Sunday, June 16, 2019

Frostgrave - Here Comes the Flood (Campaign Game 5)

Last weekend was our 5th Campaign Game of Frostgrave. We are currently playing through some of the Into the Breeding Pits scenarios. This time it was Here Comes the Flood.

We had  6 warbands engaged for this game with Andy coming out.

 Yhegda - Lvl 7 Witch

 Severus - Lvl 13 Enchanter

Bilgax - Lvl 7 Necromancer 

Akndsdab - Lvl 0 Summoner

Kalzar - Lvl 2 Summoner

Herryk - Lvl 15 Enchanter

Again the scenario was pretty much from the book, with the additions that when the flood struck, it would remove any Fog or Wall spells in effect.

However I shall let the comic AAR tell the tale.

So with a couple of the warbands suffering some major losses in members, its going to be rough come next scenario (they may just have to form some sort of pact)

The results were as follows;

Severus - 375xp, 120gc, Grimoire of Elemental Shield, Wand of Mending

Akndsdab - 150xp
  Gor Killed, And Badly wounded (Miss Game)

Herryk - 330xp, 179gc, Armor of Elemental Absorption, Scroll - Familiar, Grimoire - Restore Life.

Kalzar - 390xp, 40gc, Staff of Power (3)
  Loom, Dredd & Stitch killed.

Bilgax - 230xp, 30gc, 3 Potions of Teleport, Scroll of Nightmare
  Dave badly wounded (miss game)

Yhegda - 420xp, 584gc, Grimoire - Deflect
  Arnot killed.

The magic store in Bordertown now has the following items for sale;

Grimoires - Fast Act, Furious Quill, Brew Potion, Bone Dart, Bind Demon, Healing, Reveal Secret, Banish, Grenade, Blinding Light

Scrolls - Circle of Protection, Combat Awareness, Call Storm, Blinding Light, Reveal Secret, Miraculous Cure

Potions - Strength x2, Demon in a Bottle, Teleportation, Explosive Cocktail

Items: Staff of Casting, Leather Armor +1Armor, Bottle of Time

Thanks guys for playing & those of you whom are following the campaign.