Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Momentary Lapse

Now that I've gotten back into my routine, it was time to begin getting those last Zombicide Black Plague items completed. My last count was there were 33 more Zombies to paint to complete the core game.

So here is the first 3

2 Walkers & a Runner

I have more on the paint table, however I am also working on some Mantic Ghouls for Frostgrave.

Certainly a short post this eve.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Frostgrave - Demons

As I work through the creatures from the Frostgrave core list, I came upon needing some demons. My buddy Scott brought a few of his Khorne figures to proxy. I have also picked up a few Pathfinder/D&D figures to use as well.

Demons in general can be of all sorts & shapes. So with that in mind, I've decided to track down some Nurglings for use as Imps. I may just have a blister of them stashed away someplace for use in my Carnival of Chaos for Mordhiem.

Then I had some metal GW figures. I think they are Blue or Pink Horrors. However the shifting skins & changing forms drew me as something Demon like. So I painted several for use as Demons in Frostgrave.

I opted to keep their skins shiny, to represent slick slimy skin. I was quite taken by the newer form trying to shed the outer skin, quite interesting models.

We don't currently have a Summoner Wizard in the campaign, though its a matter of time before someone goes & summons a demon.


I have some more Zombicide Black Plague Zombies drying from the dip. Should have them finished & posted tomorrow eve.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Second Game of Pulp Alley

Bruce once again brought out his Gangsters using Pulp Alley. In this scenario, the Police needed to get Mr. Big the Informer from one side of the table to the other.

There were 4 Civilian Plot Points, which when collected would either increase Mr Big's Movement, or slow him down. The Gangsters would be coming in from both sides to prevent Mr Big from tattling. Mr Big was a Major Plotpoint, & if  the challenge when contacted was successful would win the game for the Gangsters

One of the groups for the Police consisted of Hornet, Kato & the Shadow. Below Hornet moves to engage a Tommy Gun armed Gangster

Several gun duels occured on the streets, with neither side getting some sure kills. However the police snagged a plot point & allowed Mr Big to move 12".

Kato laying the smackdown on a pistol wielding ne'er-do-well

Alas, one of the Mobsters ran up & succeeded in capturing Mr. Big. Truth be told, I thought the figure on the corner was another plot point & totally ignored him, thus losing me the game.

I will lay the blame on having to run both the police factions, as we didn't have a huge showing at the club last night. Oh well, better luck next round!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Game 3: The Lamp They Found on Fogway

This past Sunday, 3 of the other's came out for our next game of the Frostgrave Campaign. We played the Genie in the Bottle, however as usual, I modified the game slightly due to the number of players. We actually had 2 warbands absent for this game.

While searching through the ruins, one of the treasures unearthed contains a golden lamp, that is home to a very old, very angry Genie. The only wish he grants, is wishing you didn't find him.

Being in the canal district, the area is blanketed in fog, limiting visibility to 20". What's worse is that it is thickening, reducing visibility by 1" per turn.

The Genie counts as a Major Demon

M:7 F:+3 S:+3 A:13 W:+5 H:14 Immune to Non-Magic Weapons

The lamp is worth 300gc. The warband that discovered the genie receives 50xp. A further 200xp goes to the warband which lands the killing blow on the genie.

During the aftermath each of the warbands collected the following

Maximilian (Died) - warband taken over by Ludwig, Bremen misses game
     120xp, 70gc

Bob - Spot misses game
     650xp, 520gc, 2 Hand Wpn (+1 Dam), Grimoire's - Time Walk, Destructive Sphere

Innovar - Tan, Shadow miss next game
     400xp, 270gc, Potions - Strength, Speed, Elixir of Life, Grimoire's - Bones of the Earth,       Crumble, Bind Demon

Eben - Quarles, Valdemar dead.
      660xp, 70gc, Potions - Invisibility x2, Grimoire - Dispel

It may just be a coincidence, but it seems whomever earns the title of featured on the cover, seems to suffer catastrophe during the game. Guess we will put it to the test next month.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gaming Weekend

I spent the past 4 days gaming with numerous other like minded folks at a retreat surrounded by snow covered mountains & lots of trees.

The last view of the mountains before being engulfed in snow covered trees.

With the temperature outside being frightful, the crackle of wood burning, lots of spirits & mirth prevailed.

Thursday started off with a game of Zombicide Black Plague. Joining me at the table were Brent, Jordan, DJ, Terry B & newcomer Chris. 

The fickle finger of fate points out that we have a Fatty in our midst!

An early Necromancer spawn saw him making a run for an exit point.

The party, less the dwarf (who was running to cut off that fleeing Necromancer!)

Things were getting nasty, an Abomination was now present & lurching towards us

We succeeded with the ultimate Dragon Bile Pile! Catching both the Necromancer & Abomination in its cleansing flames!

Brent then hosted us in a game of Conan, where I played the wizard Hadrathus. The player boards were a little bit daunting & I think we would agree they take some getting used too, which of course would require playing more games of it.

If the player board was daunting, we were totally gobsmacked by what awaited us in the Pict village. Our mission was to find a kidnapped princess & take the head from the Pict Shaman.

The next day I got in a game of Cthulhu Pandemic... Cthulhu awoke dooming the world. I also played Rock Paper Wizard ( a game where players perform magical hand gestures at one another).

Most of the folks present are for the most part board gamers. Of course I need my miniatures fix, so at the behest of Brent who has been wanting to try, brought down my Frostgrave stuff to run him through the rules. In fact I had 4 players who had never played it before.

Probably my favorite scenario for a convention, one-off game is the Magical Fountain (as it tends to draw the players into the centre of the board) 

Alas, none of the Wizards braved the journey, preferring to sit back & try to kill each other. In fact we did have a Wizard kill another Wizard.

And the response by he who was slain.

One of the players snapped the photo below & I added it to provide a view of the shenanigans that were occurring

The astute will notice the improvised bar fridge in the form of a canoe.

The remainder of the weekend consisted of playing a 7 player game of Eldritch Horror (We WON!), 3 games of The Adventurers - Temple of Horus, another game of Zombicide Black Plague & a session of 5th Ed Dungeons & Dragons hosted by Brent.

Another well attended fun weekend, though the long hours of little sleep also made the return home in time for the Walking Dead very much appreciated.

Thanks to the hosts for running this getaway!


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Terminator Genisys at EWG

Dave brought out his Terminator Genisys Miniature game to the club.

Dave set up the table. Scott & I played 2 games, once for each side. Dave picked up the game last Christmas during a sale, so only has the core box...at least until we convince him to go "All In".

The game plays quite quickly & has some interesting mechanics. One of these is the fate dice. Which has 6 sides containing 3-1's, 2-2's, & FATE. If you roll the fate, you get no actions (unless the human player uses one of his leaders). The 1 & 2 determine how many of your figures will activate. Activation is quickly identified with green/red counters.

All movement and firing is done using the templates provided. One of the cool things that may occur is that when a terminator is taken out, it may spawn a Crawler, which will then continue to menace the humans.

The humans need to rely on cover to provide any hope of survival, whilst attempting to close the range to allow their weapons a better chance to damage or effect the terminators. The terminators however are better at range & depending on the scenario, can pretty much stand back & blast away.

From some discussions on my previous post about where I was at with the painting of my Zombicide Black Plague, I decided to take a photo to show. Then I took a count & it seems I have 11 of each type of Zombie left to complete.

 Thanks for stopping by.