Thursday, November 23, 2023

EWG - Xenos Rampant.

 On Tuesday, Bruce was back with another game of Xenos Rampant. This was set for 6 players, however only 5 showed, so we ended up with 3 on 2.

 Richard, Bryan & I had the force attempting to get our convoy vehicles off the far end of the table while Bruce & Chen played the defending force.

We had Bryan use his force to tie down & occupy Chen on the one flank, while Richard & I massed on the right.

We moved most of our vehicles up into the rough, as we were hover craft, it didn't slow us at all.

One of Bruce's forces holds the built up area.

We were able to smash through Bruce's force, he was sitting with just the remnants of his infantry droids. Thus they conceded. In hindsight, having the 3rd player would have likely made for a much heavier slugfest. 

Thanks for bringing it out & running it Bruce!

Stargrave - The Rescue

Sunday we played our 2nd game of Stargrave. I used the basis of The Botched Deal scenario to create the one below. I also took some 'ideas' from Core space in how the civilians act.

The Scenario:

 The Rescue! - Having escaped the Station, you make for the planet surface, hoping to outfit your crew & then make a break before the pirates arrive. You send some of your crew with the First Mate into town to buy some gear, while you stay behind with the remainder to get the ship ready for a jump.

  Your crewmen return, informing you, that there are wanted posters of you & your first mate plastered everywhere! It seems your actions on the station have preceeded you. Your facing charges of murder, theft & general unpleasantness from the evacuation from the station.

  Your first mate has failed to return & his tracker shows his location within the town. He must have been captured.

  The plan now is simple. Get in, Free your Mate & get back to the ship as quickly as possible.

Special Rules:

1) Once the start location are chosen, another player takes your first mate & places him in a building 30" from your start location. A Pirate Trooper is placed with him as his guard.

2) The doors & hatches of the buildings are locked (TN12) & must be picked to open from the outside.

3) Any ranged combat within a building will provide a +1 Cover to the defender.

4) The Townsfolk are anxious & agitated with the likely arrival of the pirate forces. There are 1d0 + Player # currently walking about the streets. If when rolling for initiative a player rolls 1-4, an additional town person emerges from a building, place him outside any door. Townsfolk are treated as ruffians for skills.

5)  At the start of the creature phase roll a d6 for each townsperson to see what they do.

    1 - Civilain is revealed as a bounty hunter who is after the nearest crewman in LOS.

    2 - Spends both actions moving in a random direction.

    3 - Makes a ranged attack at nearest crewan in range & LOS, then moves into cover from the target. If noone in range, perform random move as above.

    4 - Moves towards the nearest crewman in LOS. If he contacts the crewman, he offers to join the crew. If no crewman in LOS, move randomly. If they join your crew & survive, they become a Recruit if kept.

    5 - Move into cover from nearest crewman in LOS.

    6 - Moves towards nearest unengaged crewwan in LOS. If they contact the crewman they provide them a Side Hustle card, which can be used in any future scenario.

  If a townsperson is engaged in combat, they will act like regular creatures. This will also occur with engaging any pirates that arrive. Any other townspeople who observe the combat will also engage the attackers.

6)  Unwanted Attention -  The pirates have followed the engine trails to the surface & have sent scout ships to investgate. Roll 1d20+Player # each turn to determine what arrives at a random location.


Loot & XP:

Players roll for Loot as normal

Gain xp as normal

+30 xp if first mate rescued. 

We had 5 crews trying to rescue their First Mates.

The first member of 'The Pack' arrive in town

Scott & I got into a major gun battle, spending the first few turns taking one anothers crew out.

While we were busy exchanging gunfire the smoke could be seen popping on the other side of town.

The couryard in the central building (where there were 3 first mates being held) was getting busy with lots of civilians.

The Pirates make their appearance & begin their hunt for targets & loot!

My Chiseller makes it to the roof above where my fist mate is held & is swarmed by Craig's crew. Surprisingly he survived & forced Craig to leave.

A bit of the action at the far end of town with Kurts & Craigs forces engaging one another while more pirates were arriving.

 The game was quite hectic, players began using the arriving civilians to temporarily deal with pirate arrivals. The pirates did capture 2 of the loot tokens. Thanks to everyone who played & now we depart this planet where we are no longer welcome....what awaits us now? 

We will begin using the latest supplement ship rules, however our rickity ships will all be starting with 500 structure points. Wish us luck! 

Necromunda - Street Fight

The Necromunda group got togther Nov 13th as it was a day off in lieu of Remembrance Day. This round we had vehicles present & I faced off against Mike. We rolled Street Fight as our scenario. We also suffered from Blinding Sun (in effect every time you performed an action, you needed to test or be blinded for a turn) & the ground was toxic, meaning any vehicles moving off the hard surfaces could bog & unleash some undesired gases & fluids.

Mikes Force


My Force


And here is what transpired... 



I decided to withdraw, as my force was dwindling to only 1 or 2 actives. Better to withdraw & survive, that die needlessly. We are also unable to replenish troops at this time. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Stargrave Specialists

With the above 0 temps we've been getting the past couple of weeks, I have been busy getting a bunch of figures based & primed so I have a pile of stuff ready to go for the winter, for as we all know


I reached out to some fellow painters to discuss my Slapchop, I wasn't happy with the results I was getting, but after some good advice from Dave we figued I wasn't drybrushing enough white. So went back at it.


Here we have 2 snipers & a Rapid Fire Heavy Weapon


These are all metal models, the first coming from the Stargrave line, then middle bug looking one is from Rogue Stars & the last is an old Warzone figure which when held brings new meaing to 'Heavy'.


Pretty happy with the results which are 97% speed paints. Thanks for visiting!

Friday, November 10, 2023

Stargrave - Contain it!

While prepping some miniatures to speedpaint, I discovered a few GW 40K themed containers & barrels that I thought I would also do some slapchop practice on.

So after the black base, grey/white dry brushes, I used some contrast/speed paints on them.


To finish them off, it was some speckling with Rhino Hide, Chainmail for weathering. I do like the toolbox, a nice little scatter piece!

I think they turned out well & expect they will be on the table soon.

Up next are the afore mentioned miniatures.