Thursday, December 31, 2020

A New Year! - A consoling thought

Here we are, the last day of 2020....a year many of us will gladly forget as we look forward to 2021. 


Sure it will be the status quo for now as we navigate this pandemic. 

 As I reflect on the past year, it wasn't all doom & gloom. The pandemic afforded an opportunity to see that many of us could indeed work from home. This allowed for more time at home each day rather than spending it on the commute.

 For myself, this provided an opportunity to deal with a filled crawlspace & to gather & offer some hobby items to others that I realize are not in my interests now. There is still many items I have to sell & hope to find new homes.

It also gave me extra time that I could put to my painting. Each day at lunch, I could now spend about 45 minutes on my hobbies.

So as we look at 2020 in the rear view mirror, here is my last painted item, finished today that will close out the year.

 I've been buying 3d print files from a company called LV-427. These are space/sci-fi themed terrain that allow folks to create an Aliens, Space Hulk or soon a Stargrave table. What's really nice is that they don't require supports. If one looks, there are some amazing tables out there created using this stuff!

So here today is one of the Consoles ( a series of 3)


It's double sided & meant to be placed in the centre of the command centre. (Which I have been printing too).


I gave it my standard Army Painter strong dip treatment, but think now perhaps I will just go with a contrast wash for the next one. This will be good for a derelict scenario.

I will also likely snag some computer screen images (ie: Star Trek) to use over the monitor panels, similar to what I did with the other computer consoles I did in the past.

Once again I wish to thank those who spend their time following my blog. Your comments & suggestions allow me to grow more as a miniature gamer. As well following your blogs, allows me the opportunity to discover & learn things that perhaps I would never know about. 

 Lastly, Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Core Space - Purge Harvesters

I've completed 3 more of the Purge Harvesters today.


I have also begun adding a bit more to the bases. In this case some sprue bits painted up as discarded metal refuse.


I have 2 more of these to complete, then it will be onto the Devastators & Live One. There is also a large one that I believe in an Annilahtor, but will need to confirm that. 

Monday, December 28, 2020

Core Space - Pi

Taking advantage of my Christmas Staycation, today I completed the last member of the Poseiden, Pi


An interesting figure with his prosthetic arm.


So that completes the first 4 crews for us to play with, however with 4 crews I doubt the initial Purge will be enough, so on to the 2nd set of the core box Purge I got with the original Kickstarter. I also need to finish clearing a space to set up the initial scenario & learn the rules to play before the pandemic ends to have the fellows over! 

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Core Space - Hoskins & Thomen

Two more of the Posiedon crew are now finished. Today I completed Hoskins & Thomen


I will be happy when I can give them all the matte overspray.

Just 1 more crew figure who has been started & then we shall see what else I can finish up before the end of the year 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Thanks Santa Baby!

So with the morning ritual completed, ie ripping wrapping paper of the gifts under the tree, it's time to...


So this year Santa was good to me, providing more miniatures to my Lonely Mountain Lead & plastic Pile. Mostly from the Privateer Press line of figures which will be getting used in other systems my mind is always thinking of....Steampunk Pulp.

 On top of the boxes seen above there were also several blister packs of hero types. As well several sets of slipper socks & rubber soled socks for use while I am hanging out in the basement working on projects or gaming with friends.

So now as the turkey is about to be set in the oven, the table is set.....Oh not with plates & bowls!

It's time for Double Monopoly! Even though its just the 2 of us this year (There will be none of Christie's one sided trade deals!). We play this as Christie isn't an insanely addicted gamer like me. I modified the game to use both the original boards & the Canadian Edition many years ago. Rules were modified to allow for all the railroads & utilities. As well a new deck of cards was introduced, which can continue to be added too as needed or desired.

 Once again, everyone have a Merry Christmas! I raise a glass of Rum & Nog to all of you!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

 Just a short post to wish all those who visit my blog a Merry Christmas! It's been an interesting year to say the least & many of us will be glad to see the door hit its ass on the way out.

However this is also the time of giving & I give thanks to all those other bloggers who have given me the opportunity to see & learn, with childlike excitement, ways to improve my hobby work.

Even though our bodies grow old, the spirit of the child lives within each of us. Let it thrive & grow in 2021. I look forward to seeing what that New Year brings!



Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Just in time for Christmas!

As the countdown to Christmas looms ever closer, a couple more packages arrived in the mail.

Initially I believed this box to be the latest Frostgrave items from Northstar Miniatures which were released on the 10th...however I was surprised to see

Terrain Essentials!


Anyone who has followed the Terrain Tutor on Youtube will recognize his work here as well.

