Monday, September 20, 2021

Stargrave - Back to the Homokanis

Seems like its been quite some time since I've posted. I have actually been busy on a side project, doing some test printing for some undisclosed 3d printed tiles for a company I've been purchasing files from.

So with that bit out of the bag & also trying to get a batch of stuff primed, as the temps are beginning to change on us already, I did get a couple more of the Homokanis figures finished.


These 2 are just more of the typical grunt troops for the force


Sadly starting to see a bit of milkiness from the matte oversprays as our temps are all over the place. I may need to just move to a painted on version. I beleive there are 2 more figures from this set to complete it. I will also be making a bunch more bases to support many of the other 3d resin printed figures I made earlier this year. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Stargrave - Lv-427 3d printed terrain

I've been following Lv-427 Designs since I purchased my FDM printer. Having bought some of their corridor sets & some small rooms, it kind of...sat. However with the release of Stargrave, & a recently announced contest by Lv-427 it was time to get cracking.

 I am still learning various things about 3d printing...does one ever stop learning? For instance with these... I have a fair bit of stringing & dangly bits which can be seen & need to be cleaned up before moving on with them.


The PLA material does seem to have a short period of time that it needs to be used when exposed to the environment. The spool I had on for some time, was having issues where it would snap off, almost as if it was rotting. So with a new spool, I decided to push through & use it all.


The brand also seems to be relevant. I can't recall the previous brand, though I have used Hatchbox (which I liked) & now my recent order is Anycubic PLA. The image below shows where I had to hotload the new spool as the existing one was finishing. Gives it a 2 tone colour mix. I am getting quite good at this, though not something you want to have happen while your not close by.


There are a lot of files available. Some have multiple versions such as these dead ends. I am getting about 5 or 6 tiles printed per 1kg spool. Certainly busier tiles will need more plastic.

 I also (today) had my first Small Medical Bay completed.

 As to painting... I reached out on one of the posts on the Lv-427 Design Facebook page posts & one of the folks there showed an image of the paints they used. I was also put onto these metallic spray/primer paints.


Now onto the piece painted for the upcoming contest. This tile is called  the 'Last Stand' corridor. The containers are all part of the tile & not a separate piece. I think I would prefer all these scatter bits to be separate to allow placement as needed (as well as to make painting them so much easier!) I know there are other pieces where the containers are separate files.


Just taking images from all sides as I am not sure what is required for the contest.


And the complimentary added miniautures for scale photo.


If you visit the Lv-427 Designs site, you will discover they have just recently released a Starwarz boarding corridor set, which Star Wars Legion users will need to print at 15% larger to match the Legion miniature scale.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Zombicide / Last Days: Pitter Patter, let's do some Scatter! --- Terrain

Doing some more paint desk cleanup this past few days, I have been finishing off some Scatter terrain, mostly for Zombie or Apocalypse gaming.


This is a mix of some Walking Dead mattress covered barricades (Mantic), some garbage bins (picked up in a swap -  so not sure the company) & some tires which were 3d printed. These tires were actually part of other barricade pieces but snapped off while washing & cleaning the now I have some random tires to lay on the board.

 And the same terrain with some figures added for scale. 


I have a bunch of the 3d printed terrain scatter I am currently working through. Then its onto a 3d printing / painting contest I want to participate in. I am currently printing out the piece from LV-427 now. 

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Stargrave - Raised Platformer!

 The past couple of weeks I've been working (my inner voice says struggling) on an older Platformer plastic kit I picked up years ago. Finally a reason to get it built!


I wanted to make a small raised landing / cargo drop with the platform kit. So snipping all the parts, & then "snapping" the connectors together as the box says "no glue needed" I then felt I was ready.

Laying out the parts I started  trying to snap the tiles together..hmm not going as smoothly as I thought. No worries, I will just get the general idea layed out & then paint. Definately need to do warning strips....yep, those take awhile. OK time to get them all together.....wait, I don't seem to have enough T-connectors. OK I can just leave out 2 of the corner tiles & use those locations for the ramps.

Getting the pad finished, it then needed to be raised onto the rail posts. More snapping together, wait that one is skewed...twist & SNAP. Off breaks off the post inside the base. I will just superglue that post back on. Ugh...more delays.

However in the end it was put together....its a bit wobbly at the connector locations. I think this really just needed to be glued together! It is however functional, though it will not be getting any travel trips from the basement.

For those who find this kit & plan to use it, just be really will want to lay everything out to make sure you have enough connectors. Decide which face of the various tiles you want to have faceup, as you won't be using the other side. GLUE it together when satisfied & all will be good! As the final slap, the humidity today caused the matte spray to frost a bit, but when I look at almost appears like built up dusty grime, so I am not totally disappointed.

As a final bit to today's post I cleared another 2 crate sets from my paint table, they were much easier!

Thanks as always for visiting.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Stargrave - Last of the Rust Piles

Having this week off, I got a bit of painting in today & completed the last of the Scrap Piles. Again it was obviously made for use in Star Wars Legion, but whose to say those types of ships, conveniently painted in different colours couldn't be in Stargrave?

 This was another of the original ones I got of Thingeverse. I went to look back for the file to share, but had no luck. I think the originator remade them & this 1st edition one got sidelined.


And of course I couldn't show it without a figure for scale.


Thus ends my last project of Scrap Piles, onto the next! Thats it for today, thanks for visiting! 

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Stargrave - Someone Else's Scrap...Well you know

Had a good paint session today & managed to complete 2 more of my Space Junk piles.

 As the others these are from Thingeverse & 3d printed on my FDM printer. This first one is an older stl file, which I could no longer find to give credit to the if your looking at it, by all means let me know!


They have a Star Wars flair, but thats fine by me.


Here is is with a figure for size comparison.


The next is the 3rd of a 3 file set which I have given credit too & shared the link back when I first posted the small one.


This is the Large scrap pile!


And a figure for scale. Won't be many seeing over this to discover whats waiting on the far side!


Hope to get some more painting done this week as we are taking a vacation to ride he tails of the long weekend we are celebrating here. I currently have 1 more scrap pile that needs to be finished, then I can focus on some other Stargrave related projects!

Thanks for visiting



Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stargrave - Homokanis Trooper 5

Another of the Homokanis is now completed.


This one sports an autoblaster type weapon (basically an smg). but I wanted to use a more sci-fi style name for it.


Another great sculpt by Bob Naismith, 3d printed & mounted on another of the Mechanicus bases.


So with a long weekend about to occur, I will be having my first boardgaming opportunity with friends, so looking forward to that.