Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Frostgrave - Grave Concern

This past Sunday we had our 2nd game in our current campaign. The warbands have now reached the outer walls of Felstad, however something nefarious is occuring & the wizards are forced to react....mainly due to greed!

We had 5 warbands pitted against one another  as well as an NPC Necromancer who was currently in the process of building an undead army to marchn into Felstad.

Scenario: Grave Concern

Continuing towards Felstad, you finally see the walls in the distance. Deciding to be cautious, you move around to a less obvious entrance to the city. A small cemetary lies just off the track leading to a lesser gate, which has been sundered. As well a portion of the wall has been crumbled & will allow easier access to the city within.

As you draw closer you hear chanting & see an eldritch glow emanating from within the cemetary. A wizard & several others move about placing treasure chests atop writhing piles of bones. The treasures are torn apart, their contents being drawn within the bone pile. As you watch, a glowing sword vanishes into a pile...moments later a skeleton emerges & takes its place beside others of its ilk. It would appear an army is being formed.

You can see further treasures strewn about the base of a small mausoleum in the centre of the cemetary.

Scenario Notes:

Some long lost power is being used by a Necromancer to create a small army of undead, as his previous attempt into Felstad met with losing nearly all of his warband. He along with his apprentice & 4 death cultists armed with bows,are all that remain. 
The treasures are being consumed within 4 bone piles. As treasure is consumed, either a skeleton or zombie emerges. However this magic drains the power of the bone pile (in effect it loses 1 hitpoint with each warrior emerging).

The 4 chests atop the piles will have a fixed value (basically the treasure dice roll) which begins at 20 & is reduced by 1 each creature phase as a warrior emerges.

The bone piles can be destroyed. They have a Fight of 0, Armour 12, Hits 20 to start. Each creature phase the bone pile loses 1 hit as a creature emerges.

If all the bone piles are destroyed, the Necromancer & his Apprentice will attempt to flee into the Mausoleum. A secret exit is located beneath the central tomb.

The warbands which took part this game were;

Yhegda the Witch

Herryk the Enchanter

Zarozina the Summoner

Bilgax the Necromancer

Severus the Enchanter

Now on with the story...


 So it was a bloody battle for some. The Necromancer was a force to be reckoned with. It took the players some time to figure out that smashing the bone piles would stop the grind. However the Necromancer was slain, so he won't be coming back to hound the warbands in a future scenario.

The aftermath was as follows;

Herryk (Chen) 620xp, 200gc, Gloves of Strength, Grimoires - Leap, Blinding Light, Elemental Ball. Karazan (Miss Game)

Bilgax (Chris) 265xp. Listerine & Bobo (Killed)

Zarozina (Andrew) 360xp, 445gc, Magic Bow (+1 Shoot). Dunloc & Spike (Killed)

Severus (Scott) 420xp, 60gc, Grimoire - Steal Health. Silvanus & Sextilius (Killed); Seneca, Sergius & Secundus (Miss Game)

Yhegda (Terry) 480xp, 190gc, Robes of Arrow Turning, Grimoire - Spell Eater. Kroh (Miss Game)

The Magic Store back on Bordertown now has Grimoires of Fast Act, Furious Quill & Brew Potion for sale.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Rebels & Thrawn, Congo at the Club

This morning I sprayed the matte overspray on the figures I worked on this past weekend.

This is the from the latest batch of figures I am painting for a buddy. 3 more Rebel Troopers. He asked that red be added to denote them as elite troops, so I opted for some red piping on the pants. 

As I stated before when doing these, it would have been nice to have even 1 other pose than 3 of the exact same.

I also completed Thrawn, an Empire Commander of some sort

The pose isn't overly dynamic, however I suppose it fits this character.

We also had our 2nd club night of the month, & once again Bruce brought out his game of Congo.

This time around was a new scenario, with a fortress in the centre & the factions vying to rescue a princess being held within. Alas we were light on players, so only 3 of us were making the attempt.

The store where we play, had this jungle battle mat out so Bruce used it as the base for the game. I liked enough to buy one for myself!

Bruce picked up the template for the fort from the Wargame Vault, & had this built using foamcore as the base. 

As we got within range, the defenders appeared & began firing at us

There were several objectives around which we had to collect to find a way to break into the fort. Thing such as grappling hooks, a secret tunnel, ladders & a battering ram were distributed around the table.

Some of Bruce's troops advance 

All sided rushed towards the wall, causing the defenders to spread their fire among the potential targets.

Bruce managed to get one of his units quite stessed out

We eventually took down the defenders, & then after Richard had nabbed the girl, my young warriors rushed the soldiers & slew them. It was then a matter of an opportunity to make a run for it.

After a couple attempts by Richards last soldiers to stop me, I managed to escape with the girl.

Final tally had me win the game by a single point! Thanks Bruce for bringing this fun light-hearted game out to play.