Tuesday, September 28, 2021

New Arrivals!

Another good day from the trip to the post office as my recent order from Northstar Miniatures has arrived.

Quarantine 37 Nickstarter (queue up epic music!) complete with the metal miniatures.


As well about a week ago I received my latest Battle System kickstarter for Core Space! 


So looking at these lines, both are perfect for crossover. The figures from Core Space are perfect for use in Stargrave, offering many of the specialist options. And of course this also applies to the use of Battlesystem terrain for use in Stargrave. 

One could also say they have a symbiotic relationship....lucky me! 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Stargrave - The Secret is Revealed

 Those who follow my blog, may have noticed some not too cryptic comments about being involved with a SECRET project. Now it can be revealed! The folks at Lv-427 Designs have now released the Prison Ship Corridor Line of terrain tiles. They had reached out to me to see if I would be interested in being one of their test printers.

How could I refuse?

So I have been busy with my FDM printer, getting the test prints done for each of these tiles & now my test images are appearing on their site! I'm Published! How cool is that!

Not without issues on my end, it has provided me a bit more opportunity to learn how to fix some issues, with a little help from the Lv-427 community. But as I continue to discover with 3d printing...there is always so much more that you need to learn. 

Here is a quick display of the tiles printed thus far. Sorry for the dark colours as I've been priming stuff, as we begin to move into Fall weather. I am currently working on a session with a couple of friends to learn about airbrushing (& most important - making sure I know how to clean them when done!) So I hope to use these tiles for my training. As well I am going for a darker palette for the prison, as there seems something slightly odd with well lit, bright, prisons. They really shouldn't be some place you want to return too!


I've only printed out the 1 cell tile thus far, so have a few more of those to make & then will be using these 'ship' tiles for a prison base where a scenario can be built to rescue one of the captives in Stargrave.

You are certainly welcome to view my test print images on the Lv-427 site, but I've added a couple below.

So I hope you like what your seeing! I know the folks at Lv-427 have been busy with their projects & are coming out with even more 'themed' sets...but for those, the cat is back in the bag. I can see these being fantastic for many systems, Stargrave being the main one for me.

Now we just need to get past this pandemic to allow us to get back together & get our Stargrave campaign started, but with the latest, that won't be any time soon. Thanks as always for visiting.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Stargrave - More Precious Cargo

Spent today's paint session finishing up some more of the cargo piles from Lv-427 Designs (link in my previous post).


Now that I've got my scaled images, I am having more fun adding them to my containers. So far I've just got the Weyland Yutani & Zorg ones, but today's musings made me think of the Tyrell Corporation, another Juggernaut of industry!


I went with a bit less weathering on these sets of barrels, not applying rust this time around, just the dings & grubbiness of cargo.


Also I finished up the first batch of the second cargo pile pieces. These consist of cannisters with a computer pad on top of them.


I went with a quick  contrast paint wash over the base colours & this allowed for a much quicker paint job.


Without a lot of room for decals, I just added a small one atop the larger container lid.


Another image with figures for scale.


That completed my painting session for today, though I did get more stuff started, as well as further work on the remainder of these cargo piles. 

Friday, September 24, 2021

Stargrave - Cargo Haul!

Just a quick post on a bunch of small cargo container from LV427 Designs I printed on my FDM printer as I was near the end of a spool. Normally these would get printed on my resin printer, but just for fun, I thought 'why not' & used the left over filament.

 Here are the first 3.


Again, doing these have allowed me to delve into my many decal sheets from past model kits. As well I was able to save & scale down several images from the net for things like Warning signs & labels.  Then I started thinking about some company logos. So who better than Weyland Yutani & Zorg for starters! (There are no Weyland logos on these 3) Those who look close will see the use of ww2 german license plates used as lot numbers. Of note on the printed items. I affix them to white glue after wetting them, though you must take care with doing this as the image is easily damaged.

As for weathering them, some will say....Containers won't rust in space as they are in a vaccum....well for those folks, who is to say these didn't come from a planet surface? Besides I will also be able to use them is some Post Apoc gaming too!


You will see more of these in the near future as I paint them up to get off my paint table. I am also still involved with printing some test prints which I hope to be able to share soon! Thanks for visiting!

Monday, September 20, 2021

Stargrave - Back to the Homokanis

Seems like its been quite some time since I've posted. I have actually been busy on a side project, doing some test printing for some undisclosed 3d printed tiles for a company I've been purchasing files from.

So with that bit out of the bag & also trying to get a batch of stuff primed, as the temps are beginning to change on us already, I did get a couple more of the Homokanis figures finished.


These 2 are just more of the typical grunt troops for the force


Sadly starting to see a bit of milkiness from the matte oversprays as our temps are all over the place. I may need to just move to a painted on version. I beleive there are 2 more figures from this set to complete it. I will also be making a bunch more bases to support many of the other 3d resin printed figures I made earlier this year. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Stargrave - Lv-427 3d printed terrain

I've been following Lv-427 Designs since I purchased my FDM printer. Having bought some of their corridor sets & some small rooms, it kind of...sat. However with the release of Stargrave, & a recently announced contest by Lv-427 it was time to get cracking.

 I am still learning various things about 3d printing...does one ever stop learning? For instance with these... I have a fair bit of stringing & dangly bits which can be seen & need to be cleaned up before moving on with them.


The PLA material does seem to have a short period of time that it needs to be used when exposed to the environment. The spool I had on for some time, was having issues where it would snap off, almost as if it was rotting. So with a new spool, I decided to push through & use it all.


The brand also seems to be relevant. I can't recall the previous brand, though I have used Hatchbox (which I liked) & now my recent order is Anycubic PLA. The image below shows where I had to hotload the new spool as the existing one was finishing. Gives it a 2 tone colour mix. I am getting quite good at this, though not something you want to have happen while your not close by.


There are a lot of files available. Some have multiple versions such as these dead ends. I am getting about 5 or 6 tiles printed per 1kg spool. Certainly busier tiles will need more plastic.

 I also (today) had my first Small Medical Bay completed.

 As to painting... I reached out on one of the posts on the Lv-427 Design Facebook page posts & one of the folks there showed an image of the paints they used. I was also put onto these metallic spray/primer paints.


Now onto the piece painted for the upcoming contest. This tile is called  the 'Last Stand' corridor. The containers are all part of the tile & not a separate piece. I think I would prefer all these scatter bits to be separate to allow placement as needed (as well as to make painting them so much easier!) I know there are other pieces where the containers are separate files.


Just taking images from all sides as I am not sure what is required for the contest.


And the complimentary added miniautures for scale photo.


If you visit the Lv-427 Designs site, you will discover they have just recently released a Starwarz boarding corridor set, which Star Wars Legion users will need to print at 15% larger to match the Legion miniature scale.