Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Temple of Chac - Puccio Cortese

The next adventurer to join the ranks is Puccio Cortese.


An Italian sailor turned treasure hunter, his particular relationship to water gives him an advantage in this element. His special ability is Swimming.


This is the first of the figures I have not done the strong dip on, relying only on washes & contrast paints. Looking at him here, he may get a bit of dip in some areas to make them pop, such as the gators, backpack & face. One thing I do know, is that they will all get the Skin-tone dip laquer prior to dullcoating once the weather warms to protect them from players greasy fingers & dice bumps. 

 This brings us halfway through the adventurers with 6 more on the way. 

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Temple of Chac - Lea, Nicole & Bill

I finished up 3 more of the adventurers during today's paint session. Here we have Lea Rice, Nicole Lagger & Bill Baker


Lea is a slender & dauntless young woman whose long legs will carry her swiftly away from danger. Her special ability is sprint.

 Lea is also rather....well, buxom & is a mere 2 buttons away from total exposure!


Next we have Nicole Lagger, a daring young woman in top physical condition. She quenches her thirst for treasure hopping from one expedition to the next. Her special ability is Leap


Nicole is also well equipped, am I sensing a pattern here?


Last up for today we have Bill Baker (the All American). He is an eminent professor of Mesoamerican archeology. He is also a rugged & untiring adventurer. His special ability is Stamina


You will note that all of these figures are somewhat cartoony in nature, which I think adds to their fun to get them painted up. Now I did notice that they are more towards the 25mm scale than other boardgame figures, including those from the  Adventurers Temple of Horus boardgame. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Temple of Chac - Arely Tamay

Our 2nd Adventurer that will be braving the depths of the Temple of Chac is Arely Tamay.


OK this is easily the most unprepared young lady to go exploring. Guess one shouldn't believe everything they read on the internet. Although maybe its a ploy to distract the other adventurers?


Arely is a young Guatamalan of noble Mayan descent whose advantage over her competitors is her knowledge of Mayan Culture. Her special ability being Linguistics. 


Hopefully tomorrows paint session will allow me to get a couple more of these characters finished! 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

The Adventurers - Temple of Chac Project

So after pondering from my last post as to what I would focus on next, I was looking through the boxes of primed figures I have & decided it was time to paint up another set of figures from one of my boardgames.

 So I decided to start with The Adventurers - Temple of Chac.


There are a total of 12 characters for this game, so you can expect to see them all over the next while.

Up first we have Mustafa Ibrahin.


He is the son if a Sahara Caravaneer, used to travelling the great desert & has remarkable physical resources. His special ability is Stamina


So as seen from above each character has a special ability that they may use once during the game.

 Guess you will need to stay tuned to see who will be next to the paint table. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Construction Zone & Some more Scatter

It turned out to be another great day to wander about Giant Tiger while waiting for my wife to do her shopping. Always on the lookout for things I can use for Last Days or Walking Dead style games, I stumbled upon these

 There are a total of 4 vehicles (I didn't see the dump truck at this location), so snagged those I saw. Also nearby were a couple of transports. There were 2 styles available. One had a boat & the other this....a helicopter! OK so thats a bonus right there, nevermind the transport.


Here they are posed with some survivors to show scale.


I also had a shortened paint session today as I was out picking up some items, however I was able to finish off these scatter terrain pieces thanks to Contrast Paints, which do a great job for anything wood or fur.


I believe these are all from Wyrd's line & got them from another gamer who was selling off some stuff.


Now I have some more functional, many gendre terrain bits.

Not sure what's next on the table, as Bloodborne is always catching my eye & I've been seeing some great painting of the miniatures on the facebook page. There is also my need to think about & get painted some stuff for Stargrave! Guess you will need to wait to see. 

Thanks for visiting! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

IHMN 2nd Ed!

Today's visit to the Post office met with the receipt of my new Hardbound copy of "In Her Majesty's Name - 2nd ed"


This book is big (8.5"x12")! This book is Beautiful & its Hard Cover! Here it is with the original 1st ed booklet. I must admit, I do prefer the artwork on the original cover....but did I mention the new one is Hard Cover? As an added bonus it came with that New Book smell.


