Thursday, April 27, 2023

Stargrave - The Overgrown Factory

Continuing with our Stargrave Campaign, this past Sunday we travelled to the Overgrown Factory. I've seen other posts where players have gone with more of a jungle terrain, with remnants of walls & buildings to represent the factory. I opted to use the edge of the play area to represent the outer walls of the factory & the jungle now intruding & slowly reclaiming the ruins.


We had 5 player crews, & it was also our first play using the Side Hustle cards.


As is typical, where I find myself always short of time, I just got the base coats done on the Rampart Walls & the GW mining equipment. Once I complete the painting on those, they will recieve posts of their own.

One of the players had a side hustle that involved adding 4 Dedfurds to the board at the beginning of the auspicious start for sure


The crew of the Incorrigible enters...& smoke begins to Pop!


Scotts crew engages a Dedfurd in Hand to Hand.....


Smoke clouds continued to blossom, as we had 2 warbots on the table (another arrived from a Side Hustle card), & the fact we were now getting within range of one-another.


I think my crew is quite concealed at this point


Craig's Side Hustle involved several Bounty Hunters trying to track down & remove his Captain...


Craigs Captain finds himself quickly becoming overwhelmed. Not only did he have Bounty Hunters, but then 2 Pirate Shock Troopers arrived near his crew. Many crew were taken down shortly after this.


We had our first Mind Gripper arrive as a random encounter. These little buggers are a real challenge & I think its safe to say, we hope to never have another show up in the future. Scott's crew spent most of the game trying to get away from it after losing the first member of his crew to it.


All in all, a great fun scenario. I liked the addition of the Side Hustle events, as it really changed up the game! Not sure they will work for every scenario - ie the Lava planet that culminates our Core Book Campaign. I will have to look at it more.

As always, thanks for taking the time to follow our campaign!


Wednesday, April 19, 2023

EWG Club Night - Apr 17th

Last night we had 8 guys out for the club. Gaston & Scott played Fading Glory.


While I pulled out Alien: Fate of the Nostromo. As we had 1 extra player, I sat out & ran the game.


I also decided to use the Ash (pain in the butt) variant, to add even more shenanigans.


Ripley & Lambert complete one of the objectives by brining 2 coolant tanks to 1 of the rooms.


Ash becomes a problem, moving into spaces with characters & causing them to discard scrap.


The crew initially lost a lot of morale, before catching onto the abilies of the items they could create...they were finally able to complete the other objectives to discover their final mission!


By this time, the crew had a single morale point. They were struggling to get any scrap to aid them....& now needed to go to grab coolant cylinders to deal with Ash.


And of course, the Alien was still running about.


Alas with another Order 937 card being drawn, Ash moved back into a room with 2 crewmen, neither of which had a cylinder & with the loss of the last morale, the game ended.

 Thanks to those who came out & it was fun running this game with Ash, it really does make a difference & now I think the players see the need to find scrap & build some items to assist with morale loss quickly. 

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

EWG Club Night - 4th Apr

I've been a bit remiss on getting my after club post up, but better late than never.

So on the 4th we had 12 guys out with 3 games running.

Gaston played Hands in the Sea with Scott. He posted more about it on the facebook group.


Andy ran What a Tanker with George & Jonathan partaking of that one.

 Evan ran Alien vs Predator for the rest of us. 


We had 3 teams of 2 people each. Dan & Chen played the Human Marines. Kurt & a new fellow (sorry, I can't recall your name) played the OP Predators. Richard & I played the Aliens.


A good chunk of the Aliens were destroyed by a flame thrower attack as they were attempting to bash down a door (Aliens can't open doors any other way). However the remnants got in amongst the Marines & it was pretty much a mutual destruction. 


The Predators were able to mop up what remained to win the game. Our next club gathering is on the 18th!

Sunday, April 2, 2023

GAME ON! - Rocky Mountain Retreat

I've just returned home from a 4 day gaming bonanza - aka - The Rocky Mountain Retreat.

I was first invited to attend this soire back in 2015....they have the photos to prove it! Thanks Brent for bringing me into the fold! This year we had a smaller gathering than normal, as the invites went out later than usual, & many folks had other plans (Hmm...the New Dungeons & Dragons Movie maybe?)

However we partied on, and here is the crew that attended this years event.


