Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Descent Miniatures

Today I finished up 2 more of the Descent figures I am painting.

Up first we have Widow Taria. I believe she is some sort of Orc/Goblin Shaman.

Next we have Jain Fairwood. She seems to be a hunter/ranger type character.

I am now working on the last 3 miniatures & hope to have them completed by end of the weekend.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Descent figure

I have completed the third Descent figure of my consignment. Here we have Avric Albright. He appears from his description to be some form of Holy Warrior.

 Unfortunately today was rather gloomy, thus the images are darker than I would like. I prefer to use the natural light whenever I can as the flash on my camera leads a lot to be desired.

X-Wing Star Wars Miniatures at EWG Club Night

Last night Dan brought out his X-Wing Star Wars Miniature game for us to see & play.

Kevin & I were playing the Rebels while Dan and Chen played the Imperials. Kevin had to duck out to join into another game once his opponent arrived, but he did get a chance to see how the game was played.

The pre-painted miniatures that come with the game look fantastic! This is a standard to which all pre-painted's should aspire too.

Movement of the ships is based on a dial which players rotate to show the maneuver & are then placed facedown so the opponent cannot see it until flipped. Movement is further simplified by the use of movement guages (alas no photo of one) which define the precise distance a ship moves & the amount it turns.

The gameplay is relatively easy and allows the players to focus more on guessing & stategizing how best to maneuver their fighters. Crew quality varies with the rookies tending to move first & shoot last (if they are still around). You can also spend points to upgrade the fighters with R2 units, etc.

Firing and evading are based on red (firing) or green (dodging) dice. The number rolled are based on range, ship type & whether or not you have a lock which allows rerolls of misses.

At this point there are limited options for ship types, but hopefully we will see many more arrivals to this system.

It was an enjoyable pick up game & this game deserves watching for those interested in space combat games.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Descent Figure 2

I have finished off the second of my 8 figure consignment. Here we have Tomble Burrowell.
I may have forgot to mention that all of these figures are from the 2nd edition of the game.

I will be attempting to replicate painting the figures to their respective cards.

Below is a rear shot showing the numerous daggers this fella likes to carry.

Tonight is EWG club night, so I will likely have stuff to post on that tommorrow. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Descent, HOTT & Mordheim

Just finished off  a couple more figures. With the temps hovering at just above Freezing & being nice & sunny, I was able to put the final matte spray on some of my completed miniatures.

In an earlier post I alluded to having received my first commission! Here is the first figure of my 8 figure job. I am doing the 8 miniatures out of the new Descent 2 set.

My first figure is Leoric of the Book.

The next are a pair of GW plastic Spiders that are based to be a Beast or Lurker unit for HOTT. I added some Greenstuff to fill the rider mount holes.

Lastly, as I got motivated again after having my Mordhiem gaming afternoon, I have started working on building what will eventually be 1 of every warband with alternates & all the Hired Swords.

Here we have a Flagellent for my Witch Hunter Warband.

My current focus is to complete the consignment, so those will likely be the next miniatures I will be posting images of. As well I have a couple Wolf Chariots done for my Goblins which need crew painted, so they will be coming as well.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HOTT Campaign Update #3

Tonight we got together for another night of our HOTT Campaign.  With Mark having moved to Calgary & Bob unavailable this eve, we were down to 8 players.

Round 1 saw Scott fighting Chris
                      Dave vs Stu
                      Dennis vs Bruce
                      Chen vs Terry

Below is an image of Chen's Dwarves facing off against my Goblins.

We continued to maneuver. My command pips were nothing special, so I was often only moving 1 or 2 elements.

Chen handily defeated my Goblins & captured my Mountain space.

The results after round 1 was Scott winning over Chris & capturing a mountain,
     Dave defeating Stu and capturing a mountain,
     Bruce defeating Dennis to capture a mountain, & Chen capturing the mountain I had.

We then moved onto round 2.

 Dave attacked Chen, Stu attacked Dennis with Chris sending a contingent in support of Stu, & Scott attacked Bruce with my goblin contingent supporting Bruce.

Scott and Bruce square off & begin to maneuver.

