Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Frostgrave - The Road to Felstad

Sunday saw the launch of our new Frostgrave Campaign. I had 4 of the fellows bring out their warbands. Initial interest would have had 9 warbands on the board, but as expected, real life can often interject itself.

Each of us started with a 500gc warband & we are only using the casters from the original book. The expectation is that as we progress & the expansions are added, those troops, creatures & spells will also.

I have asked the players to come up with names for all of their soldiers. This didn't happen, though my hope is, that after seeing the AAR from our first game, they will put more thought into it.

We are indeed using some house rules for this campaign. Some of which are

1) experience awarded for soldier kills, 
2) fall damage for those silly enough not to spend an action climbing down,
3) a creature spawn every turn 
4) random direction/distance for creature spawn on a treasure roll of 16-20

The initial warbands who braved the first game are as follows;

The Elementalist Maximilian & his Apprentice Ludvig (Chen-song)

The Elementalist Mario & his Apprentice Toad (Alan)

The Witch Ulrich & his Apprentice Grinley

The Elementalist Bob & his Apprentice Timmy (Scott)

 The Enchanter Eben & his Apprentice Maul (Terry aka me)

Now onto the adventure...

 Thus ended our first foray before the walls of Felstad. Surprisingly, there were no deaths & I believe only 2 soldiers suffering an injury to miss next game.

Some of the further background on the scenario. The caravan was attacked by barbarians who have yet to be seen (yes they are from the most recent expansion & are a mystery to the Wizard's). Though most of the valuables had been plundered, there remained on each cart/wagon 1 treasure that would be rolled for as normal. An additional 2 treasures per warband were placed normally & each of these would be at a -5 to the dice roll to determine what they held.

The results were as follows;

Mario - 480xp, 280gc, Ring of Will, Amulet of Resistance, Bow (+1 Shoot), Grimoire of Awareness. Base - Inn.

Ulrich - 240xp, 251gc, Staff of Power (3). Base - Treasury

Bob - 410xp, 530gc, Dagger (+1 Dam), Dagger (+1 Fight), Grimoire of Curse. 
Base - Laboratory

Maximilian - 320xp, 550gc, Gloves of Strength (+2 Dam), Scrolls - Wall, Shield. I didn't get the base for this band.

Eben - 260xp, 70gc, Bow (+2 Dam), Potions - Toughness, Healing. Base - Library

The highest level wizard will be the featured characters on the cover for the next scenario.

It's my hope that some of the other fellows, who although they cannot commit to the campaign, may come out for a game or 2 as guest warbands to enjoy the social gathering this game has inspired. 

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kings of War Historicals at EWG

Last night Dave hosted four of us in a game of Kings of War: Historical's. This battle pitted the Romans under Julius Caesar against Boudica, err rather the manly Bouda-Khan! & his hordes of hairy's.

The scenario rolled was that each side had to have more forces across the field into the other players side at the end of 6 turns. The centre was conviently defined by the table crack.

The Legions into the fray against the hairy hordes. 

Some of the Briton leaders held up a Legion. Some heroes in fact had stats that equated to a Legion in health & breakpoints. The red dice is a hit marker. For each pip of damage, that is added to break test rolls. Needless to say once units really started wracking up pip's, they were soon gone.

On the right flank, the Chariots managed to sweep out the defending Romans & then collided with the last defence on that side, our unit of Archers.

The centre near games end. Bouda-khan is ramming into the flank of a very much depleted Legion at the bottom of the image.

The game ended in a draw as there was a mere 10% difference between the point scores.
A fun night at the club & it afforded Dave another opportunity to haul out his Historicals.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Frostgrave Crossbowman & Marksman

This past weekend I completed just 2 miniatures in prep for the Frostgrave Campaign. As the weather was above 0, I took the opportunity to get a bunch of figures primed.

However here we have a couple Crossbow armed troops. These are metal Reaper Miniatures & came in a blister of Anhurian Crossbowmen 4 soldiers (2 of each pose). I was quite happy that the blister allowed me to create both a Crossbowman ( Leather Armor) & a Marksman (Mail Armor).

Excepting the use of 1 facial expression on all figures, they were nice to paint.

