Monday, October 28, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Sapper

Another consignment figure was finished today.

Here we have the Star Guild Sapper -  Dwarf Hero.

Another fun figure to paint, and he is wielding one mean looking mallet.

I have 2 more Dungeon Explore figures on the table, as well as some more pirates.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zomtober - the end is nigh

Well as Zomtober draws to a close (ie: last weekend for entries to this hosted event) I have finished my last on time YAY! It just took me this log to post it as I was painting other stuff today while this sat waiting for its photo op.

Again this is one of the Zombicide Walkers.

I appreciate his base looks a little 'off' due to my adding washers to them, so they can stand in my magnetized boxes. This also gives them weight so they don't topple as easy. I think I have pretty much decided I will add washers to all my 28mm figures now.

Thanks to Pulpcitizen for running this event, sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to get paint to brush. Also thanks to Michael for previewing this event  & thus getting me involved.

All the Zombicide miniatures will be painted in due course...must stay on the Pirates!... though I may keep slipping one in every couple of weeks.

So now my mind is feverishly trying to decide what I want to do for my Nov 11th Gaming afternoon. As I myself am a veteran I will be looking down the road to theme my annual (this is the 3rd?) venue on a historical theme. A day like this also allows the playing of a game that takes more than a couple of hours.

I have heard SAGA mentioned, but that's something we could easily do at the club. Part of me wants to run a massive Zombicide game this round as I now have all the expansions & it would allow the trying out of the Zombivores, and other new rules.

Perhaps a 'Get to da Choppa' gauntlet run from one end of the table to the other with Zombie spawns all the way!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zombtober just got a whole lot scarier

I arrived home to find a box on the dining table....lo & behold it was my Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter!

Now I know this is not everything that's coming for this game. There were some special characters I also ordered that were created by others that they offered too...they will be coming likely late spring.

But onto the goodies!

Prison Break with Prison Outbreak Pack A (extra Zombies), because we all know we can never have enough.

Also Toxic City Mall with Set #2 of Survivors & Zombivores

Of course no-one should travel without mans best friend...same goes for Zombies.

Lastly 4 of the extra characters... Dakota (Pamela Anderson), Rick (Jason Statham), Adriana & Lea

Staying the course of completing my Pirates just got a whole lot tougher.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Zomtober...late to the party, Super Dungeon Explore Druid & more Scurvy Pirates

I know, I'm a day late to get my Zomtober entry in for this past week. I blame the good weather & the opportunity it afforded to get the yard work done before the snow flies.

Though I am making up for it with more than 2 figures painted!

So without further is another Zombicide Walker. I am starting to add more staining to their attire.

I also finished the Deeproot Druid from Super Dungeon Explore.

Lastly, the first of 10 crewmen from the next ship's crew. These are both metal Old Glory figures.

There is no club night this week, so I will be hopefully using that time to get ahead on some painting.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Zombicide in Zomtober

Last night we got together at the club & had quite a showing of players. I think we had 11 or 12 people make it out.

Gord & Chen joined me in a game of Zombicide. What better way to promote Zomtober!

We each played 2 survivors & did the scenario City Block, where the survivors had to find 3 items (Bag of rice, water & canned food) as well as acquire all the objectives, then make it off the exit.

Phil was the first to fall, as he was literally swarmed by walkers. It was nothing he did, honest. The walkers had 2 extra turn cards in a row & hammered the luckless fella.

Meanwhile Troy & the Cardboard Samurai were working at keeping the exit path cleared without too much noise.

That swarm of walkers was kept at arms length as the players figured out that using noise to draw them away to open a path was the best option.

The players did make their run & managed to get off the board, losing only 2 of their group (Phil & Ned)

This game will look so much better once all the figures for it are painted. Rumour has it my latest Zombicide Kickstarter is on its way...the horror!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore

After having our Thanksgiving Feast, done the cleanup & digested the meal watching Walking Dead, I managed to finish off the next 2 figures from the consignment I am working on.

Up first we had the Royal Paladin.

If I learn nothing else about painting these figures, its that its all about the eyes.

I gave the figures an overspray of matte finish, but it seems this guy just wants to shine. I figure its due to my haste to capture the photos before rushing out the door for errands, that it wasn't quite dried yet.

This next figure was an interesting one, her name is Nyan-Nyan. She seems to be some sort of hybrid cat lady. And she does have some impressive attributes.

These figures have a lot of character to them. I am enjoying each of their unique challenges.

Not exactly sure why she wears a bell on her tail, unless its to chime dinner time.

It's off to the club this eve to play Zombicide. Alas the figures will be unpainted ones, but that won't quell the fun to be had.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Zomtober figure for October 13

So another week has passed, the wife has returned from her trip, just in time to make Thanksgiving Dinner for us. We decided on doing it today vs tomorrow so that we can relax and digest the feast without worrying about rushing to clean up.

Add to that the return of the Walking Dead, & yes the weekend has been full of the previous series airing again, so its turning out to be quite the weekend!

So here in my next Zombicide zombie for this weeks entry

The shot below is what I have painted up so far from the Zombicide game. This small batch of shambler's surely is no match for a stalwart survivor.

Now with the smell of turkey starting to fill the room, my stomache is growling like Zombie, time to get some food!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Now for something completely different

While I was down in Calgary I received my next consignment figures. I was asked to try a new painting style, namely to paint BESM style. Not sure I managed to 'change' so to speak, but I have aimed to match the character to her card.

So here we have the first of many Super Dungeon Explore figures.
This is the Sister of Light, obviously a healer/cleric type.

These characters are quite large compared to a standard 28mm figure.

The only issue I had painting the figure is that they were already mounted on the base & thus I was unable to get some hard to reach spots up underneath. As well the slot is longer than the mounts of the feet so there are some gaps. Not really a big deal & I think I only notice as I am trying to get into the nooks & crannies with my brush.

For coating I used the Light Army Painter Dip, followed by Matte Overspray.

I leave it to the owner of the consignment to let me know if this is what he was looking for before I proceed.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Zomtober and Another Crew Sails

I have completed my Zombie for the Zomtober event for this week. He is another walker from Zombicide.

I have also completed another ships crew (that makes 4 now). On the bright side that means painting 1 less figure for the rest of the crews I am working on.

The first figure is from Foundry and is wielding some large bore musket, the second is a marine & the last is likely from Old Glory.

I am 2/3rds complete on the first of the Super Dungeon Explore miniatures, will be working on another Zombie for next weekends update as well as of course...more Pirates.

I also need to think about what will be occurring for my upcoming November 11th Gaming afternoon.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ahoy ye Scurvy Lads

Getting home from the club meeting, sorry now photos this time round, I got the matte spray on my 2 latest pirate crew.

Both are metal, the fella on the left is Foundry while the other is likely Old Glory.

Having taken a look at the return of Michael Awdry to his blog, his post sent me to another promoting ZOMBTOBER 2013. I have decided to join this event myself, surely I can manage a single zombie a week for the next month.

The post is here if you also want to participate as we all know, Zombies don't travel alone.