So this gave me a reason to pull out the 3 painted companies I have ready to go, as well I have been trying to issue a Steam Vehicle to each, should that added support be required.


 Of course this adds to my 'to do' list this coming year, to pull out all those other companies & get them painted so I can run games either at my home or the club once this Pandemic is dealt with. I will also have to poke around to see what other Steam Contraptions I can use for these other factions.

Sorry to allow my enthusiasm to spill over.....perhaps it will get your own creative juices flowing.


Saturday, March 13, 2021

3D Printed Bears

Getting home early from today's outing, I managed to get a bit of hobby time this aft to finish off the 4 bears I had printed on my FDM printer. You can see where they came from on the earlier post in my blog. These are for use in Frostgrave/Rangers of Shadow Keep, though I am sure many other systems will see them too!

 So of course it was an opportunity to try a few different palettes. Using different base colours (Tan, Yellow Ochre & Grey), I then used different GW contrast paints (Gore Grunta Fur, Wyldwood & Basillium Grey)


This was followed by some drybrushed hi-lights on the raised fur tufts & bellies, again using Yellow Ochre & Raw Linen. I didn't do much with the little pads under their feet as I am undecided as to whether to leave them as is or base the bears further.

 As the final thoughts, I think I am happiest with how the bear on the right hand side turned out best, with the use of the Wyldwood contrast as I believe it captures most what a Grizzly looks like.

Up next I have some barricade scatter bits that I want to get off the paint table. 

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Core Space - Evangeline

This past lunch saw me completing the last of Zed's crew that I have at the moment.

Here is likely the most deadly member of Zed's crew - Evangeline.


She is described as basically a professional killer, who exists & revels in the pleasure of the kill 


So I will be taking a break from Core Space for a bit & am now working on those 3d printed bears I did. Stay tuned! 

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Core Space - Hobb

Next off the paint table is another of Zed's Criminal Crew. Here we have Hobb, a member of a trio affectionately known as Slumscum


Another nice sculpt & a bit of a different palette as it seems Hobb is a bit 'loud'

There also seems to a be a theme with dismembered members being part of Zed's team.


Alas it seems I only have him from the trio currently. So will be looking to source the other 2 members down the road. I will be so happy when I can start dullcoating these figures.

Up next is the last of Zed's crew, Evangeline. 

Friday, March 5, 2021

More 3d Fun & Learnings

OK so I am a guy who likes to keep things simple & easy. An example being 3d printing. Is there a single profile that will solve all your issues? No....or at least not that I've learned as every print will have its own needs. Sure some of your settings will work but each job will require tweaks.

A couple examples follow, where I took a file from Duncan Shadow, of a bear to print. I am using my FDM printer until such time as the basement is warm enough to dabble with the Resin one some more.


Photo from Duncan Shadows MM page

Assumption 1: All files made by people are scaled for 28mm. So printing it at 100% will be easy & simple. So here he is at 100%

Now I place a 28mm miniature from Frostgrave beside him. 


Hmm....ok perhaps if he was a Cave Bear? So time to scale it down a bit. So the lesson learned here is stop to take a look at the size of the model & maybe measure something to base that size on. The other ones I did were scaled to 50%



During this time I was also watching some videos on using supports. This leads to assumption2

 Assumption 2: Supports are simply use em for angles greater than say 50%. By default the setting will likely be grid or line. Well as I learned from the videos, the type of support you use will determine its strength to support the model & that there are a lot of things to know about their use. Also there is an experimental system called Tree Supports which are great for models with lots of details & angles....this allows much easier removal. It seems there are a lot of support material visible, thats mainly due to printing several bear models at once & the supports sort of merged between them.


Now a couple things I further learned after the fact was about Support x/y difference & Support Z difference. This determines the space between the support & model that doesn't print to allow easier removal. 

My last lesson learned during this project was that even removing tree supports, one must be careful not to get overzealous...or else

Oops his foot broke off. 


Luckily I found the piece & will glue it back on. So what fun did you have on your recent projects?


Thanks for visiting.