Wednesday, March 27, 2013

4 More Men for the Dead Man's Chest

Another 4 pirate crewmen are now finished.

I've been informed by Will that some are Eureka Miniatures. I know for sure the one on the left is Old Glory, the third is from the Weapons & Warriors Pirates (I will be using quite a few of these to fill out crews)


More pirates are on the painting plank, as well I will be priming my next consignment figures.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A little DBA

Tonight we played some DBA over at Dennis's house.

I chose to play the Aztecs.

In the first battle it was IV/62 Hundred Years English attacking my IV/63 Aztecs.

Dennis moved his artillery up the road. Both of us started out slow with numerous 1's & 2's preventing anything major happening.

Eventually we clashed and after he slew my General, fortunes turned & my warband actually pushed his Knights back & was able to eventually kill him. My bow unit with assistance from overlaps slew another.

I eventually was able to engage his Artillery & killed it to end the game.

My second battle was against Stu playing IV/20 Ayyubids. Things were going well until I was struck with a string of 1's...I think 4 in a row which shattered my warband line. He slew 5 total units & I didn't score a single kill. It wasn't pretty.

I have a few more pirates waiting for their matte finish which will occur likely tomorrow after work. So images should be up later tomorrow eve.

Monday, March 18, 2013


Finished up another 4 pirates.

Here we have another Marine & 3 crewmen.

They come from a range of miniature makers & most I have no idea (my guess would be Old Glory) however the crewman on the right is a Foundry figure.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things are gonna get HOTT!

Well after many false starts & life getting in the way we finally launched out HOTT campaign. Even with the launch we were down 2 players, but we played for them as we wanted to get the majority of the expansion play done so we could get to the battles next month when we meet.

Below we have the starting positions. The castles are the players Capitals. The colours of each player is;

Dave - Black, Dennis - Yellow. Chen - Red, Terry - Green, Chris - Blue & Stu -  Pink

This next shot shows the game after the first year. We rolled dice for the 2 missing players to determine which way they would go, but they would only travel towards unexplored spaces.  Chen & Dennis quickly formed the border between their 2 empires.

We managed to play thru 4 years of campaign. There were no field battles, however we ended with a good chunk of the board under the players controls. There is little more than the large open area in the central North of the board to be explored. A couple of the cities were razed down to villages from the sieges they endured. As well we had quite a few villages razed to the ground as well.

Thus we ended the evening with the players sitting at

Terry & Chen     38
Dave                  35
Dennis               28
Chris                  24
Stu                     15

All the players are also now sitting at 30 AP armies, as losses by sieges were easily compensated for.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Arrghh! More Pirates Mateys!

Just a quick update of 4 more Pirates I finished during the weekend.

Here we have the beginnings of the second merchant ship crew. From left to right

Marine, Captain, Navigator & crewman

Tommorrow night we kick off our HOTT Campaign, so there should be a few images I will be posting of that, likely Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

El Cid - War & Conquest

Dave brought out his El Cid for a battle using the War & Conquest ruleset. Dave admitted it was somewhat a first run for him using these rules, but with the excellent fanbased quicksheet with pages referenced we had little downtime.

Scott & Chen played the one side while Dave & I played El Cid's forces.

Our forces consisted of 2 light infantry spear/bow mix, 1 heavy mercenary foot, 1 heavy armoured cavalry with El Cid attached & lastly a Light Skirmish Cavalry unit. We also had some missile armed troops inside the fortifications.

Arrayed against us were 1 unit of Heavy Armoured Black Guard, 1 Light spear/bow mixed, a unit of skirmishers, a unit of horse archers & a light skirmish cavalry unit.

Both forces advanced towards the centre of the table. Below we see El Cid & the Heavy Cav preparing to charge into the horse archers.

To say things went bad for Chen would be an understatement as he lost both of his mounted units leaving the entire flank barren. Meanwhile the foot units had become embroiled in some heavy fighting.

Scotts Black Guard were able to smash thru the Mercenaries & advanced to the field in front of the fortifications.

But with the loss of the skirmish unit & his light infantry, it remained that the Black Guard were all that remained & this is how the field looked when they conceded.

Thanks to Dave for bringing out & hosting this game.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Descent - Challara, High Mage Quellen, Reynhardt

This morning I completed the consignment of Descent figures I had & will be shipping them off to their owner tommorrow. As well I've now completed the rest of the first of the Pirate crews.

Up first are the Descent miniatures.

Some of these miniatures offer much more detail than others. High Mage Quellen for example.

Next up are the last 3 crewmen of one of my pirate crews.

I have another small consignment on its way & will otherwise be focussed on painting up a lot of pirates for the next couple months.