over the past couple days I completed another wizard/apprentice for use in Frostgrave.

This time creating a Sigilist & his Apprentice. The Sigilist is one of the Reaper Bone models who if I recall correctly was tagged as a necromancer? The female apprentice is a resin Fenryll model which came in a blister of 3. 

As I didn't have any decals to use for the scrolls, I tried cutting up some of the paper texts leftover from my building of bookshelves & after wetting them, glued them to the scrolls.

I appreciate the lack of clothing on the female & the general belief of Frostgrave being frigid, but being a mage, perhaps she has a warmth spell.

I currently have another thug & a couple more archers on the paint table. As well seeing as the mornings are becoming a little more brisk, I am starting to get a bunch of figures ready for priming before it gets too cold to have all of them ready come the snow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Just in time for The Others!

Well there it goes, right out the window....willpower! Just as I had finally thought I had a plan for the next while until Fallcon, which figures to paint, terrain to build.

Now I am totally distracted by the new arrival I picked from the Post Office today 

it was..... THE OTHERS!!!!

After the items have been removed from the box. As with most Kickstarters I tend to get it all...which has likely added another 10 years of painting.

The core game


The add-on factions

OK I admit that I have likely felt every one of these Sins with the unveiling of this shipment..certainly Lusting to get these boxes open to oggle what is sure to be the fantastic miniatures inside.

Envy for knowing I will not likely get to do much more than look for the time being.

Wrath at cursing that lottery ticket that once again won nothing...

Gluttony at once again ordering everything in the Kickstarter...but knowing I will be unlikely to attend those huge gaming conventions where 'Kickstarter Only' models change hands, so its likely the only time I would have the chance.

Greed? Well, I will certainly be letting others play the game, but from several experiences of having someone forget something that was needed, I learned to always be prepared with everything.

Some additional items that were part of the Kickstart

I even bought into the plastic wound, corruption & game tokens.

 So if you are unfamiliar with this game & what some of the miniatures looked like from the renders...think Cthulhu & tentacles!. I just know that others besides myself are wondering how to work these into Zombicide or other Pulp gaming goodness!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Frostgrave - The Worms of Our Borough's

Today was our monthly gathering for our Frostgrave Campaign game. It was special as we finally had all 5 warbands  engaged on the field. Alas this is fleeting as Andy will be heading away to pursue some employment in another locale.

The next scenario entitled "The Worm Hunts" I modified so that when the first worm spawned. It would follow the normal rules of creatures, however if no opponent was within 10"or in sight, it would proceed towards the nearest treasure & devour it. If the worm was slain, netting the killers 100xp, another worm would spawn at one of the remaining treasure locations & continue.

The field of battle. I used my platforms to see how they held up. I think everyone enjoyed the multi-level battleground.

Ember enters the field.

Scott's warband got to enjoy the arrival of 2 Trolls, who caught up to his Wizard & engaged him in combat.

Meanwhile Cormak Bode placed a Furious Quill on my Thief.

He was able to shrug it off & made for the first platform, only to be slain by an archer. (& the first 20 of the game)

As the first treasure is picked up. A Giant Worm appears right beside Malcron's warhound.

Scott hurries all his warriors to assist his beleaguered Wizard. The caused the loss of his Treasure Hunter. (Dice represent remaining wounds on creatures)

One of Craig's Infantrymen gets ambushed & slain by 2 of Jonathan's warriors

An Ice Toad arrives. The had Ember scale the walls to the platform above.

I was able to return the favor of a natural 20 on one of Craig's archers.

The Ice Toad & one of my archers slew each other with identical rolls.

Scott's warband after having successfully killed the trolls, is now beset upon my a Minor Demon.

Meanwhile Andy had been gathering treasures & was making to leave the field. Cormak Bode Teleported across the table to attempt to prevent this. The intention was good, however he failed & was later slain by Scott using an Elemental Bolt.

Meanwhile the Giant Worm was making its way across the table. Oh & slaying Andy's warband as it did.

Jonathan's wizard summoned a Major Demon. But after a couple of turns, it left the field.

Another of my archers scores a natural 20, dropping one of Andy's crossbowmen.

This was then followed by my Strength induced War hound. Who netted another natural 20 on Andy's Treasure Hunter.

The worm engages my Templar. Behind is Andy's wizard pitted against my Captain.

The War hound rushes into the fray!

And slay's the Giant Worm!

With only 3 treasures remaining on the table...Scott was the lucky lad to have the Giant Worm spawn near his.

He was able to make good use of the Push spell, to allow his treasure laden lad to escape.

The results of the  scenario were as follows;

Jonathan - 320xp
Infantryman Died
3 treasures - 450gp, 3 Grimoires- Beauty, Power Word, Elemental Ball

Scott - 595xp
3 treasures - 210gp, 4 potions - Elixir of Speed x2, Invulnerability, Healing

Craig - doesn't matter
Wizard Died, Apprentice Died
I believe a new warband will be coming next month.

Andy - 290xp
Wizard Died, Crossbowman Died, Crossbowman Badly Wounded, Treasure Hunter Badly Wounded.
4 treasures - 590gp, Grimoires - Grenade, Possess

Me - 720xp
Thief Died, Archer Badly Wounded
3 treasures  - 280gp, Scrolls - Mud x2, Plague of Insects, Beauty, Control Animal, Grimoires - Heal.

As well I was able to finish painting  my Malifaux Wild Boars.

These plastic figures are from the Hog Wild Box set. I am quite impressed with the detail these miniatures have & how well they go together


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Warhammer Quest - The Silver Tower

Last night Kevin brought out a much anticipated game. The new version of Games Workshops Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower. I've been looking forward to this from the moment Kevin posed the question of playing it.

This I believe was the first game for all of us, so that added to the excitement. I opted to play the Warrior Priest, who comes with a Gryph Hound companion.

The party enters the Silver Tower.

The first chamber & our first adversary...a Herald of Tzeentch!

We managed to slay it quickly & Elliots warrior found a book...which he read hoping to achieve enlightenment....a small explosion later... 3 wounds.

We spent a round of respite & then continued, finding a room with 4 Grot Scuttlings. Another quick battle which saw them slain in good order.

Next chamber, next adversary group. This time it was Tzaangors! Just check out Kevin's painting on these guys!

We then encountered the Librarian (which was an improved Pink Horror!)

Coming to the end of the first path, we turned around & headed back to the other passage, only to be ambushed by something huge! & Enraged! & with 18 wounds. This was the end of the Gryph Hound.

We managed to fell the creature & this is where the adventure went sideways...our Barbarian having a die remaining did the big no-no...he Explored. And then...

Followed by...

Overwhelmed the Barbarian suffered a Grievous wound & was removed. We then managed to form a wall, with my healer in the rear casting heals every chance he had. However we were under diced, as the horrors kept blasting us with various flame spells which were hitting all of us.

It looked like we had it in hand, when another Unexpected event occured...dropping 3 Acolytes behind our warrior wall.

At this point it was getting late, so we decided that we were on our last legs.

Kevin's miniatures were fantastic! The game flowed quite well & there is a fair bit of random things that occur ( everyone who knows me, knows that I really love games with randomness!)

I now look forward to getting another opportunity to play this game!