Things were looking bad for Bruce on the one flank, when the Goblins finally marched onto the field right in the backside of Scotts troops. Things quickly went the other way, with Bruce retaining his mountain from Scott.

The round ended with Dave beating Chen & capturing his 3rd mountain!

Dennis beat off the combined force of Stu & Chris, while Bruce held off Scott with the timely arrival of the Goblins.

Dave is now on the cusp of winning the Campaign before Christmas. Guess we will have to wait til December to see if his dice cool off!

I think I should snag some photos of the other battles, so if I forget next month, someone please remind me.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

2nd Annual Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon

Today I hosted my 2nd Rememberance Day Gaming Afternoon. Bruce & Chen were the only two to come out for an afternoon of Mordheim Madness. Bruce had never played Mordheim before, but with his previous experience with other games, was quick to learn.

Chen brought out his Reiklander warband (which was heavy on missile weapons), Bruce selected a Skaven Warband & I played my Witch Hunters.

The first scenario we played was Wyrdstone Hunt. 4 Wyrdstone tokens were placed about the ruins of Mordheim.

Chen got off a lucky first bowshot & felled one of my zealots. He also critted the shot and got a ricochet which knocked my second zealot down.

Meanwhile Bruce's Skaven were scurrying thru the streets, managing to snag 3 wyrdstone shards.

Chen was able to scoop up the last Wyrdstone Shard

The Skaven and Witch Hunters got into quite a melee. Eventually both warbands routed, leaving Chen with 1 wyrdstone in his possession & winning the scenario.

The second scenario we played was The Thing In The Woods. We had 2 Bale Wolves haunting this area of the forest.

The Skaven spent much of the game attempting to dodge the wandering Bale Wolves. Here we see the Conga Line of Skaven making their way around a wooded area.

I sent my Witch Hunters towards the Reiklanders. My Wardog missile wall did its job. I was able to get close enough to begin charging his troops. Chen had a couple really awful shooting phases. Which then allowed for an insane melee.

The Reiklanders routed. The Witch Hunters then began making for the Skaven Sling Line.

Another mass melee ensued, with one of the Bale Wolves finally coming to grips with the Skaven rear. Feeling like cornered rats, the Skaven fled the field, leaving the Witch Hunters as the last band standing.

Thus ended the afternoon of gaming. Thanks to Chris for loaning me a bunch of his Mordheim miniatures. I had planned to have had 8 guys out for this venue, & certainly wanted to ensure I had enough warbands for those new to Mordheim.  But as it turned out,  between bad weather & other commitments I only had 2 fellows come out.

Of course playing Mordheim again, has got my interest piqued to paint up a bunch more miniatures for Mordheim...and fill out the various warbands with the options, perhaps one day having another campaign.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Desert War - EWG Night 6 Nov 12

Dave brought out his Pico Armour for a Desert battle using "A Fistful of Tows 3" rules. We kept it at an introductory level as these rules were new to all of us.

Justin & I played the Italians defending along a Wadi & holding a town. The British players consisting of Guy & Scott arrived with their spanking new Crusaders hot off the boats.

Sorry for the dark image showing the players...the lighting in the room is horrendous & the onboard camera flash would oddly make the image even darker!

Justin & I set up the defences using berms & the Wadi as an obstacle. We placed our mortars & AT guns in the village.

The British swarmed one flank, bringing massive firepower against the armoured unit on our left flank. The sheer amount of firepower crippled the M13/40's and caused the remnants to depart the field.

An Italian air sortie caused some suppression on the British Armour, but only served to slow them down for a turn.

Justin attempted to take the Tankettes to swing around the British flank & go after the Artillery ( They are located top right of the image). Alas the faster moving Crusasders did manage to catch up to them & decimated them. Thus after losing 2 units, the British took the victory.

During the evening we also held a Silent Auction for donated items to drum up some funds for the club. I picked up a stack of Magazines & a couple of GW Storm of Magic Building/Objectives sets.

I will be spending the rest of the week getting ready for the Mordheim afternoon I am hosting on Sunday. I have also received my first Commission for a friend in the States, but more of that in a further post.