Monday, July 30, 2018

Frostgrave Critters & some more arrivals!

Another hot weekend here in Alberta so I slipped off to the basement to spend some cool time painting some more figures for Frostgrave.

This time around, I've completed another 4 Ghouls (Plastic Mantic)

As well as 2 more bears. Both are metal, one on the right being orignally a Werebear figure from RAFM/Ral Partha. The one on the left I think may be Reaper.

It was also a week for some more arrivals, Last Days Zombie Apocalypse. With all the other Zombie games I have, what is one more rules book?

I also received my latest Nickstarter for Dracula's America. Just showing the book, as the miniatures are unpainted.

This was also the week of the latest launch by GW for Kill Team. As it is a skirmish game, I finally took the plunge into the 40K realm. I do like the kits having a squad & terrain! The 2 player starter box was maxxed out inside with sprues almost overflowing as the lid was removed.

Lastly another Kickstarter arrived, this time my Tablescapes Realms. I wanted these to add to what I have from my older Dwarven Forge stuff. Once painted, they will see some action in the underground Frostgrave games.

So certainly a busy week of gaming goodness! Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

For the Basement is Dark & Full of Miniatures

Today it finally arrived! My Song of Fire & Ice Kickstarter. 2 Large boxes awaited me at the drop off, which I was anxious to get home & open.

The Starter (Core) Box will give you enough to get started.

One option was the Deluxe hard cover rulebook. Yep I am GOTGeek enough!

The additional Stark Forces I also grabbed.

The Lannisters

The 3rd faction can of course be used by either side. The Bolton's

Odd that I got 3 of Bolton's Bastard Girls. Well one can always use hounds!

The obligatory alternates of Robb Stark & the Dreadfort Captain. 

Of course there were accessories, one cannot to into battle without the field looking good!

For more info on this Kickstarter, go here 

So with my excitement abated, and feeling somewhat ashamed of having to use unpainted miniatures in our last Frostgrave game, I started on some of what I think are the best Ghouls available. Some Mantic Ghouls.

Initially I thought I would be able to burn through these, bu then I discovered how detailed the clothing scraps were, with all the thin tattered pieces needing attention. So I decided to do a test ghoul. 

The upper & lower torso's pose a bit of a problem as they do not seat well & it seems there is a bit of  a gap. Sure a person could likely spend some time filling it with putty, perhaps on the second batch they will receive that treatment. I am under a bit of a timesqueeze, so will go with the current ones.

As well, I've completed the first of the medieval cranes. I used some cheesecloth to make a net holding the cargo boxes. I used some small resin ones I had kicking around, which of course has made the crane a little tipsy. I should have used some foam ones, I should be able to dig the resin ones out & replace them.

So that's all the fun for today! Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Frostgrave - Home of the Golem

This past Sunday was our 14th Frostgrave Campaign game. This time around we were completing the Hunt for the Golem mini-campaign, having tracked it back to the factory from whence it was spawned.

In addition to the original scenario rules, the following are added;

There are 4 stone statues standing in the corners of the walled area. These will animate as soon as any member of any warband enters the area defined by the stone walls. The statues will crumble & inside will be Medium Constructs.

Each warband rolls a d4 to determine the number of treasures they may place inside the walled complex. Each treasure must be at least 6" from another.

When a player rolls a 1 for initiative, they may activate a falling stone as per the scenario to affect a player within the walled area, otherwise they may choose a target normally using the trap rules.

Once again we entered the battle with 4 warbands;

 Eben (Me)

 Bob (Scott)

Ludwig (Chen)

Innovar (Craig)

Onto the story!

OK not sure why there is that blank field, perhaps you can add your own comment on what just happened!

So the aftermath of the warbands revealed the following;

Bob - 560xp, 110gc, 3 Scrolls - Power Word, Raise Zombie, Teleport; Ring of Teleportation, Ring of Slow Fall, Dagger (+2 Damage)

Ludwig - 680xp, 370gc, Grimoires - Telekenisis, Scatter Shot, Teleport; Hand Weapon (+1 Fight). Franz slain.

Innovar - 240xp, 60gc, Grimoire - Enchant Weapon. Clarisse killed, Perp miss game.

Eben - 800xp, 210gc, Grimoire - Forget, Fleet Feet; Potions - Heal, Toughness, Explosive Cocktail; Dagger (+1 Damage), Bow (+2 Damage). Calbraith killed.

We will now move to the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign. Thanks for taking the time to read.