Sunday, March 26, 2023

Alien - Fate of the Nostromo

Having picked up a copy of the game Saturday, today was spent getting the figures painted up.


I continued with the Speed painting techniques, with touch ups of solid colours where needed at the end. So first up was getting an image of the crew & their outfits. OK lots of whites! Which to be honest I am not so far impressed with speed colours for whites.

Dallas & Lambert 

 Parker & Brett


  Ripley & the Alien 

The game is now ready to be played! Thanks for visiting.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Test Printing the Bridge of the Nostrom

OK, so the title is missing an o, but thats intentional.

I've just finished another 'test' print job for LV-427, on one of their newest projects. What is that project? Well I am not 100% sure, but I think it has to do with a 3d printed version of the boardgame Alien: Fate of the Nostromo, which to be fair, I hadn't heard about until seeing a post on the Lv-427 facebook group

 ALIEN: Fate of the Nostromo, Ravensburger, 2021 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)

So here it is all set up. Mark wanted me to post about it, so I will do him a solid on that.

And here it is on from the other view

So, with my curiosity piqued, I ran out & picked up a copy of the game, which some are referring too as 'Nemesis Light'. I am cool with that & the folks at the club can expect that I will be bringing this out sometime soon.

As for some more test printing....discussions are occuring so stay tuned!



Sunday, March 19, 2023

Stargrave - The Derelict Warship

 Our latest scenario, saw 4 crews descend upon a Derelict Warship which has just fell out of warp space.

When preparing for this scenario, I was trying to decide what terrain would be best suited to making the walls, while having working doors available. As those would be a big part of the scenario.


I pulled out my copy of Kill Team Gallowhide & was excited to see that these terrain walls did indeed come with doors that would open & close....unfortunately there wasn't going to be enough terrain for the table. It was off to scouring local stores to a copy of the GW Boarding Walls Terrain set. Luckily I had seen one & after confirming it was still available, picked it up on Wednesday.


Fast forward to today, it was a scamble of getting the tiles clipped, trimmed, primed & then dusted with grey primer at 45 degrees to give the start of an effect. I will say however that there are lots of details on these walls, everything from wires, to displays, dials & of course....skulls. Painting all of these will be a future project, as time was up.


Away we go! The crew of the Incorrigable deploy.


Kurts crew run afoul of a bounty hunter at the end of the first turn.


Chen had a runner in his crew which sped away to the centre of the board to snag the 'Prime Objective'. Try as we might, we were unable to prevent him from getting away with it, mainly due to the rules of doors from the scenario, not being openable if opponents are within 1"...more on that later.


Kurt was lucky enough to then have 2 ruffians arrive.


Craigs robotic hound takes out one of Chen's crew members


Chen then took control of the robot doc & sent it rushing into 2 of my crew. Where it was quickly finished off.


A Pirate trooper arrives behind my band.


Who was later joined by 2 Pirate Shock Troopers, who managed to steal one of the data loot from my crewman & then departed with it.


All in all a great game. We had some crewmen removed due to implosions. Lights turning on & off, a localized explosion, which unfortunately didn't take anyone out. The Reactor core did start the countdown & was lowered by another roll by 2. 

As we always have he Unwanted table rolled on every turn of our games, we were up to 2 of these rolls with another occuring from the chart.

So some takeaways of the scenario.

1 -  Don't start rolling on the chart until after the first turn. Our first roll on the first turn of the game was an implosion & we had 2 crews that were just at their starting zomes.....this would have potentially had 2 crews removed from the game before it even started. The next roll was the Reactor core....again, this would have made for a very short game indeed, with no-one likely even getting to a loot token.

2- The doors. As stated in the scenario, if there are opponents within 1", they prevent the closing or opening of a door. The next time we play, we will allow for opposing dice rolls using Fight to 'force' a door being opened or closed. Additonal crewmen would add a +2 mod just like support in combat. Additionally if the doors close result is rolled on the table, we would have them all open upon a second roll for that entry, similar to the lights turning on & off.

