Thursday, June 22, 2023

Xenos Rampant at EWG

Tuesday night, Bruce returned to the club after a couple month hiatus. He brought out Xenos Rampant, set up for 6 players.

 However the numbers were low this club night, so we ended with 4 of us duking it out to get to the data banks & download the data held within.


I had a unit of Raptors which counted as berserkers.They were a quick moving unit & I rushed them to one of the objective buildings to begin downloading.


One of the opposing APC's arrived & the troops dismount. This caused my Raptors to go berserk & charge into them. After a couple of rounds, the raptors had fallen, though they had weakened the infantry unit.


On the far end of the table, my ally was advancing with his walkers, tying up Chen's armoured unts.


My Heavy Armoured Infantry squad was able to soundly defeat the APC & infantry & began moving off towards the other flank (you can see them in the distance). One of my other squads made it to the objective & was downloading data. 

Our force was able to defeat the opponents, however it was a close call, as they were able to flip the centre objective & were getting the data that remained.

Thanks Bruce for bringing it out...we hope to see it again soon!


Sunday, June 18, 2023

Mordheim - The West Gate Prep

With our last Road to Mordheim Campaign game looming at the beginning of next month, I have been getting some needed pieces built. The scenario calls for a raised platform at the centre of the table.

So it was time to haul out some pink foam & get started.

Deciding on how large I wanted the centre platform I cut 4 pieces (for 4 tables). In a previous build I tried cutting stairs & stuff into these platforms, but with issues using the rollers for the patterns, opted for a simpler & more versatile option


Having the pieces cut, it was now time to pattern them. I used a flagstone roller for the side stones.


Then a cobblestone for the travelled surfaces


Then it was time to paint them up. Here are the paints used, perfect for craft paints!


 And a view of how these ramps can be used.


They are more versatile than carving in fixed ramps, etc, as they can be placed anywhere around the platform

So another batch of fairly quick raised platforms for use in skirmish games such as Mordheim & Frostgrave. Onto the next project for this scenario!

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Road to Mordheim - River Pirates

Today we had 6 of us out to play the River Pirates scenario.


With the addition of 2 new players to the league, it was the Dwarf Treasure Hunters who drew the short straw & were located at the docks, getting their cargo from the River Pirates.

 The Unfetttered arrive!


Another of the new warbands (Bretonnian) caught sight of some Chaos Hounds emerging from behind a rock....they took a couple of pot shots at them....that was soon to be discovered to not have been a good idea.


After initially dispatching 1 of the hounds, the Bretonnians were quickly surrounded & fighting for their lives.


The end was nigh for the Bretonnians, as the Minotaur ran up & sliced the Knight Errant, causing an 'old wound' result to him.


The Sisters moved down the road towards the docks, lobbing stones at anyone near enough.


They soon closed in, after taking a grapeshot volley from the swivel gun. The dwarf treasure hunters were moving away with crates, hoping that the pirates would engage the sisters long enough for them to escape.


At the other end of the battlefield. Skaven were mixing it up with squigs....& not doing too well. They ended up getting locked in with them & never made it much further towards the loot.


With the beastmen beginning to arrive near the docks, the Sisters were able to take down an ungor, & were delighting when the remainder fled back into the trees.


The Skaven & squigs continue the melee!


The dwarves run into a Goblin Archery line


And are soon squeezed from behind by the Sisters arrival.


Grabbing several crates, the sisters were heading away from the battle. However with the felling of another of their band...the triangle sounded & the sisters fled, a couple of them dropping their crates in their haste to depart.


The Greenskins managed to hold out to defeat the Dwarves  after several solid morale saves, winning them the field.


Thanks to those who came out today!