Friday, June 22, 2012

More Goblin Spear for HOTT / Impetus

I have finally put the finishing touches on two more Goblin Spear elements for the HOTT and Impetus army. As well my first Troll Behemoth figure is completed. You had a sneak peek at this fellow during the HOTT game at EWG in my last post.

All the figures on the first Spear stand are a mix of newer GW plastic goblins and older plastic / metal ones.

The second stand is also mostly GW plastics with one metal.

The Troll is an older GW metal River Troll. I am quite happy with how he turned out.

Lastly here is a rear shot of the Troll.

I have two more stands of Goblin Spear elements to complete, then will be doing 6 stands of Goblin Blades.

I likely won't get any of that done until after the weekend as I will be spending my Saturday at the Bon Accord Town Wide Garage Sale, hopefullytransferring items from my garage to new homes and making a bit of money to boot.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

HOTT Night at EWG

Last night we gathered for our 2nd club night of the Month & had a pretty good turn out!

Several of us gathered to play some HOTT, just to bring some new players into the system & refresh the memories of those who have played in the past.

This also gave me a chance to bring out my Goblin Army for a test run. At this point I don't have anything completed beyond some Spear, Shooters and 1 Behemoth, so my force was somewhat lacking in clout.

We got in two games. My first game was against Chris. He was playing a force with lots of Riders (4 stands), some Spear (3 stands), a Hero and a Magician.

Below is a sneakpeak at my Behemoth Troll, he will get a better image taken of him once I am done. He was glued together to allow me to cobble together 24AP's to play.

Chris smashed into my Shooters with his Riders and managed a quick-kill. This would become routine for his Riders. The Behemoth eventually knocked out the Hero with the assistance of a flanking Spear.

Meanwhile on the other flank, my force tried to hold the high ground, but was eventually whittled down. All the while the Magician kept harrassing my Spear General with bolts of arcane propaganda. The battle was won by the Humans.

My second game was against Andy, another neophyte to HOTT. His force consisted of lots of Blade, Riders (2 elements) and Flyers (3 elements). Not sure how my troops would fare against the flyers, I proceeded to swarm my Shooters into the woods.

Andy maneuvered his Blades and Riders to assault my Shooters hoping his sheer numbers would overwhelm them.

Shooters in woods gained a lot of protection from both his Blades and Riders, nullifying much of their damage mod's and putting them more on even footing. My Behemoth Troll did manage to smash into the flank of Andy's force, turning an element of blade which would eventually cause the death of a recoiling General and a win for the Goblins.

The Flyers did not see any action in this other than to keep my Spear off to the side. Flyers will be something we will all need to work through as they do have some rather interesting dynamics.

All in all a good night and I am sure we will be seeing much more HOTT  in the months to come. Bob who hosted the HOTT venue has more of this eve's adventures on his blog.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EDBAG Camapign 12 June 2012

Tonight we gathered for our monthly DBA evening. The Campaign is quickly coming to a close as most of the territory on the map is now controlled.

This evening was a good night for the Classical Indians. Its good to finally be able to maneuver my elephants, who so often in the past were left out of the battles.

First up was a battle against Chen's II/37 Parthians. I was lucky to have 3 turns of multiple command pips, so was able to move my line up quickly using the rough & woods to protect the flanks from Chen's rapid moving Light Horse.

I had 2 elements of bow in the Woods at the top of the image who although holding valiantly, were finally defeated by the combined Auxilia & Light Horse. This removal of my flank allowed Chen to make a run for the camp with his Light Horse. Luckily the camp repelled them. Meanwhile the Parthian Knights kept withdrawing and ended up bogged down in rough terrain.

The last turn was a massive success for the Indians, as several knights were knocked out giving a victory to the Indians of 6-2.

The second battle was against II/49 Marian Romans. Comprised mostly of blade, it forced my bowmen into the woods. The battle was pretty much a march forward crunch for both sides. The image below shows the lines crashing together.

The Romans had good success on my left flank, destroying one of my 2 bow elements. He also managed to bag one of my Cavalry elements. The initial engagement left both lines broken, which would require some good command pips to make sense of it all.

I had some good dice on the last turn of battle and was able to defeat the Romans 5-2.

As usual with DBA the dice gods had a lot to do with determining the victor. As this campaign is drawing to a close...we figure maybe 1 or 2 more nights, we are all preparing 28mm HOTT armies and are hoping to land a few more players.

Friday, June 1, 2012

28mm Goblin Spearman for HOTT/Impetus

As I've finished off with the Goblin Shooter/Archer elements, I've now moved onto the Spear. So here I have the first 2 of 6 Spear elements for my HOTT Army.

The first stand is with the banner, so that if I want this to be my general, he will be easily denoted. All of the figures on the stand are GW, with 3 being plastic & the last metal.

The second stand is a mix of GW plastic/metal and a RAFM goblin purchased many years ago, whose sword broke. I thus drilled a hole thru his hand and added a spear.

The Impetus Army list I have for the Orc/Goblins has up to 12 elements of Goblin FP (Light Foot). To add some variety to my army I've decided to make 6 spear only & the others swords/blades. This will allow me to field either blade or spear in my HOTT Army.

Our DBA group is planning on the next campaign being a 28mm HOTT. With the sheer number of goblin elements I will likely be able to field a purely Goblin Army.