Brent even enticed a bunch of his gaming folks from the States to come join in & get some fresh Canadian Mountain Air!

Thursday Night Brent ran Rangers of Shadow Deep. We started the first scenario of the Tor Varden Missions ( we had played this one previously), & were hoping to do all 3 scenarios during the retreat...unfortunatly as often occurs, we get caught up in other events & that didn't happen


The Gnolls & Ogres guarding the crossing


I don't think crossing the bridge will be easy at this point.


We were able to lure the gnolls out & took many of them down piecemeal, usually swarming one with several members.


We successfully took the crossing & retrieved the treasure (which happened to be herbs).

Then it was onto Alien: Fate of the Nostromo, with a great group of gaming chums I always look forward to hanging with at this event. (Rob, Tim, DJ & Jordan). There are certainly some others, but they are not appearing in this game.


After a bit of confusion, we figured out how the morale worked on the encounter cards & got down to business...collecting or crafting the items needed to complete the various objectives before discovering the final objective.


Ripley comes face to face withe the Xenomorph......& runs! Which about sums up any encounter with it. There is nothing aboard the Nostromo that can kill it.


We set the self-destruct for the final objective & were able to all gather in the airlock with 1 turn to spare---then jettisoned away in the escape pod. Sadly Jones didn't make it aboard.


On Friday I got in a couple games of Bloodbourne the Card Game, which proved enjoyable with all involved. I also tried a couple of games I hadn't heard of before

Obsession & Its a Wonderful World,both of which were good though I thought Its a Wonderful World could be longer. I also played Everdell, my first time & thoroughly enjoyed was impressive how much was in the core game, as that is all we played. I think I also played a couple of racing games (Flamme Rouge?) as well.

Saturday was certainly the busiest & longest day of the event (as it should be -  as by this time you would have expected to have met everyone & broken the ice, playing outside your comfort zone)

Brent was kind enough to bring ISS Vanguard with him. I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but there is a LOT to this game. We were only able to play the initial tutorial scenario, which I think is meant to mainly teach you the dice mechanics. We survived. Though I didn't take any photos of the gamne,  I really suggest you check this game out & read up on it....though you will really want a dedicated group to play through this massive campaign, where any/every action you take will have a cause & effect later throughout the choose wisely!

Then Tim pulled out the newest iteration of 'The Thing'

When I first looked at the board, I immediately thought it was just like the Outpost 31 version that Evan had brought to the club. Apart from the visual layout of the outpost, & the handing of cards to the current 'leader' that is where any similarity ends!

We initially form up in the common room -  with 1 of us currently infected.

Then we all head off hoping to perform various tasks to repair the outpost & keep the lights & heat on. Oh, the helicopter needed some work too. Anytime more than 1 player entered a space, they had to inspect one of 2 tokens laid down by the other players to see if they were infected. This version of the game also had dogs running around, which you need to get people to return to the kennel. This of course required 2 people to do it, otherwise there was a chit drawn for the dog, to see if it was infected....oh the fun!

We have our first Thing revealed, though by this time, I had been the only person tested & shown to be human....there were a great many other Things running around uncovered at this point.

I finally entered the bedroom & stayed there, until frozen to death, there was no way I was getting out of there!

After a most excellent Roast Beef dinner, Tim set up Unfathomable. As you can see the usual cast of nere-do-well's is present.

This game came right down to the last ship movement where some lucky dice mod cards allowed the humans to defeat the hybrids & deep ones. For almost half the game I was both the Captain & the Keeper of the Tome after the original Captain revealed himself to be a hybrid! (Oh look its Jordan & DJ....go figure!)

I managed to get the 2nd Hybrid player into the brig, though it was on  more of a hunch & I had to put someone there due to a mythos card.

Things are looking quite hectic!

In hindsight I should have taken an image of the dials locations when we ended, but we were too excited just to have made it!

 Sunday morning I pulled out The Adventurers Temple of Horus & ran 2 games ( it plays quickly & isn't too onerous to set up & tear down. The first game saw everyone escape & Jeff won it with the most loot value.

The crew for the 2nd game.


After turn six, by this time, everyone was heading for the entrance

And.....just a couple turns later, the game ends with 4 players trapped inside!


So thus ends another great gaming weekend, now we look forward to next years event & the hope & cajoling of those stalwarts who were unable to attend this year to prepare now for the next!

Thanks for visiting.