Thanks to those who came out. We were down 2 players today who had other commitments, but that turned out for the best as I would have had to struggle with figuing out an 6 player version of this scenario. I am sure with time I can come up with something.



Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Rocking Out!

I recently completed the painting on several of the 3d printed rock/boulder piles I've done. These will be used for pretty much any of the game systems I play (Frostgrave, Stargrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, etc).


I got these ones from Dark Realms - Huaxia Rock Piles after doing a search through My Mini Factory.


The come in several versions, which can be seen here. I opted to go large on these as I wanted some bigger LOS blocking ones for Rangers of Shadow Deep.


These were all painted with craft paints, with the Yellow Ochre / Gray Green ones being pretty much drybrush scrubbed


I will at some point print out more on a reduced scale to make for some smaller scatter rock piles, as I am quite happy with how they've come out 


So thats a quick post for this eve. Thanks for visiting! 

EWG Club Night 7th March

We had a good showing of folks out this eve with 3 games running. Gaston ran Waterloo 200


Bryan & Taylor played Pandemic


The rest of us played Thunder Alley, the first of a several race event hosted by Jonathan. 

We had 7 players for this race.

On Your Marks! The cars are lined up

Even by the first curve we were already seeing gaps appearing.

 George won the first race (thanks to me) & we had several with very close scores. So now we wait for the 2nd round....

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Did somebody cry Wolf?

Another week of a quick deadline as I needed to get a bunch of wolves painted up for this Sunday's Mordheim game.

I dug through my one GW plastic figures box & discovered I had 12 wolves on sprue from 1992. I am thinking they are likely from a goblin wolfrider box set. However they would fit the bill for my needs.

I got them glued together & glued to the bases on Tuesday. Wednesday the black lava paste was added to the bases.

Thursday the temps rose above 0 so I was able to prime them all black ( what luck!) & then I was able to start painting them Thursday evening until now.


I am continuing with the Slap Chop method of painting & to be honest, would not likely have gotten them all done if I had not.


I used a several ranges of contrast/speed/dipping inks to get these wolves ready. Last night was painting the mouths, & eyes. 


This morning before heading out to do our shopping the matte varnish was sprayed & ground cover was applied. They were ready for these photos on my return & are now ready to tear some opponents apart.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Stargrave - Starport Raid

Today we had our next scenario of the Stargrave Campaign....this time it was the Starport Raid.


This scenario with mulitple players called for an extended table layout, so this 4'x6' Starbase mat was pulled out. Then it was gathering a bunch of the starships I've been snagging. The scneario needed 4.


There were 20 entry points added around the edges. Players were able to choose any of the White poker chip entry points. They would then need to get their crew across the table to exit at another poker chip point.

And....theres the first smoke grenade

Sounds easy enough.....I added 4 station crewmen who were manning consoles in front of the docked ships. They would react once shot at, pirates arrived, or someone attempted to unlock a loot token. 


ZOT, a Bounty Hunter collects his coup

 As with all our games, we have a Random creature each turn as well as a roll for the Unwanted Attention, using a d20 roll with +1/per turn & number of players for the total. We had 5 players again today, as one of the fella's had to back out.


So I also modded the original scenario so that as each ship takes additional unwanted attention roll occurs...this could potentially have led to 5 Unwanted Attention rolls per turn....time to get out!


As it was, we only had 1 ship take off, so were getting 2 Unwanted Attention rolls. Here they come! The Pirates begin to arrive & crewmen begin to fall. Below, Richard catches 2 of the pirates with his dual flamethrowers.


For the Random creatures table, most of what arrived would be classed as Station assets, so any robots (drones, sentrabots & even Warbots) would actually shoot at everything except station crew. Many firefights between bots & pirates ensued.


That's a lot of smoke.


There were 2 station crewmen who just wouldn't quit. Below, one of them takes down a Sniper!


"Hey look - a Warbot!"


This is a strange place for a stone wall.....hmm, must be holographic, still can't see through it!


I think there were a lot of crew members who were left behind to be ransomed by the pirates before the next game.


Thanks to everyone for coming out, I really liked this scenario & there was a lot of bloodshed all around!