Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Evening of DBA

Last night we got together for some DBA. Dave was kind enough to lend me his II/52 Dacian's & I played 2 games against Stu & his II/56 Imperial Romans.

The first game took a bit of time to come to grips, mainly due to low command pips.

Eventually we got within charging distance of one another. Stu had set his Cav units off to the far left.

 Eventually after several turns of recoiling Auxilia & Warbands, there was a breakthrough.

The game ended with a 5/2 victory for the Dacians.

For the second battle, Stu chose to go with the Artillery instead of the second Cav unit. I ran one of my Psiloi out to draw the artillery fire & on the next turn used him in an all or nothing gamble to destroy the Artillery. The odds were +2 to 0 in Stu's favour. He rolled a 3 & I rolled a 6 (the only roll that would have succeeded, thus destroying the Artillery. Of course the Psiloi was destroyed the following turn, but it was a fair trade. This battle ended at 4/2 again for the Dacians. No Generals were lost in the melee.

Next Tuesday Dave is bringing out some forces for a Big Battle DBA!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Pirate Captain & Navigator

It was a bit of a slow weekend for miniature painting & I was only able to finish 2 more of my Pirate pile.

Here we have 2 Foundry miniatures. The figure on the left is a Captain...seeing he is pointing out the obvious, while I made the right hand figure a Navigator.

These were very nice miniatures to paint with a good amount of detail.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Warbirds at EWG

Tonight we played a game of Warbirds, the WW2 version of Canvas Eagles. Bruce hosted Bob, Andy & I.

We managed to get in 4 games & I think Andy was unfortunate enough to be knocked out first in each game. If I recall, he took a MG bullet to the head, exploded twice & glided to the ground without his engine.

Its a fairly fast paced game with the strategy lying in how you maneuver & outwitting your opponents.

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Pirates

This weekend I completed 4 more of the Pirates...hmm I am seeing a trend where I always seem to finish 4 miniatures.

I believe from left to right they are, Old Glory (x2), Foundry & Eureka.

It's club night tomorrow, so I will have some photos from that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

HOTT Campaign Year 5

Tonight we got together again for our night of HOTT. I had a fastball at work & didn't get finished until 8pm.

The players had progressed to the Summer turn while I was absent with the following occurring;

Chen declared war on me...sure, try to get me while I'm away...
Chris declared war on Dave, while Stu & Dennis formed an alliance.

I arrived at Dennis's place to see a field battle between Dave's Undead & Chris's Normans.

From what I recall, Dave had some good dice & managed to destroy several of the Norman mounted in 1 turn. The following turn as seen below was the end as Chris's General fell.
Tally Dave wins with a 15G/7 total.

I then had a field battle with Chen. I suffered some bad dice rolls & my Magician was pretty much nullified by Chen's Cleric.
Chen won with 14G/4.

Stu marched onto a neutral city but failed to capture it, thus totalling absolutely no gain. Dennis scouted some other unknown territory within his lands & captured a couple more neutral villages.

The map at the end of the night looked like so...

Campaign totals now sit at;

Dave           53
Chen           53
Terry           43
Chris           34
Dennis        33
Stu              15

Monday, April 8, 2013

What!?! More Pirates

Another 4 pirates have been finished.

These are a mix of Foundry & maybe Eureka.

Tomorrow night is HOTT & I am thinking there will likely be a couple field battles this time round.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Two for the Shoal

Last night at the EWG club night I ended up playing Dominion with Scott, Bruce & Bob. We managed to get 3 games in.

But I didn't take any photos, so instead quickly matte sprayed these 2 pirate crewmen to post. (I did say I would post photos after all)

It's sounding like the weekend will be filled with snow so I should be able to get some more painting time in.

Monday, April 1, 2013


Hope everyone had a Safe & Happy Easter. I completed 4 more Pirate Crew, have another 2 drying from the dip, gotten a few more primed & pin prepped for bases.

The left & right ones are Old Glory, the second from the left I am guessing Eureka as it one of the ones I picked up from Will. The dark skinned fella is a foundry miniature.

I am enjoying painting these guys starting to explore more with striped clothing and such, alas with so many still to paint time is going to factor in very quickly before the May Day games day which may stifle a bit of my creativity as I try to plow thru the crewmen.

Its club night tomorrow eve so I will post photos from that likely Wednesday.