Tuesday, April 21, 2015

All's Quiet at the Martian Front at EWG

Scott & I hosted 4 of the fellows to our playtest of the All's Quiet game for Mayday.

Thus I will not be imparting the details of the scenario until its run at Mayday.

The general scenario is there is an Ironclad which the Martians have detected heading towards one of their redoubts & have sent a force to destroy it.

This is quite the sacrificial lamb. There are several infantry & artillery units deployed in Stealth (blips) around the Ironclad.

The Martians advance.  That's a lot of Tripods.

The overall battlefield.

The unit of Rough Riders swarmed a scout & immoblized it with 3 markers...the Tripod wasn't going anywhere.

The battle continues with numerous hits, doing minimal damage.

The Martian perspective.

Time didn't allow us to proceed past the second turn. There were lots of hits, but penetrating or actually rolling on the Tripod damage results table were abysmal . Not a single tripod was destroyed during this battle, though 3 were crippled & another immobilized.

Just a view from the US forces rear.

Scott & I will be tweaking the scenario between now & Mayday.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Finds & AQoTMF Heavy Field Artillery

I spent Saturday in the city with my wife as she wanted to do some shopping at Giant Tiger.

This usually results in my looking through their T-shirts & DVD movies before getting bored & heading out to wait in the car.  However my perusal of the toy section did give me pause as I noticed some vehicles, which although the sign said were 1/32 scale...were not. I did find another vehicle for sale that was 1/32 & held them up to one another.

These were definately not 1/32. So I quickly started going through the selection & decided on these below.

What was even better, is they were on sale for $3 a piece. Once home I opened them up & upon inspecting the bottoms, discovered they ranged in scale. Anywhere from 1/38? to 1/50. Ok I can live with that, as I posed a couple Zombicide figures besides the VW Van.

I also finished the second last unit I needed for the Mayday game. Here we have Heavy Field Artillery unit.

This leaves me with the Command Tank, which is now drying from the brushed on dip & will be matte sprayed tomorrow just in time to take to the club for our playtest.

Monday, April 13, 2015

All's Quiet Anti-Tripod Gun & more Infantry

I've completed the Anti-Tripod Gun & more infantry for All's Quiet on the Martian Front.

Up first the Anti-Tripod Gun. This single element unit is made of metal. I am still working on painting the crew members.

I've also completed another unit of US Doughboy's

I also have a unit of British Infantry. These lad's are equipped with the latest of the Queen's Armoury inventions which utilize Martian Technology.

One of the elements is equipped with a Coil Gun, which adds a bit more clout to the penetration power.

 I've got the Heavy Field Guns put together & just have to weather them. As well the crewmen for the guns have been started.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sword & Spear at EWG

Tonight Scott hosted us in a game of Sword & Spear.

I played the Hittites with Taylor, while Bruce & Brian took the opponents. Sorry don't recall the force.

Both sides played the one flank heavy with Chariots. As well both forces Generals were very much involved on this flank.

The other flank of all infantry was slower to get moving.

The Chariots collide, we had a unit evaporate, but evened the score shortly after. The Spear unit managed to hold against the foe.

The flank begins to get turned.

Eventually the spear unit fell under the wheels of Brian's Chariot. Down to a single Chariot unit, Brian pushed further behind the front line & was pelted with arrows taking 2 wounds.

On the Infantry flank, things were not looking good for the Hittites as 2 elements were lost to an insane amount of arrow fire.

As the last of Brian's Chariots was destroyed, his General fled.

It was the turn after that the morale failed on the opposing side & they departed the field.

The game was back & forth with lots of horrible rolls on both sides, followed by insane amounts of 6's. All in all good fun. Thanks Scott for bringing this out.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

More All's Quiet on the Martian Front

I've completed 2 more units of Mk III Steamer Tanks as well as the Mobile Field Artillery.

First up are the Mk III's

Also my first unit of Mobile Field Artillery. I decided to go with a bit of a different cam scheme

There are some crew figures which will eventually be put into the vehicles.

I am now in the process of cleaning the Field Artillery pieces before priming them. Hopefully the weather will cooperate to allow this.