Saturday, August 25, 2018

The fun just keeps on coming!

We headed into the city so my wife could get her hair done. This inevitably led to a trip to Walmart. As I waited..and waited, I had more time to wander about.

I always take a side trip into the toy department just to see if any new 1/43 vehicles had shown up. Sure enough... There was an open flat with several vehicles. I quickly snagged the 2 remaining jeeps & a Fire & Rescue truck.

Sure an open jeep may not be the best option when sitting still, however it makes a great mobile platform while in motion!

As well I got another parcel & discovered it was my Fallout Miniatures Game order from Modiphius. I opted for the plastic PVC figures over the resin as the price was just too high, what with the exhange rate & all. 

Although I didn't get the terrain packs that were available, I did snag a bunch of the expansions.

One thing which I really like & am seeing more of is scenic bases on figures. A good example can be seen in the image above, with the stop sign. Means more time will have to be spent on the bases, but I am sure it adds to the figure immensely when finished.

Escape from Colditz!

This past Tuesday I brought out Escape from Colditz for the guys as the club.

I had 4 players (prisoners) scrambling about to gather the stuff needed to aid in their escapes while I played the German guards.

One of the conversations was which edition & year my copy is. It has the Gibsons Games logo on the sides, though from looking at Boardgame Geek, this isn't the 1973 version, so I am guessing 2nd ed?

The prisoners at the start of the game. Each colour represents a different allied nations prisoners.

We set a 2 hour limit (as we were playing at the store). The players began running about gathering equipment, which of course allowed me to start arresting them & putting them in solitary. I filled these first 2 cell blocks quite quickly.

I would suggest the players didn't really plan working together, they consistently left the guard spaces free for me to keep repopulating them & then snagging yet another prisoner to send to solitary. 

Chen did manage to make a run for it with 1 prisoner, however I had the Shoot to Kill card held in my hand & managed to bag him before he got away.

As it stood, time ran out & I had got the 'win' for preventing any escapes. Good little game without oodles of bits & pieces, apart from the meeples, & a few decks of cards.

I then got home to find a parcel awaiting me. My Deluxe copy of Big Trouble in Little China had arrived!!!!! 


The deluxe version allows for 5-6 players instead of the 1-4. I will be taking some vacation & hope to solo play a game of this before taking to Scott's next Saturday.
I've been watching some of the playthrough videos on YouTube & it looks like its going to be a blast!
 Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Frostgrave - Total Eclipse

This past Sunday we had our 15th game of our Frostgrave Campaign. We had another of the fellows return who hadn't been with us since early in the campaign...remember the guy whose warband was chased by a white gorilla? Yep that guy!

We started the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign book as our next grouping of scenarios & started with 'Total Eclipse'

Again the warbands present & their members are as follows;

Eben (me) 

Innovar (Craig)

Ludwig (Chen)

Bob (Scott)

Ulrich (Chris)

We played the scenario pretty much straight from the book, however I added that upon the total eclipse (turn 5) we would at that point switch over to the Thaw of the Lich Lord creature tables. Of note, any rolls that revealed either the Ghoul King or Lich Lord would be re-rolled. 

I also added in the use of Ulterior Motives for this scenario, as initially the warbands are merely scrounging until the eclipse changes things.

I will now allow the AAR to tell the tale...

3 out of the 5 Ulterior Motives were successful (It Shall Be Mine, Sould Drain, & Ancient Ancestor). The after game revealed the following;

Ulrich (Chris) - 100xp, no treasures. Reggy, Ricken, Sear, Slug (all badly wounded, missing next game)

Bob (Scott) - 520xp, 4 treasures - 40gc, Ring of Will, Staff of Power (1), Boots of Speed, Gloves of Strength.

Ludwig (Chen) - 890xp, 3 treasures - 340gc, Staff (+1Fight), Grimoires - Banish, Mud

Innovar (Craig) - 350xp, 3 treasures - 260gc, Grimoire - Call Storm, Magic Candle of Summoning, Cloak of Protection (+1). Marion killed, Townsend badly wounded (miss game)

Eben (Me) - 515xp, 6 treasures - 430gc, Grimoire - Bone Dart(2), Enchant Armor, Circle of Protection; Scrolls - Miraculous Cure, Transpose, Invisibility; Potions - Elixer of Speed, Teleportation

Unfortunately Ulrich took the brunt of the pain having so many badly wounded troops. Our next campaign game will be in October as September is a busy time for all with Fallcon, the Edmonton Expo, etc. Plus I have quite a bit more terrain bits to work on for the ice floes.

As always, thanks for taking the time to visit the blog.