Sunday, June 24, 2018

Game On!

With Craig hosting a bunch of us over for a game of Cthulhu Wars (we keep hoping for that 8 player game). However it ended up with 6 players as 1 person bowed out. He offered people to come over earlier to play some X-wing.

Seems I was the only one who was up for that. So Craig set up a scenario where the Imperials were trying to destroy 2 shuttles. I took the Imperials.

The shuttles were denoted by cardstock counters & were moving at a speed of 2, with no weapons & 6 damage. Craig set them up split apart, so there was some 'space' between the groups.

Most of my pilots were the Academy Trainees, below one is blown up by the torpedoes of the B Wing.

The X-wing was pilotted by Biggs who was able to give protection to the shuttle & also required that I had to shoot at him if he was in arc. Apparently its in the script.

The one shuttle I was having some good success on, so left 2 of the Academy pilots to deal with. It was being escorted by an A wing....not sure what it was doing way back in the background.

I was able to splash that shuttle.

Then onto the battle where Vader takes down the B-Wing.

Things continued to sour, as Biggs was next to go. That last shuttle is beginning to lose its support.

The last of the escorts blows. However by this time the shuttle was 1 turn away from exiting the table. I had one last salvo with all weapons to take it down. Alas I was unable too. He had some lucky evades to keep himself alive.

This is the second time I've played & I really do enjoy it. The mechanics are slick & each ship has its own nuances which makes for exciting battles.

Then it was time to chow down on BBQ burgers (Thanks again Craig & Arlene for feeding us!) 

So with bellies full, it was onto Cthulhu Wars. I played the Windwalkers. Just some photos of the game in progress. We played on the Dreamlands map. 

Scott who played the Opener of the Ways eked out a victory.

So if that wasn't enough gaming for the day, we decided to play a game of Mansions of Madness 2nd Ed. This is the version with the App driven narrative. I have the 1st ed, where 1 players needs to run the game.

I am not a big fan of games now requiring Apps to play, as I feel it deflects from the social interactions. Sure they are a big help with rules heavy games & I get that.

However that being said, I did enjoy this game & we actually won! It was interesting how during the mythos phase the App would 'target' certain of the characters to have the sanity test. There are still lots of cards & tokens to keep track of. I also liked the puzzles that the game introduced. 

I played Joe Diamond in this scenario. 

I can see how the app for this game will allow for lots of digital content (scenario's, etc) & I think Craig said they had all the expansions for it. There were certainly lots of room tiles that we had to dig through to lay out the map.

We did discuss the repeatability of the scenarios & if indeed the app would run it differently each time, as different characters were introduced or players did things in different orders. It was an enjoyable game.

So getting home at 2am, I was quick to put head to pillow. Thanks again for the great day of gaming!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Campaign Preparations

As I read ahead of what's coming in our Frostgrave Campaign, I realize I have some work ahead to prepare.

Today I finished off some rubble bits. The next game of the Hunt for Golem will have the potential for falling rubble. So with that in mind I made some fallen blocks.

These were fashioned from some pieces of foam I had saved for just such occurances. Amongst them is one piece of the standard 'white' foam, but as you can see, the best results were from the 'pink' foam which is much more workable.

As we move onto the Thaw of the Lich Lord after the current Golem series. I see the scenario involving the river & boats. So seeing these 2 ancient cranes made by Sarissa for Gangs of Rome, I figured they would be good for the Frostgrave games as well. There are 2 versions, a Small Treadwheel & the Large Treadwheel. 

I will be sure to do a blog post of them when they are completed.

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Frostgrave - Field Research

Our campaign continued on Sunday with the 2nd scenario of the Hunt For Golem mini-campaign.

This scenario is set within one of the many gardens within Felstad. The warband's arrive to see the Golem destroying statues. Because of the magic leaking from the golem, all the statues have the potential to animate (1 in 6) each time the golem gets within 6" of them. Roll for this at the beginning of the golems phase.

This leaked magic also would allow a wizard casting control construct to animate one of them.

For this scenario, the wizards have come to study the Golem & thus are not here to destroy it. If it is destroyed, the wizards band who caused it's destruction will receive no experience whatsoever for this game.

Treasure is placed as usual (3 treasures per warband). 

Other experience can be gained one time each as follows;

10xp if a member of the wizards band comes within 10" of the golem. 
10xp if any member of the wizards band engages the golem in combat.
50xp if the wizard gets within 6" of the golem
10xp if the wizard or apprentice successfully cast a non-damaging spell on the golem.

The warbands were as follows;

My warband

Craig's warband

Scott's warband

Chen's warband

Here is the battle report...

Thus we avoided killing the golem. As the warband's returned to their bases, this is what they earned from treasures taken

Bob (Scott) - 430xp, 1 treasure - 240GC, Dagger +1Dam, Grimoire - Bone Dart
     Theodore & Spot IV killed, Todd miss game.

Innovar (Craig) - 340xp, 2 treasures - 170GC, Potions - Healing x2, Toughness;  Grimoire's - Control Undead, Illusory Soldier. Shadow III & Asan miss game.

Ludwig (Chen) - 560xp, 2 treasures - 110GC, Potions - Strength, Healing, Invulnurbility x2, Elixer of Speed; +2Dam Hand Weapon.

Eben (Me) - 510xp, 4 treasures - 387GC, Scrolls - Fast Act, Strength, Banish; Grimoires - Wizard Eye, Destructive Sphere, Beauty

Stay tuned for our next Foray into Felstad.