Monday, February 11, 2019

Z War One

This past weekend, I completed the remainder of the core box figures for Z War One. This consisted of 7 figures.

The final character figure, this is Cole. Another Policeman who is garbed in  some armour & is armed with an Automatic Rifle.

Followed by 3 more male zombies (infected)

And 3 female infected.

All the figures are metal & come in the core box of the game.

Up next is some consignment figures of Star Wars Imperial Assault I need to complete in the next couple weeks.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Aztec Ruin Rubble Terrain

During the Black Friday Sales, I did a purchase with Green Stuff World. One of the items that caught my eye was this scatter terrain of Aztec Ruin Rubble.

The set consisted of 9 pieces.

I opted to try a green base olive drab coat, followed by my usual Yellow Ochre / Desert Tan drybrushing.

Below are some more focussed images of the various pieces. 

These will fit well into several game systems I have....Pirates, Blood & Plunder & of course Ghost Archipelago!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Z War One Zombies

Just a quick post for the completion of 2 more of the Z War One zombies. These 2 are more of the intestinal fortitude ones.

I believe there are about another 6 zombies & 1 last hero figure to complete the core box of this game. Then I hope to bring it to the club to play. 

I also have several more of the Star Wars Imperial Assault figures to paint for a buddy.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Frostgrave - The Road to Felstad

 With the launch of a new Frostgrave Campaign this past Sunday, I wanted to revisit the initial entrance to the lands where Felstad lies. As I am not keen on making all my terrain winter themed, I opted to again use Glaciers melting to allow access to the lands once again by those who were kept out by 'The Freeze!'

I also wanted to limit somewhat the ease of getting magic items. As the area has just been reopened, it would take some time for the new bordertown merchants to gain any respectable amount of found tomes & artifacts. Thus if players wanted to find them, they best get into the mix & haul away some treasure!

Our group has several modified rules we use in our games. We like having creatures spawn throughout & thus have increased the likelihood  of a spawn on snagging a treasure, as well as 1 encounter arrive each creature phase.

We also use xp for soldier kills. Thus a soldier killing a soldier nets 10xp, the same as a successful spell being cast. However Mages & Apprentices garner more xp for killing things.

This campaign will last 10 scenarios before a victor is deemed. Thus the wizard with the highest xp will win.

Scenarios last until all treasures have been removed or to a maximum of 15 turns. If treasures are held at the 15 turn mark, they will provide 25xp instead of 50.

The Road to Felstad:
Set-up:  The area you find yourselves in is hilly & has a small dirt track winding through. The ruins of a farm lay astride the track. Several small copses of trees litter the hills, as well as areas of scree (brown areas) which count as rough going.

The treed areas provide +1 cover/ per inch inside, however if fully on the other side, will block LOS.

The remnants of a small caravan in the form of 3 unlimbered cart/wagons & several bodies which are cut up & have the shafts of arrows protruding from them. Searching the bodies will have a random result based on a d20. (this was a modified corpse table from the Attack Site scenario from the Hunt for Golem mini-campaign)

Treasure & Experience: The several treasures strewn about have been somewhat plundered & thus when rolling to determine the contents, only a d10 is rolled.

50xp per recovered treasure
10xp per corpse searched
25xp if the survivor is found & healed

I currently have 5 players for the campaign, however 2 of them were down with the cold/flu thats been going around since early December. Thus there were only 3 warbands engaged for this sceario (which is likely why it ended as quickly as it did)

So far the warbands involved are

Yhegda the Witch (Me)

Severus the Enchanter (Scott)

Herryk the Enchanter (Chen)

So onto the story!

The aftermath of the battle yielded the following to the warbands;

Severus (Scott) - 260xp, 430gc, Scrolls - Crumble, Bone Dart, Animal Companion

Herryk (Chen) - 300xp, 60gc, Scrolls - Invisibility, Fast Act, Fleet Feet; Potions - Healing, Teleportation, Explosive Cocktail

Yhegda (Me) - 200xp, 20gc, Horn of Destruction

As well the Merchant in town has a Grimoire of Fast Act for sale.

So with 3 of us playing, we all have FOG as a seems I will need to make some more fog markers  before the next game! We also had very little interaction between us, again there wasn't much need. The board was quickly fogged off from one another. Add in the 3 wraiths (which my warband has nothing to combat them with) it kept us busy. Had all 5 warbands been on the table, there would have been no help but to have conflict. We shall see that next game I am sure!

Thanks for following the journey!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Frostgrave - Witch & Apprentice

With our new Frostgrave Campaign set to launch this Sunday, I figured I had best get my next Wizard/Apprentice finished.

This campaign I decided to try a Witch, though while building her & finding a suitably wretched looking Witch at that...I figured I would take the Beauty Spell as one of her starting ones & then found a more pleasant looking one.

The figure I chose for the Witch, is a metal figure from a series called Massive Darkness (not the boardgame) by Enigma Miniatures. The centre 'Beauty' is a plastic miniature which I have been informed is from Reaper. I must have gotten it in an auction lot. The apprentice which is a metal Northstar Frostgrave Miniature would also make a good Necromancer one.

Well we shall see how things pan out on Sunday. The first game is when wizards are at their weakest.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

We find ourselves with another year under our belts & looking back, as far as gaming has gone, its been a good year.

We completed a Frostgrave Campaign & after providing the group with a list of games to vote on that we could play in 2019, the winner was again Frostgrave! Rangers of Shadow Deep taking a close second. So to keep the second place happy, I will try to run a couple games at our Saturday Games Days.

As usual I didn't get as many things painted as I would have liked, but life has a way of throwing obstacles to be overcome. Of course this allows me plenty of room to try to improve that side of things.

So for my final figures painted for 2018, here are 3 more of the Z War One figures that I started during Zomtober....yes its been that busy!

Here we have Victor the shotgun wielding cop, flanked by 2 more of the infected.

Seems Victor may need some touching up as the overspray seems a bit milky. Though the actual figure doesn't look this bad in real life.

 As I begin my painting for 2019, I am working on my next Frostgrave Wizard & look for those to grace the blog soon!

Again I hope everyone has a Happy New Year & that good fortune lay before you!