Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Guildball - Mason's Guild (Part 1)

Today I've completed the first 3 of the Mason's guild members for the Guildball game.

This was a Kickstarter that my friend Jonathan & I bought into.  The sculpts are quite nice, though as I mentioned previously, the number of parts required to glue together for some of the figures has me shaking my head.

However here we are:

First up is Harmony & to say she is trouble is an understatement. She is the one who has driven me loco trying to glue her head onto a spindly neck...

Alas after 5 attempts, she managed to have a glue ring dry around the join....so rather than risk re-glue number 6, I chose to paint it as a neck scarf.

Next up is the team mascot, Marbles 

And lastly for today, the big man of the team, Brick

The obligatory group shot, front

and back

Three other members are currently on the table, well on their way, though I had a glue malfunction on one & had to re-glue an arm.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Adventurers - Temple of Chac and....Finally!

So last night at the club I brought out the first of the Adventurers games, which was done by AEG, before Fantasy Flight snagged the license.


I had 3 of the fella's join me as we entered the Indiana Jones table top theme park.Dan, Dave & Elliot took the plunge.

Entering the first chamber, the walls begin to close-in. Some quick searching for loot & trying to decipher the glyphs for later.

Of course we got the ball... err boulder rolling early. Then Dave's character stepped on a stone in the lava room & fell into the lava.

A couple of us ran ahead to try to get into the locked troves. The boulder gets closer.

 Elliot took the river route & had managed to snag some good loot, only to plunge over the waterfall, weighed down.

I didn't fare any better, having misjudged the speed of the boulder.

In the end Dan & Dave got a character out before the exit was blocked by the boulder. Dan took the win having the most loot value.

and FINALLY! After 2 days of insane jumping around dealing with "the couriers" I finally got my Zombicide 3 Kickstarter. This of course got me thinking of doing a campaign, lots of thoughts are bouncing around in my head atm as to how to do it...but it will happen. 

Anyway, here is the haul

The infected pack.

The special figure zombies. And yes if you get taken out by the Hotdog Zombie, your a real Weiner!

Updated original character figures.

The Special Guest packs.

And the add-on characters.

There were a few other items in the boxes, like new dice, dice bag, card box, etc.

So of course with the new shinies comes the desire to get back to painting them, but I have a few things that need to get done before that. Luckily Zomtober is a mere 4 months away! 


Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Rebel Saboteurs

Last night I finished the Rebel Saboteurs and then matte sprayed them before work.

As I've come to expect, these nice sculpt soft plastic one piece models were a joy to paint.

Again the blister contained 2 identical sculpts. Guess we shall see in the next expansions if they expand on the poses.

Up next is my first Guild Ball team. My buddy Jonathan picked up a couple teams as well so we are now working towards getting a team each done so we can learn the game

I am starting with the Mason's guild. The miniatures are multi-part & some (ie: Harmony) requires her head to be glued onto a very small neck.


I've had to glue her head on 3 times thus far & suffice it to say, its already becoming tiring. Don't get me wrong, I really like the detail of the sculpts, however I can't understand the need of these multiple pieces.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Rebel Troopers

Just a short post this evening as I watch the Zombicide Black Plaque racking up the stretch goals.

I finished up these 3 Rebel Troopers this morning, however had to wait until after work to photograph & post.

Certainly some of the oddest looking helmets from the original Star Wars movie. The figures again are good sculpts, nice & chunky, with no fine bits to bend.

My big beef is....one pose? Really? They have done the same with the next Rebel Ally expansion as well. C'mon Fantasy Flight, with the money your raking in, splurging on a couple extra sculpts wouldn't hurt the coffers.

So as alluded to, I am almost finished the Rebel Saboteurs expansion figures as well & hope to have them done by the weekend.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Request from a fellow Blogger

So last night after I posted the photos of the game we played at the club, a fellow blogger asked if I could show some better close-up images of the miniatures.

Of course I would oblige!

So first up are the player characters from the Pyramid of Horus

And the Mummie's

These next player characters are from the Temple of Chac game. They seem more true 25mm vs the 28mm above, but still have lots of detail

So there we have them, of course they would look much slicker being painted up...so they will one day make it to the queue!. Hope this fulfills your request Bob.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus at EWG

Tonight Scott brought out one of the Adventurers Games. Dave, Larry & I joined him for some pyramid treasure hunting.

I myself have had these Adventurers games for some time, though have never played them.

Scott reads the rules to the unprepared tomb robbers.

The tomb itself is broken down into several zones. Each having their own decks of cards to draw from. Our first intrepid adventurer sets off into the Rubble area, his searching earning him 2 snake bites.

As cards are drawn, treasures looted, & wounds taken, they begin to bog the players down limiting how many actions they can expect to take. The more loot & wounds, the higher the dice rolls needed to perform actions.

As we delve further in, huge stones begin to fall from the ceiling, blocking squares. 

Movement is strictly forward, back, left or right. No diagonal actions are permitted. Things are not looking good for Scott, as the blocks have him penned in between 2 of the mummies. The mummies move based on dice rolls. A touch of the mummy is a wound that cannot be healed.

As more rocks fall, it becomes time to beat a hasty retreat. If the entrance is blocked & your still inside...your finished. Our first game, both Larry & I made it out just in time. Larry won with 2 extra treasure points than I had.

Each character has a special ability that will assist them in their delving.

It was a fun little game, with some interesting strategies...as well as blind luck. It took us about 45 minutes to play. One main thing we learned, was the rubble area at the beginning has the potential to provide you some items that can be used to assist various actions further in. The figures are nice sculpts, made of soft plastic. It was noted how they could be easily used for other games...a draw for most miniaturists!

I will be playing this game again at Scott's on the weekend & have already pulled out The Adventurers: Temple of Chac to give a play as well.


Monday, June 1, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault - Remainder of Heroes

Tonight after work I was able to snap a few photos of these guys now that they were dry.

So here are the last 3 of the original box Heroes.

Gideon Argus - Valiant Commander

Mak Eshka'rey -  the Bold Renegade

and lastly Fenn Signis -  the Hardened Veteran

Overall nice sculpts however there are some visible issues where they glued arms onto them, leaving some gaps.

Up next are some of the expansion Rebel forces. As well I've started gluing together my first Guild Ball team. Tomorrow night is also club night, so looking forward to that!