 The 2nd parcel/boxes were the remainder of my Modular Underground items as well as the Dark  Rituals Kickstarter I backed. I only took photos of the core box, but as expected I went all-in & there is a lot of other items. Sorry for not removing the shrink off the box before the photo....just didn't want to get sidetracked from my Core Space painting!


Just 2 more days for Santa to arrive! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Core Space - Captain Teeloc

 Today I started on the Crew of the Poseidon & managed to finish Captain Teeloc


From what I am reading about him (while I was waiting for paint to dry) it seems he is a bit Foolhardy, which he uses to hide the fact he never wanted to be a Captain.

He does seem quite well armed, with what I think may be some form of Grenade Launching weapon & a couple of Katana's on his back.

Next up will be Hoskins

Monday, December 21, 2020

Core Space - Hunter & Satiene

 This afternoon sees the completion of the Cygnus crew. I was able to finish up both Hunter & Satiene

Again, these both have great poses. Satiene is an augmented human.

As mentioned in previous posts, these 2 will be getting their matte overspray to remove that shine once spring returns.

This now gives me 3 crews completed. I've got the crew of the Posiedon on the paint table now. Then it will likely see a few more Purge get completed.

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Core Space - Chit & some more 1/50 scale vehicles

Today I finished up Chit, the 2nd member of the Crew of the Cygnus.


It figures that after I took the photos this eve, that it seems I managed to somehow rub some of the paint off the back of his shoulder pad. That will be a quick touch up.

I also picked up a couple more 1/50th scale vehicles I saw at Walmart on Saturday. They are all jacked up vehicles which will make great unit transports for various survivor groups. 

 These were $4.97 each.  The VW is ripe for some grafitti!

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Core Space - Crew of the Cygnus

Back to working on the next crew for Core Space. This time I am working on the Crew of the Cygnus.

So starting with the Captain. Here we have Sondar

 Again, he just needs the matte over spray to complete him, but that won't happen until spring. Up next I have Chit, who should be done in the next couple days.

Monday, November 30, 2020

It's a Trap!....Door

When I first got my FDM 3d printer, I was involved in several STL kickstarters to build up my collection...well for the most part its still just stl files.

 BUT.. as I was beginning to learn, I found this wonderful 'free' stl from The Dragon's Rest 

 Trap Door With Stairs Down

 So off I went to print it. Well successful, it didn't quite meet the standard I was expecting & is most likely due to my noobness with such technical things.

However here they are. If you look closely, you can see that my layers never quite completed, but they were still functional.


It's quite likely I will be making some more of these for use in various systems such as Frostgrave & Mordheim. 

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Couple of 3D models painted

 As the year winds down, I find myself with several figures littering the hobby table. So I took the opportunity today to lessen them with the completion of 2 more of the 3D printed figures I did back in September.


The first is a female rogue from one of the Patreon's I follow Welcome Packs, the name of which eludes me atm. I do know it came from a Titans of Adventure series.

A very dynamic pose.


Also I painted up the Halfling Rogue from the One Gold Piece  patreon


Another great figure, for one of my favorite D&D character race/class. They both just need the matte over spray once winter passes & the temperatures allow.


I expect I will continue working through whats strewn about my paint table to try to tidy it up by years end. 


More to follow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Apocalyptic Camping

 A couple years ago I picked up this slightly damaged (hitch broken off, windows misplaced) camper van, from a 'FREE' box during a townwide garage sale. It sat in a box with the rest of my 28mm scaled vehicles awaiting 'The Treatment'


So, although not visible without closer inspection, I did take it apart & painted up the inside stuff then glued the windows back in place.

 Then with the addition of some graffiti & weathering, I consider this done.


I also finished up the first batch of the Objective Markers from the Walking Dead Miniatures Game. I will have more of these to do down the road, as I bought a couple extra sets of their terrain during on the the Mantic Sales.


So not its on to something different, not sure yet which has caught my attention the most, but you will know when I do.

 As always, thanks for visiting.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Wheres the Fire?

So after a busy week of dealing with car issues & getting up the Christmas tree today, I managed to spend some time getting some paint to models. 

 I've finished up the 2nd batch of Fire Hydrants, now giving me 15 of them. This should be enough for my gaming needs.


Again, these are 3d printed from one of the earliest STL file kickstarters I backed. After getting the red paint on them, they were weathered.

Also after a couple days of gathering & then resizing images, I've completed a couple more Walking Dead objective markers. 


So there are a few more of these objective markers in various stages of completion. It's likely I will focus on getting these all done before moving onto another of my projects. Until next time!