Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Last Night on Earth Characters

I was hoping to get all 6 of the remaining Last Night on Earth characters finished, but life likes to intervene, so here are the next 4. The last 2 are now drying with the dip.

Up first are the mechanic w/chainsaw & one of my favorite figures...the can hurling stock boy. I am betting the line "Campbell's Soup has Never hit the spot like this before" is ever on the tip of his tongue.

Next we have a very short skirted Nurse & another Sherriff.


Up next this weekend, are the last 2 miniatures from this game & then its onto Mice & Mystics figures.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another 5 from the Last Night on Earth

I finished up these 5 miniatures before heading out to see World War Z. As I watched the movie I began thinking up all kinds of Zombie gaming goodness.

But that's for later, so onto the miniatures...

Skateboard Girl was fun to paint, she definitely is sculpted with attitude. Hindsight on the second figure is that maybe I should have given her a red blazer...armed with just a Wrench she isn't likely to last long.

The next three consist of a fire conscious manager type, a backwoods gal & a man who is playing with fire running around with a can of gas & a flare pistol....what is he thinking!

I have 6 more of this game systems figures on the painting table & then several Mice characters from another board game.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Battle of Vitoria

Dave & Dennis brought out their forces for another game of the Battle of Vitoria, this time using the Lasalle rule system. We had actually played this battle the club night 2 weeks prior using the Command & Colours both cases, the British lost. So here we were for a rematch.

Dennis & I played the British/Portuguese & Spanish against Scott & Dave who played the French.

The British line at the beginning of the battle.

And the French.

Unlike the Command & Colours battle, the British were able to get across the bridge. However with 3 larger French Arty Batteries against my 1, it was a lost cause. Here we see the French in Attack Columns closing with the British Lines. By this point I had lost the British Rifles, my Arty Battery & 1 British Line Regiment, all to the French Artillery.

At the other end, the Spanish were all at the bottom of the Esprit classes, after Dennis rolled 3 1's for I recall he rolled a lot of 1's. The French had at this point managed to swing his Cavalry around the flank.

We called the game with a Marginal French victory. Again the British now I wonder, what rule set will we try next to get the British their victory?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Brownstone Buildings & More Last Night on Earth

As I continue with work on consignments, I took the opportunity to finally complete a bunch of brownstone buildings I picked up in 2011.

I got them off of Ebay from When I saw them, my thoughts immediately turned to Pulp style games, Gangsters, VBCW, etc.

They arrived pre-painted, though I had to glue the doors, windows & storefronts onto them.
They also arrived with quite a number of barrels, crates & as can be seen above, pallets of bagged goods.

One of the buildings I purchased was a ruin.

I also received several walled pieces & extensions to add to the buildings. I did have a couple break in shipping & the vendor was quick to replace what was damaged. I was very happy with this purchase.

On the painting front, another 5 characters from Last Night on Earth have been completed.

 This round I finished a police woman & an escaped convict.

A Sherriff, Priest with flaming brand & a Nurse.

Tomorrow eve is EWG club night, so I will be off to that. Otherwise there are more Last Night on Earth characters on the painting table.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

HOTT Dice the Victor Makes

Tonight we had our HOTT Campaign in which we had 3 field battles occur. Chris was unable to make it, but takes the banner for earning the most for doing the least.

We began with finishing up the 2 field battles for the Autumn turn of last month.

First up is the attack on Chris by Dennis & Stu. Dave played Chris's army for this battle & supplied a contingent from his own to counteract Stu. Below we have the initial moves by Chris (Dave) who was the defender.

The battle was an overwhelming victory for Chris, who with the aid of Dave's contingent netted Chris 14/Dave 9 vs Dennis 0/Stu 2. Dennis had his camp sacked by Dave's contingent, while both Stu  & Dennis lost their generals. In the aftermath Stu was down 2 elements, while Dennis suffered 6 lost elements.

Meanwhile Chen & I battled it out over a neutral village. Below is our starting deployment.

Another night of bad dice tolled doom for Chen as the Goblin Hordes managed a 16 to 2 crunching of Dwarves. Poor Chen suffered 2 rounds of quick kill matchup chances & failed to defeat my hot dice. Chen also lost his General during this battle.

With the field bloodied, all nations returned to their Winter Quarters to rebuild for the new year.

This saw the creation of a new alliance of Dave and Chen declaring war on me, while Dennis & Stu continued their assault against the absent Chris.

The Summer turn saw 1 field battle occur. Again Stu marched against Chris, with Dennis supporting. It was not pretty, as Stu destroyed himself against the mounted might of Chris. Again Dave sent a contingent which racked up more points.

Below is the afterimage which saw a score of Chris 14/Dave 9 to Stu 0/Dennis 0. Stu left the field 10AP lighter while Dennis was down 2AP.

Meanwhile Chen sacked a village and a city, while I laid siege to his Capital. As of the end of summer the gates still held.

Thus at the end of the night the standings are thus;

Dave          83
Dennis       46
Stu             28
Chen          60
Chris          60
Terry          66

Monday, June 10, 2013

Last Night on the Paint Table

Well these next 5 figures from Last Night on Earth, aren't quite ready for that yet....hence the blog post title.

Up first are 3 men. The Butcher & what appear to be 2 backwoods survivalists.

And of course the 2 women from this round of painting. I don't own the game myself so I don't have the who's who, but I know the cowgirl is on the box art...Jenny I think.

The next 5 are on the painting table & are coming along nicely. However they will need to wait as its HOTT night tomorrow so I will busy with that.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Spartacus Miniatures & Last Night on Earth

I finished up the 4 Spartacus miniatures as well as the first of many Last Night on Earth Survivors.

These fellas are the soft plastic ones that come with the board game. Alas, they suffer from the bent pole-arms, but hey at least he can stab around corners.

And here is the first Survivor from the board game "Last Night on Earth"

Not short on style, this axe wielding socialite is ready to party!

Up next is EWG club night tomorrow & more survivors in various stages of painting.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

DBA & Morinville Townwide Garage Sale

Still getting  back to a steady rhythm after Mayday & Cangames we played some DBA on Tuesday night.

I made it to Dennis's place early & we got a game in. I played I/2a Egyptians vs I/3 Nubians

Below is our initial deployment...hmm back against the sea.

It was a see-saw battle of bowmen either shooting one another or getting into melee. It was very close battle with a victory of 5-4 for the Egyptians.

Also on Saturday, Morinville held its Town Wide Garage Sale. Here are some of the goodies I picked up.

These 3 cars (25mm?) & the bakery wagon (20mm) for $2

Easily the buy of the day. This shrink wrapped, metal version for $1.00
The original price tag is still on the back at $59.50

Apart from some movies, I also found a person selling these old hardcover books. Not in the best of shape, however they have copyrights in the 1950's.

The last 2 books shown here were $0.50 each. All in all not a bad haul.

Up next is getting back to my consignments as their due date is fast approaching!