It's off to the club tomorrow night for some Kings of War Historical!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Zombicide Black Plague Runner & Fatty

I finally completed my first Zombicide Black Plague Runner & Fatty figures.

I must say I am really impressed with the Fatty models in particular, the details are excellent & he was quite challenging to paint, lots of deep recesses to worry over with changes to the colours.

The sculptor also did an interesting thing with the runner, having loose ragged clothing to form one of the supports. Much nicer than the plain plastic tube that I removed from the original Zombicide Runners.

 I have some Black Plague zombies on the table, as well as a couple more Frostgrave related figures.

Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - Teaser 2

Here is the 2nd & last teaser before the launch of our Frostgrave Campaign. Still learning how to use this software.

The next installment will be introducing the warbands & their first engagement.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First Club night of EWG for 2017

Last night was our first club night for 2017.  I got in on a game of Avrelian run by Bruce using his 15mm armies. I joined Craig in playing the Persians.

Each side uses a deck of cards, each card providing numerous options for its use. In some cases the use of the card will see it discarded for the remainder of the game. Eventually one side will run out of cards & the game ends at that point.

The Persians were the attackers & were attempting to seize 2 objectives within 20 turns.

Early in the game most of the action was on the far side of the ridge where our horse archers were playing cat & mouse with the opposing sides light horse. Sorry I forget the opponents army <sigh>. Everytime his mounted would close, we would play a Parthian Shot card & ride away causing a disruption from bow fire.

Eventually the centres clashed. The white markers represent disruptions. Depending on the unit, once a certain number is reached, the unit is destroyed. There is a lot of disruption occurring at this point.

With some lucky cards & a couple of flanks, the Persian managed to destroy some pikemen & broke the opposing army. We were lucky enough to have our elephants not Rampage. These were definately the most well ordered Elephants ever!

As well 2 more Zombicide Walkers made it off the paint table.

More Zombicide Black Plague Zombies on the way, as well as a couple more miniatures for the upcoming Frostgrave Campaign. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

And so it begins...

Just as the title states...

This post is the prelude to the upcoming Frostgrave Campaign I will be hosting at my home. It was also an opportunity for me to play with the new software I picked up.

Now just how to work it so my coloured images are displayed 😀 


We made it!

Here we are! We managed to get through it...2016 the year of some big changes.


This is where a lot of bloggers go through their year in review, however if you wish to do that hear, then just sift through my previous blog posts. I prefer to look ahead!

As I got a bit busy with some after Christmas shopping, I wasn't able to get as much time at the paint table as I had hoped. However I did manage to spend a few hours yesterday to finish off my current batch of Zombicide Zombies & a Wight.

As well a couple parcels arrived just at Christmas, one being my LOAD (League of Ancient Defenders) Kickstarter. Then of course we have the Christmas presents.

I will be going through the rules to this & bringing it out the club Tuesday.

Under the tree this year were a couple boxes of Malifaux 

I am certainly impressed with the miniatures from this game. Still have the 2 player starter one's on my paint table. OK there's a goal for looking forward!

Another goal for the coming year is to continue work on the Zombicide Black Plague core game. Thus far it's been a steady stream of walker zombies, but the Runners & Fatties will be making their debut soon!

DOH! It's only after I am posting this photo that I noticed a brush hair stuck to a guy's head. That won't be staying there long.

Goal number 3 is to relaunch our Frostgrave Campaign. After discussion with another blogger - Gordon Richard's, I purchased a software I have seen him using on his blog. My intent is to dabble with said software for the campaign, making it sort of a graphic novel. We shall see how this pan's out (aka I still need to play with the software)

Speaking of Frostgrave, I painted up an old Wight figure. He is 1 of the 3 Ral Partha Wraiths. I will need to find the other 2 to get them painted up for that scenario as well.

So once again looking forward my goals for 2017 are to 

1) Relaunch the Frostgrave Campaign. I have been dabbling with using the City of Mordheim as the backdrop to this. Mainly as I am not about to winterize all my terrain. As well rumours are rampant that GW will be releasing Mordheim. Yes I will be getting it! Though I still have quite a bit of the previous version.

2) Complete the painting of the Zombicide Black Plague core game.

3) Complete the Malifaux Starter set & actually play the game!

I will leave the goals at that point, not wanting to overload & thus complete nothing.