Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Racing towards Zomtober!

As October draws ever nearer, I am still focussed on getting the remainder of the core Zombicide zombies finished this year. Then I want to run a campaign (if I can find the players committed enough!)

With that in mind, I've completed another batch of Runners.

Seems I had 1 left from the previous batch who got missed, so he joined the undead femme fatale's of this heat.


Again I used a combination of speed/contrast & normal paints to complete them.


I am still not 100% happy with the slapchop I am doing & think its because I am not using enough white..something to work on. It's not too bad on the zombies as they have their muted undead flesh colour anyway.


Another thing I tried this round, is making some discarded (or dropped) cans of food.


I have a bunch of labels printed from when I was doing Objectives. I found I had some rounded rods of sprue from some figure line which fit the bill.


Granted I haven't gone so far as to make the tins hollow, that will take some thought & time, though it isn't impossible. 

 Off to play Thunder Alley this eve & Necromunda on Thursday, so its going to be a busy week. 

Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus Characters

Today was spent finishing all the characters for the Adventurers Pyramid of Horus.

It was a good paint day & using a combination of Speed / Contrast & regular paints completed them all!


Here we have Chantal Sarti & David Gore


Maki Watanabe & Rasputin


Adbel Wahab & Jose Ardila


Lastly Delroy Chartier & Edgar Rice


With these finished, its just a matter of allowing the matte spray a good time to dry & then they will be packed up for return to their owner. 

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Zombicide Runners & a Return to The Adventurers!

What is that they say about the best laid plans? With September now here, my calendar is full with planned events.....& then Covid.

Well with the worst past I have been able to get some more painting done.

First up are another batch of Zombicide Runners (working to finish off the original core game runners & fatties so that I can launch a campaign)


Using mostly speed paints on these, I do find there are always bits that need the standard painting to finish them off.


I am finding that the Army Painter Dark Wood does a good job for dark skin.

Then I got an email from a gaming buddy who had just aquired a copy of The Adventurers Pyramid of Horus. He asked if I would paint his set up for him. He does love to bling up his games.


So far I've managed to paint the rocks, 


And the 3 Mummies. 


Next up will be the characters