Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Red Devils Have Landed!

I had a couple parcel notices arrive in the post office during the week, but was unable to pick them up until today. Upon getting home from the usual Saturday chores I ripped the boxes open & was buried by what was inside.

First thing up was the base set for the new game from Lost Battalion Games. Of immediate note was the Kickstarter Logo proudly emblazoned across the box.

And then I noticed something else which kind of blew me away...they had placed a property notice on the corner with my name & backer number! Now how cool is that!

So I thought for a moment, they would have had to have each box cover of their Kickstarter supporters printed & then hope that they didn't goof on the shipments.

Another bonus of this Kickstarter was the option to purchase characters Named by you. Of course the German custom character had to be Steiner! And then I went & immortalized myself. Of course everyone at the club is now saying "I can't wait to kill Terry now in a game!"

Another thing of note is that every item of the game has a tag showing whom packaged it from Lost Battalion Games.

Again these came pre-painted, so apart from gluing them to their dog-tag base (the glue tab is also supplied) they are ready to go.

There are a bunch of other miniatures in the base box as well to get you started.

A close-up of the box contents.

The Red-Devil  base box figures.

The German base box figures.

Of course there were the extras I got as well to keep me going for awhile until they produce some more material.

Hasty Positions and Pontigou Farm

Infiltration and British Airborne Reinforcements.

Game Masters Aide Kit & Veteran's Pack

Of course some more of the miniatures to add to the forces. Here I have a Piat Team, Mortar, Sniper Team & Pathfinder Team.

 I also got the Operation Tonga Kickstarter Pack.

As you recall at the top, there was a second package. It was my copy of Heroes, Villains & Fiends for In Her Majesty's Name.

With a storm coming in the next couple of days, these arrivals will certainly help me weather it!

I will likely ask Scott to come out to give this new Red Devils a couple play's before I bring it out to the club, hopefully the second meeting of December.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Super Dungeon Explore

This morning I got the matte overspray done on these next 2 figures from the Super Dungeon Explore pile.

First up is a Riftling Rogue, who also appears to be some sort of vampire looking at her image.

Then we have the very cool figure of Von Wilder, who is some sort of lycanthrope or shape changer.

A size comparison of the two

And of course no post goes up without at least 1 pirate. This metal figure is from Old Glory I believe.

I've started work on the next 2 dungeon explore figures & of course a fleet-full of Pirates.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Zombicide at EWG

Last night I ran Zombicide at the club. We had 3 others plus myself play the survivors. Chen, Bruce & newcomer Barry joined with me to brave the streets & slay zombies.

We again played the scenario City Blocks, where the survivors needed to grab the objectives, find water, bag of rice & canned food, then escape at the exit.

We decided to open the door to the biggest building complex first. Below is what this spawned. 3 Fatties & friends, as well as a couple other walkers. Things were not looking good & we've only had 1 survivor activate.

We quickly decided to draw the majority of the zombies in the building to the one end, where the closed door prevented their going further. Meanwhile Amy drew another group down the street. While a couple survivors dealt with the paltry spawns at the end of the street, they ensured they made the most noise. We also had a good opportunity for lots of searching in the small building, gaining our first objective and lots of weapons which included a Molotov.

We knew exactly how to utilize that Molotov, as we cleared the large building of all the remaining zombies in one fell Whoosh!

We continued our onslaught & came very close to having a perfect game...then our good fortunes changed as the Runners got an extra action and slew Ned. He was the only character to suffer a wound from the 8 survivors.

This was a definite successful run of the game as apart from Ned we had achieved all the objectives and escaped. The one Abomination that showed up was quickly flamed by another Molotov. Congrats to all who participated.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Super Dungeon Explore & the Obligatory Pirate

Finally finished a couple more of the Super Dungeon Explore figures I've been working on, as well as another Pirate.

First up is the Glimmerdusk Ranger.

Followed by Von Wilding

As I've said before, these have been fun to paint & they have interesting poses.

And lastly my obligatory Pirate. I continue work on these fella's as I progress thru the consignment.

Rather than try painting tattoos, I used some of the text from my old Tamiya decal sets to create one for his arm.

My next post will likely be after the EWG club night where I will again be running Zombicide.

Monday, November 11, 2013

3rd Annual Remembrance Day Gaming afternoon

Poppy - ''Lest we forget''

Let's be sure to start off this post right.

Lest we forget, today we paid homage to our fallen. The sounds of the pipes, the minute of silence & the remembering of friends who are no longer with us.

The afternoon found Scott & Chen come out to my place to spend the remainder of the day playing Zombicide.

As you can see, this was going to be a massive game. I used every tile from the Original game (with an extra set of tiles), Toxic Mall & Prison Break. I had 1 tile not appearing in this adventure.

The objective was simple, get to the Choppah! There were of course a couple of hitches. The first was that the only person able to fly the helicopter was last seen in the confines of the prison before all hell broke loose. The second of course was the Zombies.

Things started off well enough. We got to the first building, got inside & then...

A Zombie popped out of the manhole.

We continued searching the building. Meanwhile the swarms were starting to build.

We were lucky to have found a ready made Molotov & had it waiting for just the right moment. Things were getting messy in the building as we tried drawing as many Zombies as possible to the one end of the building.

We were seriously bogging down & then Whoosh! The Molotov cleared the room.

We then rushed into the next batch of walkers & then the worst thing possible happened...

All the Zombie Walkers got an extra over as we were decimated. If you count, there are 9 Walkers in the zone with us & that does not include the 2 Runners & Zombie Dog. 9 wounds on 5 characters.

We set up to play again, this time we removed several of the spawn sites. Of course this time around, the first building we checked was swarming with Zombies.

Raoul was having a bad day. He rarely succeeded in hitting his targets, & even when all he wanted to do was search, found a Zombie instead.

Which of course killed him.

He returned as a Zombivore (basically a zombie with his brains intact).

The others didn't fare much better. We ended up having no items to open doors, as they were lost with those who fell.

Ok, so 2 fails with the run to the chopper, so we had some Lasagna & returned to try the original scenario (with expansions)

Things were going well, though we got to the yellow danger level quite rapidly which in turn caused us grief

El Cholo was the first to fall, after having failed to finish off a zombie dog. It had 3 activations & El Cholo was no more.

Meanwhile we had an abomination appear. Here Phil gets a first hand look before jetting out of the building. Noone could harm this thing, so the best we could manage was to stay away from it.

Raoul was determined to maintain his record of least reliable character, as these 3 runners took him down.

We ended up again getting overwhelmed & were finished off by a card giving the zombies an extra activation.

Thus ended the day of gaming. I will likely bring this game back to the club for some more plays & hope to have more people give this game a try.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Flying Colors at EWG

Last night at the club, Bruce brought out his Sailing ships to do battle. I don't recall the actual battle we refought, but his ships were looking great!

Kevin & I played the British against Dave & Scott who were the outrageous French. Below is an image of our starting positions.

After a couple of initial long range volleys, with nary any damage, both sides quickly closed the distance & the broadsides began to tell. The white smoke shows which broadsides had fired in the turn.

The British lost their smaller vessel & had a couple more crippled with little or no rigging left.

The French were also feeling the burn, as several of their vessels were reduced to class 6's & 7's. Bruce had printed off some ship sheets, which allowed most of the counters to remain off the map, which we all readily agreed was a wise choice.

An interesting game which I hope to see at the club again, as it was the first time for many of us to have an opportunity to we need to pressure Bruce into holding a Battle of Trafalgar....just kidding!