Sunday, October 28, 2018

Zomtober 2018 - Week 4 The Unwholesome Foursome

As Zomtober now winds down for another year, I didn't succeed in completing the whole core box of miniatures, however, here is the last of the entries for this years Zomtober.

Aptly named the Unwholesome Foursome

I am pretty sure that this weeks entrants or entrails showcases the last of the Zombie Sculpts that came with the game, we also have the 2 female repeats.

Another excellent year of entrants from all those participating!

I will continue painting through the remainder, though I won't give an end date to when that will be. You will just have to continue checking back to see the progress.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Model Train Swap Meet & Village Attacks Kickstarter

It was a good weekend! I was off to the Model Train Swapmeet where, upon meeting with several others from out games group, we all went about snagging some deals!

I came home with quite a few pieces to add to my gaming collection. First up was a collectors set of Yellowstone Park Vehicles. These were a limited run, but I am more interested in using them for games!

Then I saw this box on the same vendors table. Hmm an airport control tower kit. It just happened to be in 'O' guage, so would work well with my 28mm stuff.

The control room piece has some broken bits, but that should be easy to fix with some balsa wood or plastic bits. Of course PLASTICVILLE will have to go!

Another vendor had some more 'O' guage buildings & I watched as several were snagged by another buyer..darn it, 15 seconds earlier... However there was this building left over which I bought for $10. Another paintjob & graffiti are in store.

I then found this HO scale decal set for Industrial buildings. Surely they will also work for some 'O' guage ones as well!

Then I found something I've been waiting for. I wanted some early 1900's train stuff for use in pulp gaming. I picked up this engine & tender for another $10.

I also bought another tender, just for some variety & hey, the price was right.

Next would be finding the correct box/cattle cars from that era, as well as a couple passenger cars. But then I thought...what about modern zombie apocalypse gaming? Surely this would be the place to snag some boxcars, etc.

So I did 

There were another 2 which I picked up, but 1 boxcar is much like another. Again these will get dirtied up with graffiti!

Another table had this San Francisco trolley, which will need some minor repairs to get it gaming ready. The roof at one end had come unglued, as well 1 of the benches was loose. 

Finally after getting home, it was time to open a large box that had arrived. Inside was one of my Kickstarters for the game Village Attacks by Grimlord Games.

A quick synopsis is that players are playing the creatures of myth, such as The Werewolf, Banshee etc, attempting to defend their homes from the rampaging villagers set on slaying them once & for all. More about the game & the expansions I got with it can be found here

Though it won't be painted, I hope to get this game out to the games day or a club night in November! 

So that was certainly enough excitement for a weekend!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Zomtober 2018 - Week 3

Continuing on with the Z War Damnation figures, this week I have 2 more completed.

Another of the characters, this time Sam, & another of the zombie sculpts

Sam seems to be the brainiac of the characters, using his tank of zombie stink & a gas mask, likely a wise choice in the putrid smelling world they are now in. He also seems to tend to 'Run Away!' if given a chance.

Hopefully will get a better number churned out for next & what appears to be the last of Zomtober for this year. I will continue to get the core box figures done after Zomtober, as will very much likely be the case.

I did get another Kickstarter which is drawing my eyes as I unpacked it, but that is for another post! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spooky Fun Times at the Club!

Bob brought out his Halloween themed Pulp Alley Game with the Not Lego Miniatures.

The scenario had 4 themed hero groups - Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Bang Theory & Scooby Doo trying to save he rave!

Alas bands of roaming zombies, & costumed Horrible Bosses were also ruining the fun! 

I went for the Scooby Doo faction. We then received our reference sheet which also contained faction specific info!

Depending on your faction, you would get points for slaying zombies, rescuing costumed teens, perhaps rescuing a member of your kidnapped band. I for example had to rescue Daphne! Before I could do that however other things needed to occur first.

As in all Pulp Alley games, there were areas that were Perilous to leave once entered & allowed for another player to place a peril on you.

First turn for my group was getting everyone to the walls to cross the next turn. 

The Ghostbusters crossing the streams on a bunch of zombies!

 Eventually enough of the horrible bosses were revealed & then entered the Major Plotpoint. Who else but Hilter! (Anyone else watch Preacher?)

Hilter had his ride speeding across the board.

Hilter stands with his kidnapped victims. To free them we had to succeed a cunning test.

The Ghostbusters got the first crack at Hilter. And had 2 of their members taken down.

Meanwhile Freddy put the moves on Buffy (earning me 2 vp's) & stunning Buffy for a round.

Eventually the Ghostbusters had pushed Hilter back leaving an opportunity for Thelma to save Daphne, which she did...ending the game.

The game was close, & I won with 1 point ahead of second place.

Thanks Bob for bringing out this light-hearted romp!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Frostgrave - Battle on the River

Our latest campaign game was scenario 2 from the Thaw of the Lich Lord which basically was a battle over the still partially frozen river.

Again we had 5 warbands fighting over this area of Felstad.

Bob the Elementalist 

Eben the Enchanter

Malcron the Summoner

Innovar the Chronomancer

Ludwig the Elementalist

The scenario was pretty much as per the campaign book, 4 treasures randomly placed. At the beginning of the 3rd turn creature phase, an agent of the Lich Lord exits from one of the ends of the central shipwreck & attempts to make of with a 'special treasure'

Of course as in all Frostgrave games, nothing goes as planned.

 So ends another thrilling adventure. The spoils of each of the bands were as follows;

Ludgwig (Chen) - 395xp, 30gc, Crystal Rose, Scrolls - Write Scroll, Scattershot,  Raise Zombie. 

Malcron (Jonathan) - 205xp, 150gc, Grimoire - Fools Gold. Blew & Bernie killed.

Innovar (Craig) - 255xp, 30gc, Potions - Healing (x2), Strength. Purp, Slip badly wounded (miss game).

Bob (Scott) - 385xp, Boots of Leaping, Scarf of Obscurance.

Eben (Me) - 180xp. No treasures. Lorin, Ogden badly wounded (miss game).

As I look at the development of my 'comic' stories, I think I will begin to capture an overall image of the field at the beginning of each turn as I feel that it will aid readers into seeing or knowing roughly where the events told are occuring. I see how the images may confuse those looking at them as they piece together the bigger battle.

As a group, we have decided to do 2 more games for this campaign. Eben will be level 80 after this scenario & with our casting costs so low, its nigh impossible for them to fail. Our conversations lend to perhaps running campaigns that last perhaps 10 scenarios max before determining a winner.

We shall see! Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog.