Monday, April 25, 2016

Blacksmith & Kingdom Death White Lion

As I continue getting the warbands ready for Frostgrave on Mayday, pretty much all the figures needed are finished. Just want to work on some more ruins.

I only managed to complete 2 more figures that were on the paint table

First up is the Blacksmith (Game Zone Metal Miniature)

A nice figure, though after all was said & done I noticed the seam along his hair...oh bother! Most likely became more noticeable after the dip.

I don't actually have a use for him at the moment, but I am sure there are some games that may find a use for him down the road.

Next up was the White Lion from Kingdom Death. This is meant to be the initial creature encountered by the players. I opted to go with a more traditional colouring, going with more of a lighter mane

Close inspection of the front limbs, as they can hardly be classed as paws..they look more human-like, denotes that this is no ordinary beast. 

As I continue to work through these miniatures, you will find many of the creatures are quite bizarre in nature.

Just to show how large this figure is, here it is amongst the starting characters. 

 I will now need to spend some time reading through the rules to bring this out for a try. This will likely not occur until after Mayday though.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Frostgrave - The Silent Tower

Today saw our Frostgrave Campaign continue, with The Silent Tower scenario. Although Malcron's warband failed to show, obviously nursing their wounds, a new warband entered the fray.

The Sigilist Cormac Bode & his apprentice Jimmy Lynch.

As the campaign continues, I've opted to try out an xp system being used by another group, wherein the apprentice & soldiers will also garner xp for the band for taking out opponents. As well we will now place encounters spawned from the picking up of treasure using a random direction die & a d10. This will then represent creatures that may be guarding the treasure.

In  this scenario, there is a central tower, with 2 other building connected to the tower via bridges. Each of these buildings forms a null magic zone, wherein no magics can be performed of any type. A special treasure sits atop the cental tower, allowing the person who claims it, 3 rolls on the treasure list. There are 4 other treasures located throughout the table.

As play begins, Ember's casts a fog to hide her warband from the sniping of Julio's band

Another successful Fog, completes the screening of my warband

Julio sent his large construct around the flank & tried closing with my warriors.

My thief was brought down by one of Julio's archers, as he emerged from the fog.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, one of Cormac's treasure carriers meets up with a giant worm...& won the combat! Having pushed the worm away, he was able to escape with the loot.

The worm then begins traversing the board. It was beset upon by a Furious Quill.

Julio had some good success, having eliminated 2 of my archers & a thug. His construct was then able to snag the treasure.

A werewolf wandered into the area & was met by my Templar. 2 rounds later the beast was dead, its head removed for a bounty.

Another werewolf engages Julio's archer

Julio & his Captain made it into the central tower, Julio then made for the chest

He then made his attempt to get across the bridge.

Another Giant Worm arrived & engaged Ember.

Julio was brought low by one of Cormac's archers, the chest falls from the bridge.

The Templar arrives to aid Ember & between them, they were able to slay the Giant Worm.

By games end, Julio was down to a single Marksman. Ember was able to snatch the chest from where it lie & once out of the null zone, was able to get a leap spell off, getting her close to the edge of the field. Cormac was in the process of withdrawing, having dealt with their own giant worm.

During the after action the following occured / was found;

Cormac: got off the board with 2 treasures
Infantryman missing next game
270 xp
Base - Laboratory
Treasure - 250gp, Grimoire - Possess
Improvements - Fight +1, Health +1

Julio: received no treasure chests
Roberto (Apprentice) died
Captain & Man at arms died
Archer misses next game
200 xp 
Improvements - lower spell casting cost

Ember: got 2 treasures plus the special treasure
Thief died
Thug will miss a game
Treasure - 710gp, Gloves of Strength, Candle of Summoning, Grimoires of Elemental Ball & Strike Dead
Improvements - Fight +1, Health +1, Improve Strike Dead, Elemental Ball, Learn Strength

So overall not a good day for Scott's band, although he was able to recoup numbers for his warband. Craig's band did well on his first foray, and though more of a support wizard, he didn't lose many from the battle.

I did quite well with the netting of the 2 chests, plus the special chest after the collapse of Scott's band.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Kingdom Death Survivor & Game Zone figures for Frostgrave

This weekend allowed me to finish the last of the starting characters for Kingdom Death. As well I painted up some Game Zone miniatures which will make some good Frostgrave soldiers.

First up is the Kingdom Death survivor. This is the second female starting character.

I also had 3 blister packs of Game Zone miniatures. Looking at their site, it seems all these guys can be picked up in a box set now. However looking at them I thought they would make wonderful Thugs!

These are metal miniatures.

I also figured the fella with the Pick-Axe would make a good Treasure Hunter. The remaining old timer with the pitchfork, will likely be set aside to use as a peasant as using him could prove difficult with the buildings & his pitchfork being so high.

There are likely another 3 figures from these blister packs to finish. One of which is a blacksmith. Again he will likely not see a game of Frostgrave, but can certainly find a place in some other games down the road.

I've also completed the prep & priming of the White Lion for Kingdom Death, so it will likely see paint very soon.

Chain of Command Operation Martlet Campaign - Third Scenario

Tuesday night at the club, we played the next scenario in the Chain of Command Campaign. 

Scenario 3 sees the British forces continuing to push. The objectives were to capture the Chateau & the crossroads.

The Germans continued to be under an artillery barrage & thus needed to roll a 5 or 6 to arrive once a command had been received.

The view from the British end of the field.

The British increased their firepower, fielding a Sherman Tank

The British deploy forward in the orchard.

As expected the Churchill AVRE arrived. In fact all the British forces had pretty much arrived & were moving forward.

The Germans were kept offboard as the Artillery continued to pound them. I was only able to get 1 team on the board. The MG was set up in the woodshed (left side of photo)

The British had a simple victory, as without the arrival of the German forces, he was able to walk into the Chateau & overrun the crossroads, just preventing the arrival of any further German troops at the jump off points.

Needless to say it was an early night. However on the bright side, this battle ended the first day & should allow the German troops more mobility for the next game.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Gaming Retreat D&D Game, Frostgrave & Kingdom Death

I just realized that my last post was close to the middle of March, how the time flies. I have not been during that time as I've spent a weekend in the mountains at a gaming retreat hosted by a buddy & his brother. Most of the weekend consisted of board games, however Bruce brought out some Maurice & Lion Rampant to play.

As well Brent brought out another D&D adventure which 3 groups attempted during the weekend... seems a lot of people are enjoying several hours of Roleplaying. Brent also brought his Dwarven Forge stuff to game on, which was a real treat.

A large part of the game took place in a mansion. Of course Brent pulled out all the stops, showcasing his light up fireplace & wall sconces.

Of course the place burnt else would he be able to show us the fire leaping out of the windows!

Below our stalwart band opens the doors to the last room & final battle. Of course I took this photo before all the opponents were added.

I am also starting to get some more work done on miniatures for Frostgrave. Oh & another of the pieces of the Garden of Morr set.

Another archer & a small demon / imp.

I am also starting to work on the Kingdom Death figures. I was painting the 4 starting characters, however one of them popped off the base as I was painting, so she will be showcased with the Lion.

However here are the other 3, armed with little more than jagged rocks.

I also chose not to use the bases supplied with the game, opting for a brick pattern created using one of the rollers I bought from Green Stuff World

I admit, I should have had more painted, but I have been caught up in the shiny of the moment phase & have several projects started & are now in various stages of completion. Hopefully I will find the focus to complete some. With the Mayday Games Day next on the list, I have several Frostgrave Warbands to prep, so that should get me targeting those  in the near future.