Monday, June 30, 2014

Alls Quiet on the Martian Front - The Queen of Battle arrives

I've completed the first of the Infantry units for my All's Quiet human forces. The Queen of Battle! The Infantry.

A unit of Infantry comprises 3 stands of 5 figures. This got me thinking as I preferred to go with my troops mounted on washers for storing in Magnet based boxes. As well, trying to fit the set sized base into rubble & buildings is going to be an ongoing issue.

Thus I went out & found washers of a size that would match the length of the standard base, but allow them to be individually mounted. To ensure they fit within the rules, the washers of the 5 troopers will need to touch. Not a big deal in my book & easy enough to accommodate. I see that when setting them up, I didn't place them against one another, but I did test the theory with just the washers before proceeding.

Below are a group of troopers in front of one of the Steam Tanks.

I currently have another troop of Mark II Steam tanks in the painting queue. Then will likely pursue another unit of Infantry.

Tomorrow night will find us playing some SAGA at the Edmonton Wargames Club.

Friday, June 27, 2014

All's Quiet - Steamer Mk II Tank unit

After spraying the anti-shine before heading to work I arrived home to snag photos of the first unit of All's Quiet on the Martian Front Steamer tanks.

These all plastic models had little in the way of flash & a sprue offers the option to build several variants. As I received 18 of these & 3 make up a unit, I will certainly be trying them out.

The kit comprised 12 pieces & fits together snugly. As the tanks are used by both the US & Canadian forces I didn't want to put nation specific logo's / markings on them, going instead with just numbers & a unit symbol.

I also opted for a 2 tone camouflage pattern using Vallejo Russian Uniform as the base & US Olive drab.

I added gravel bits to the coal bins & had to paint them black. It is only now that I needed the model train coal bits that I realize how few Model Train stores there seem to be now. I started by filling most of the bin with Hot glue, then used white glue & the stones atop it.

Scott & I agreed to get 1000 points worth of stuff painted up to give the game a launch at the club (though we may get together ourselves to get the rules down).

Up next I am working on the first unit of Infantry. Of course this goal has stalled my other projects, but not to fear 1000 points can't be that many models can it?

Friday, June 20, 2014

More Zombies!

The last batch of 5 zombies to complement the completion of Wanda is now done.

Of course the majority are Walkers

Followed by another Runner & Fatty. I did pick up a bottle of the Tamiya Clear Red as disclosed by the esteemed Michael Awdry & started dabbling on some of that fresher blood.

I think the anti-shine spray may tone it down but you can see it looking closely.

Up next is Ned from the original Zombicide as well as another 15 zombies. Also I have the first unit of 3 Mk II tanks primed & they will be seeing some paint very soon.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Zombicide and Dungeon Command at EWG

Last night was club night & we managed to get in 2 games! First we played the second scenario of Zombicide.

This game had Scott, Craig, Andy & Bob join myself.

We had a Toxic Abomination show up within the first couple rooms, but were saved by the timely finding of a circular saw. We gave it to Nick whose being tough compensated for the toxic blood.

We were quite lucky with card draws, having only a couple fatties & mostly walkers or nothing spawn each turn.

As we broke out of the buildings, a lot of gunfire ensued to clear the streets. Now that's a lot of noise!

We were quickly able to outdistance the walkers behind us & made a run for the exit. We didn't lose a single survivor.

Craig then set up his game of Dungeon Command. I ended up with a goblin faction.

As luck would have it, I started with 2 little goblins & a wolf.

Scott started off with his large drake. The first few turns saw us gathering up treasure.

I eventually got a troll & he headed towards Scott's drake.

Bob had done a good job of whittling the drake down with damage, so by the time I was able to move in, it was pretty much over.

Andy who had very lucky treasure finds ( he had 3 with 3 loot markers) won the game.

Monday, June 16, 2014

It was All Quiet When...

No one would have believed that in the last hours of the 16th of June
that human couriers were being watched from the windows of  my living space

No one could have dreamed the parcel he carried was being scrutinized
as someone with a craving studies steak that flames and sizzles from the BBQ to plate.

