Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stargrave - Salvage Crew

 The fella's were over for our 2nd campaign game of Stargrave. This time we played the Salvage Crew scenario.

I had set up the table & taken a few photos, but afterwards did some tweaking

Rather than have it where just any part of the ship needed to be shot at to remove the point defence, I had placed several consoles. Removed the central command table & repositioned the 'defence targetting system'

The idea of the consoles, were that they were operating the defence systems, but were also going to be the access points to discover the objective loot token.

Here are the Incorrigable's moving onto the table

It doesn't take long for smoke to pop!

Walls of Force follow...just to keep things honest.

Scott's force preparing to climb aboard

The objective token on the upper level was fought over the entire game.

With 2 crews battling for supremacy over it, Grenades kept landing amongst them.

Finally used my Psionic Fire

So every crew managed to snag a couple of Loot tokens & escaped generally unscathed. The drones were constantly being controlled by opposing crews, but didn't cause too much damage.

Thanks for visiting. Now its time to start preparing for next months scenario.


Friday, September 23, 2022

Stargrave - Star Freighter Wreckage

 After our first game last month, I was looking at the next scenario & realized that I had the pefect set of 3d stl files for the Salvage Crew scenario.

I had picked these files up on a Kickstarter by Digital Taxidermy.

Wreckage of the Star-Freighter - Kickstarter Bundle

So after getting them printed out, it was crunch time to get painting them. I started off getting some of the scatter pieces painted up, mainly to test the palette of mainly craft paints.

These doorways, gave me an opportunity to test my scorch marks on the blasted walls.

Some pipe pieces

These beams I did with a base coat of black, with Boltgun Metal painted overtop. Then it was some sponging for weathering.

So I opted for a Winter Blue for the interior walls & a Desert Yellow for the outer hull. This was followed by a wash of Agrax Earthshade. Then it was time to get started on the larger pieces.

There are 4 large external hulls in the set with floors for elevation.

And that's as far as I was able to get with my painting. I pushed ahead & got base colours on the last 2 sections for this Sunday's game. I won't showcase them until they are near finished however.

Even with the ones that I am showing, I may be going back to do some more detailing with signage & decals, once I go through what I have available.

So now its time to get the table set up for the guys! Thanks for visiting

Sunday, September 11, 2022

A busy weekend - of High's & Low's & a homage to Kevin

Well its been a weekend for the books. Things started off well with Saturday spent at the Gibbons Town-wide Garage Sale. Though I didn't find much in the way of gaming related items, I did get a slew of movies & several books from series that I've had sitting on my shelves waiting for...the complete series... before I start to read them.

However there were 2 vehicles I found for Post Apocolyptic/Zombie Apocolypse type games. An electrical truck & a Mini Cooper!


Then upon arriving home & having just getting online after supper discovered that a good gaming friend has passed. This has sent quite a shock through our gaming community & he will be greatly missed by all of us. 

Jonathan, Matthew & I getting ready to play on one of Kevin's fantastic gaming tables. (2010)


Kevin teaching us to play Spartacus

Kevin introduces the club to Fanticide


Kevin & I playing Frostgrave!

A throwback to Kevin running Warhammer Silver Tower at the club. His work on this game was outstanding & it was a pleasure getting to play with Elliot & him. 

 Needless to say there was a hurried gathering which I attended to toast our fallen gaming buddy & tell stories of our times with him.


Image taken at our gathering to toast & honour Kevin. Thanks Elliot for providing it.

Then today I was off to the Model Train Show. My wife & I attend this yearly & enjoy the displays & layouts. We also get an opportunity to vote for our favority layout & good luck to all of them, as so much dedicated work goes into making them.


There were definately less displays that in years before the pandemic, so I hope to see it get back to those better times. Those who did attend were still well worth viewing.

One of my favorite displays is this guys scratchbuilt diorama's. I often need to wipe the drool from my shoe after oggling his work.


However the train show was much more successful as the very first vendor booth proffered me quite a selection of vehicles for my 28mm gaming. No, I didn't buy all of them & these are all used, so didn't pay more than $10 on any single vehicle.

There was a nice range of everything from early 1900's (Victorian Pulp anyone?)


Onto 1920's/30's Gangsters & of course Pulp. I even found a 2nd French bus identical too one I purchased several years ago!


Finally a few for modern games.


The one  that topped the day for my gaming vehicles was a 1/43 scale Bus!


So with the weekend coming to a close, I am taking some time to reflect once again on my lost friend....Kevin. You were certainly one in a million! As long as we remember him, he will always be with us.