Monday, July 31, 2023

Precious Cargo

I was able to finish off some more cargo piles during my Sunday Hobby time. These are some of the remnants from my previous painting frenzy to use in my Stargrave games.


All are 3d print models by Lv427 & I believe were part of thier Hanger set.


I still have a couple more piles & a couple of Hand Palette Jacks to finish. 

Monday, July 17, 2023

Mordheim & some scatter repaints

Better late, than never, here are some photos from our last Road to Mordheim Game - The West Gate.


This saw the warbands pitted against a corrupted oak - filled with wyrdstone, which blocked entry into Mordheim's West Gate.

Added to that were a random number of twisted dryads.

It took quite awhile for my beastman warband to take the tree down, but it was toppled (but not slain) just as my warband failed its route test...leaving the field to the dwarf treasure hunters (who sadly for them, left empty handed).


Doug had brought out his gaming table which several of the guys played on.

After returning home, & sorting through my terrain, I decided that some of my scatter needed a repaint, as they were previously done with a quick paintjob.


These were some small resin carts & 3 barricades (also resin) which I cannot recall where they had come from. However after some contrast paint & a bit of drybrushing, they are now good-to-go.


I added some scrap bits of cheescloth to a couple of the barricades to add more oomph!

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Soldiers of Napoleon at EWG

 Bruce brought out his Napeolonics to introduce us to Soldiers of Napeoleon. We played  the struggle for La Haye Sainte in the center of the Waterloo battlefield.


Andy & I played the British whilst Chen & Daniel played the French.

The game uses cards which provide the players 3 options when played. They can use the value at the top to determine the number of actions they can take, the centre effect/event, or the bottom which will allow rally attempts (which will provide VP's to the opponent)


The plodding advance by the French on the Farm. 

Of note is that the distance a commander is from the unit they wish to activate determines the number of actions that cost will incur. An example being, if within 10cm = 1 action, >10 - 20cm = 2 actions, etc.

The leaderless group of troops in the farm required me to send my brigade commander to lead them, otherwise they wouldn't do anything.


The British Heavy Calvary arrives to push back the French infantry assault. Oddly, Chen never moved his French Cavalry & they sat on the start line throughout the game. To be fair, apart from the 1 unit of troops that quickly died in the farm, I didn't do much with the troops on my flank either.


Meanwhile Daniel, had swept away the militia skirmishers that were a screening force & had managed to begin to breach the defence line of the other militia quality troops defending.

The British Rifles held up a staunch resistance in the pit, but were about to fall back when the game ended.


The British managed to eke out a victory, as the game is won by total VP's which can be garnered by completing Objectives, winning battles, winning the initiative, etc. We did manage 4VP's just from early initiative wins in the battle.

There were a couple of rules that need some tweaking, but I think the game went well for a first time trying it. Thanks Bruce for bringing it out to the club!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

A Little Bit Chaotic!

 With it being the Canada Day Weekend here, and my then needing to stay available to assist with Wildfire monitoring for the company I work for, its been a stay-at-home, weekend.

However that also provided me an opportunity to get a bunch of figures painted.

First up was finishing off the remaining 5 Chaos Hounds I had previously built & were sniffing around the paint table since.

With this batch I went for darker hindquarters on them.

Again this was mainly 'speed painted' furs.

Then finished up using normal painting.


Then it was onto a batch of figures I needed to complete for the next Mordheim game. 

I had this box of plastic Sylvaneath...though I will still call them treekin or dryads.

They were multipart, having to glue each head, arms & back branches, which allowed for a wide variety & created 16 of them from the box.

Again, they were speed painted with Army Painter Dark Wood.

 I then used a speed paint followed by lighter regular paint edging on the skirts.

I opted to use a parchment colour for their mouths, thinking on the light colours found within real trees.


Now I look forward to the game next weekend to culminate our Road to Mordheim campaign. 

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