Few even considered the possibility of what it contained,
and yet, as the box was opened and the packing displaced,
emotions became immeasurably excited
as the contents were regarded with envious eyes,
and slowly and surely a plan was made.

At 1900 hours on the 16th of June a huge mass of styrene plastc erupted from the box
and sped towards my photo booth to capture the moment in time, then...

across several inches primer hurtled towards the plastic bits coating the first of the sprues that were bring so much calamity to my painting space

 As I watched there was another jet of paint.
It was another primed sprue starting on his way.

 And thats how it will be for the next several weeks,
a flair of paint spurting out from the primer can, leaving a drying sprue behind it.
  A beautiful but somehow disturbing sight.

 My buddy Scott assured me we were in no danger.  
He was convinced that between us there would be no unpainted miniature be placed on that remote forbidding gaming table battlefield.

Thus has arrived my long awaited Wave 1 of the All's Quiet on the Martian Front Kickstarter.

The Packing Slip has quite a bevy of goodies listed. In effect;

 1 - Hard Cover Rulebook
 1 - Starter Rulebook

95 - Dough-boys
  5 - HMG Teams
  8 - Rough Riders
10 - Human Prey
18 - Mk II Baldwin Steam Tanks
  9 - Mk III Tanks

70 - BEF Infantry

90 - Zombie Troops
10 - Assault Tripods                        
  3 - Grenadier Tripods                      
  9 - Scout Tripods                            
  1 - Scout Tripod with Targeter   

As well as various dice, counters, trenches, maps, templates, & posters.

Looking at what has not yet been shipped, this is just the icing on the cake & will certainly provide us with some good size battles to learn the rules.

Tomorrow is club night, so I have offered to bring Zombicide to ensure we have enough games for players. Should have some photos up of that for Wed or Thurs night.     

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Horde Grows

The second batch of 5 zombies are now finished & here they are in their bloody glory

First up 2 more Walkers.

Here are the first 2 Runners I've painted.

As well the first Fatty! I really like this figure.

The next 5 are started however I noticed a strange green light the other night in the sky. Could it be a portent of things to come?

Sunday, June 8, 2014


As I stated previously I would be painting up 5 zombies per character / Zombivore I painted.

So here is the first batch. All of these are Walker type Zombies

One thing I've become aware of is that I will need to find some clothing catalogues to give me some more ideas to try so that I don't get the same paint palettes on them. I did start looking thru an old Sears Catalogue.

While painting the stockings on the women zombies, a thought occurred to me. How would I best represent nylons? For the Zombie below I tried using brown ink. I think this may be a solution so will play around more with using a flesh wash over the zombie skin, or even more watered down ink's.

Another batch of Zombies is on the table, as well I've received a long awaited email, so expect a change of plans in the near future.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Memoir 44 in Miniature

At the club Tuesday night we got in a game hosted by Dave of Memoir 44 - Juno Beach using miniatures.

I played the Canadians with Dave, against Dennis and Dan.

As we advanced, we initially came under withering fire & quickly lost an Infantry unit, however we were able to weather the storm & with some good cards were able to manage to snag 3 of the objectives before end of game.

Below is the final location of the units. Note the last part of the Armoured unit in the town behind the front line.

I then stepped out to allow a couple of others who arrived late to play in the second running of the game.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Zombicide Wanda

For those of you who have followed my blog, you will quickly notice that I have already posted a post on my Zombicide characters. These were of course  bought by a buddy & I am now getting to painting my own set, as well as the Zombivores which came later.

As mentioned I am also now doing the Zombivores of the characters. There are 2, as I am doing my buddies at the same time to retain the pallete.

After painting, they were brushed with Strong Army Painter dip, & then received a matte overspray to complete.

As mentioned in an earlier post, my intent is to paint 5 zombies per character/Zombivore figure, so there will be a swarm of zombies soon to infest my blog.

Tomorrow night is club night, so there will be photos from that as well.