Monday, November 24, 2014

More Descent Miniatures

I've finished off 3 of the 4 figures I've been working on  for Descent.

First up is Rylan Olliven. Not sure what class he represents, though the nobility or clergy comes to mind. 

Next is a wonderful figure of a liche type character

Lastly we have the villain version of Raythen. I have the Hero version well under way, but ran out of painting time on Sunday to get him completed.

The villain version has quite the dynamic pose. 

I have some more Descent figures to paint as part of the ongoing consignment. As well I am getting the next Zombicide character & zombivores ready to paint.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Chain of Command at EWG

Last night at the club, Dave hosted a game system I have been waiting to give a try for some time, Chain of Command.

The scenario pitted a platoon of US 29th Division troops trying to get inland. A troop of Shermans were in support. Our objective was to get at least 1 team off the far end of the board (which happens to be the end closest in this photo.

The US force was hindered by wide open fields & a great many German MG's. Below the Germans are deploying onto their jump off points.

Added into the mix for the Germans was a Pak AT gun, which destroyed 2 of my 3 Shermans before I could force the crew to abandon the gun.

The Shermans were forced to start coming in on the road, which created a bit of a bottleneck. The rifle squads didn't proceed past the stone wall nor the building in the centre. The German player Andy had hot dice & they were getting very good command rolls, which spelled a stalemate for the US troops.

Looking forward to giving this ruleset some more playtime. The command dice are a nice change from the usual card driven systems of the Lardies games.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Zombicide & Descent

Finally getting back into some painting & I've finished up a few more Zombies & another of the Descent commission figures.

First up, 4 more Walkers

The Descent Lieutenant is Gargan Mirklace whom I assume is some sort of demon.

Up next I have some more Descent on the painting table. Tomorrow night is Club night where I will finally get a chance to try Chain of Command!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

4th Annual Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon.

This year was a frosty 4th year of hosting my Remembrance Day Gaming Afternoon. Having observed the moment of Remembrance to honour those who have given the ultimate sacrifice & reflect on those whom I served with who have also passed, it was time to spend some time with friends.

This year I opted to run a game of Pirates using the rules from Flagship Games.


Since first playing this game at Fallcon many years ago, I became a big fan. So today I hosted Chen, Jonathan & Bruce to sail the seas & lay waste to one another.

I had hoped to have had six players, but as I only had the 3, I gave them each 2 ships. The scenario involved sailing to the wreck, grabbing the treasure chest located there & make it off the board with said treasure.

Here we have the landlubbers of Arrrrrr!

By turn 2, the blooding began. Jonathan's ship (Blue/Green Sail) & Bruce's ship engage.

A critical had a fire start on the Orion.

Meanwhile at the other end of the table, Bruce had his ship run aground whilst rushing headlong at a speed of 10. This sundered his mast. Another of Jonathan's ships was managing to avoid the shallows & was quickly closing on the island.

Back to the previous fight, the Zephyr swung around in front of the Orion & was rammed in the rear. A shot from one of Chen's cannons took out its mast & it began to sink. Meanwhile the fire continued to burn unchecked.

 As a boarding battle ensued the ship sunk, dumping all the combatants into the water. The thrashing of bloodied sailors brought forth Chomper! A Huge Shark.

Again to the far end, rowboats had been lowered & started moving towards the island.

Which is about where Chen arrived with his gunboat & began hammering the rowboats with cannon fire.

Another view of the mess.

As the Orion also sank beneath the waves, Chomper moves in on the rowboat. Chen sent a shot at the rowboat, causing 4 structure points making it immediately sink, sending even more men into the water.

The boat that had run aground, finally sank, with some crew making it to the island. Looking close one can see the effects of musketry & pistol fire on the rowboats, which now had a Captain as the sole occupant of each.

As one of Chen's rowboats made landfall, several skeletal Pirates appeared on the decks of the wreck.

Meanwhile Chomper was enjoying the feast, eating first a Captain...

Then a Navigator.

After receiving some cannon shot, Chomper then moved onto bigger prey.

Chen had managed to get 2 rowboats to the wreck & now mustered an assault on the Skeletal Defenders. He was quick to see however, that he would smash a couple to splinters only to have more rise up. (This was an ability of the Skeletal Captain, who could forgo attacks to reanimate crew).

After several turns of rowing by himself, the Captain picked up the remainder of his crew & continued to the Wreck.

By this time Chen had managed to smash the Skeleton crew & was gathering up the treasure chest. Only to have Bruce's crew land & assault him in hand to hand.

After a hard fight, Chen's crew was defeated and Bruce managed to steal away with the treasure.

At the beginning of the game, I had each player spin the dial so that it was a random amount of treasure. There was even a chance it was trapped & would have provided NO loot.

The tally before the chest opening was at

Jonathan  - 102, Bruce - 120 & Chen - 163. However Bruce stole the game with an extra 925 points from the gold. 

Thanks to the guys for making the trip out to enjoy a good day of gaming.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Zombicide at EWG

Last night I ran another game of Zombicide at the club. I had 6 others plus myself search the city for objectives, the goal being to successfully collect the 5 objectives & then make it back to the start point.

We were quick to pick up several weapons to replace our frying pans.

We also had a couple Abominations arrive, but the finding of several Molotov Cocktails ended that threat, as we really had nothing else that could touch it.

We had a couple players into the Orange zone by endgame & this brought some very nast spawns. One of which required Amy to be sacrificed (below). In her defence, she did have a chainsaw & managed to clear 6 of the 9 Berserk Zombies, but then succumbed.

Another shot of one of the massive Zombie mobs that were shambling along. Good thing we were far away from this & won the game.

Thanks to those who came out to play, it was great seeing such a good turnout at the club!