Sunday, October 30, 2022

A Day in Mordheim

After some conversation, I decided to have Evan & Taylor out to play some Mordheim. So I set up the table late Friday night to prepare.


Its been quite some time since I've played this game, so I  grabbed my Witch Hunters & reset them to the 500GC start.


Taylor played his Sisters of Sigmar, whilst Evan played a Skaven band. In the first game we were searching buildings hoping to fine Wyrd Stone, but more often than not, was occupied by a ghost.


Don't recall playing a game with such non-effective dice in a long time. It seems like all the combats took several turns before someone scored a take out blow.


I was not alone however, as the Skaven were not faring any better.


Not so for Taylor. Seems Sigmar was smiling on his Sisters this day.


The Skaven were first to the fountain that held the Wyrdstone stash, & awoke the Banshee.


Well this is troublesome!


A look through the arches!

The second game we were searching for some amulet, guarded by Demons & Flesh Hounds


The trick was to draw out the guardians one or 2 at a time & hope to destroy them quick.


It was great to get in a game of this much enjoyed game system & perhaps can look to having more games of Mordheim in the future. Thanks for coming out!

Monday, October 24, 2022

Stargrave - Steam Vents of the Undercity

"The Gang took our credits, but the weapons they delivered were useless junk!"


On Sunday the fellows came over for our next Stargrave Campaign game. As the title says, we played the Steam Vents of the Undercity scenario.


We had 5 crews enter the fray (one of the guys had taken ill & couldn't attend). Chen made some vents & the Steam templates for us to use.


Well it sure didn't take long before everyone started popping smoke.


And before long, the center of the table is full of smoke. However we house ruled, that any smoke that was in the radius of a steam blast would automatically be removed, as it was sucked into the steam stream.


The Incorrigables contine to advance.


Chen's crew dashes into the smoke & steam to snag some objectives.


A struggle to take possession, after initially knocking one opponent back, I lost the next round & was taken out of action.


So another struggle that saw my crew not obtaining any loot tokens & lost 3 members of the crew. Luckily I still have enough credits on hand to replace those lost...

Chen & Chris spent the battle lobbing grenades at one another. The others snagged some loot & made their way back to their ships.

Our next campaign game is late November where we will play Data Vault.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Zomtober - Week 4

 Another batch of the Zombicide Runner Zombies has been completed for this weeks entry for Zomtober

These are the last 5 of this pose, & this time I was again working on adding more dark skinned zombies.

I was also beginning to dabble with making bits of cloth or paper rubbish on the ground (the right most figure), beyond the use of the reduced sized magazine covers.

So with a single weekend remaining for Zomtober, its time to get back to the paint table. Until then...

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

EWG - Apocalypse Road

Gaston brought out Apocalypse Road by GMT Games to the club. We had 7 guys out & we all played.


Very similar to Thunder Alley, but with armed & armoured vehicles. The cars themselves have different stats of armor & weaponry, some of which shoots forward, backwards or in a turret for all around mayhem.

Here we are about to you can see there was room for more. Each of us has 8 cars total & each player decides which of them he wants to start with.


At the end of Turn 1...this is the wrecked vehicle pile. Green isn't doing well, having 4 cars totalled already. Just seemed he was always in the wrong place at the right time...for everyone else.


Each car can take a total of 6 damage before being removed from play. Just like Thunder Alley, players play cards from their hand that will either Push cars ahead, or Pull those from behind. Some cards have a Star which will require the drawing of an event card. Event cards drawn may not even affect the car who just went.


Another card that can be used, is a Ram card. You pretty much ram the guy ahead of you & draw a card for damage to each. More often than not, the rammed vehicle took much more damage than recieved by weapons

The game was played until the first player got to 12xp. XP points were gained by crossing the lap line, & taking out opponents vehicles.

Bruce won the game. Thanks Gaston for bringing out a enjoyable game. It was a Smash Hit! 

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Zomtober - Week 3

Hitting the middle of the month now & the swarms of Runner Zombies continue.

 First up is the last of the open zippered top zombies.


I also painted up some 3d printed sleeping bags I got off of Thingeverse. I opted to do some in muted browns for use in fantasy games like Rangers of Shadow Deep & more modern blues & reds for Zombie Apocalypse games.


Now onto the new batch of Zombicide Runners. This time I am working on some darker skinned zombies.


To make them grungier, I did add some Army Painter Strong dip brushed over the slap chop painted figures.


So thats the completed ones for this week. There are another 5 of this new runner pose which will be arriving here next week! Until then... 

Monday, October 10, 2022

Zomtober - Week 2

 Another week & another 3 Runner Zombies make it to the finish line.


 These are 3 more of the same sculpt as previously (& yes I have 3 remaining of this sculpt to complete).


This time I added some decals to the backs, to see how well they would adhere to all the grooves.


Still dabbling with the 'slap chop' method, & I am not seeing the expected results as I've seen on others videos. I will keep at it to see if the technique improves. It could be due to many things...but as always...practice, practice, practice!

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

EWG - Club Night 4 Oct

Our numbers are improving! We had 11 fella's out with 4 games running this eve.

Gaston ran Tank Duel, which had Evan, Kurt & I battling it out with tanks. Evan & I were the Russians with T34's while Gaston & Kurt were the Germans with Pzr IV's. Gaston & Kurt roundly beat us, though I did get the first kill on Gaston.

 Bryan brought out Space Hulk, which Taylor & he played. Not sure how it ended, but I am sure the Genestealers did a number on them.


Jonathan & Scott played Command & Colours. All I know is that this one ended early & Scott had a grin....

While Bruce played the Juno Beach scenario using the Rommel Rules with Chen & George, when I left the Canadians almost had the game won

 Now we can all lick our wounds & prepare for the next meeting in 2 weeks!

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Zomtober Week 1

Well that has come upon us quick! Another Zomtober begins...& well, I am not even sure how many are still doing this event, but as I still have so many Zombicide figures that need painting, continuing to do so allows me the opportunity to focus on them, at least for 1 month per year.


I am also taking the opportunity to try my hand at the 'Slap Chop' method of miniature painting. I know this is well known to many already, but its a fairly recent discovery for me thanks to the Miniature Hobbyist who has done several videos of his Kill Team sets.

 So I am starting off with painting up this series of Zombicide Runner. Here we have the black basecoat, then drybrushed with light grey & then a dusting drybrush of white.


With that done, I was able to get 3 figures painted up today. With using mainly contrast & Speed Paints, they did indeed get painted up much faster than my past painting method.


Looking at the rear, does really show off the slap chop method on the jackets. Now with this first round, I thought perhaps there was still too much black showing, so redid the drybrushing on the next batch for the table. It will be interesting to compare these 3 to them. They will also likely see a bit more filth & blood added.


Then I wanted to compare them to one of my previously painted ones.


Apart from the use of Dark Shade on my earlier models to cover the figure, I think they otherwise look fairly comparable.


I have several more of this model to paint, so will continue with them for the next posting. I also want to dabble with using regular paints watered down, sort of as glazes to make use of them too. I mention this as there are only so many options for washes, contrast & speed paints available. I haven't tried mixing those 3 paints to see if other colours can be created from them, but I guess we will see.

So again Welcome to Zomtober 2022, as I know its also Orktober/Orctober for many as well.