Thursday, September 22, 2016

Frostgrave: Beared Bones

A couple more miniatures are off the table. This time around I have a couple Skeletons &  a Bear.

The skeletons are a couple of the old Citadel metal 25mm ones, which I've stripped from my long ago painting to my newer Army Painter godsend versions. These 2 were the quickest being the least clad. There are some more on the way.

As well I have this metal bear figure which I have been wracking my brains trying to determine the company. Of course I didn't think to look at the base until after the fact.

I do like the pose however & its quick a hefty miniature.

We will have to see what's next on the table to get completed as I am preparing stuff for Fallcon & that's taking quite a bit of my time to ensure all is ready for my Frostgrave game I am running.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Frostgrave - The Haunted Houses

Today we had 3 warbands descend once again into the environs of Frostgrave. The bands come upon a raised ruin of some long forgotten monastic order. The central tower rubbled, with 6 outlying structures.

Ember leads her band onto the board.

The first wandering denizen to arrive was a Vampire.

Scott's warband makes it to one of the ramps leading to the tower.

At the opposite end, Andy's warband also begins to make the climb.

Ember casts fog to screen her bands movements from Scott's ranged troops.

Andy's troops are the first to enter one of the small ruins.

A long ranged shot crit's one of my archers.

Scott's thief enters a ruin to awaken a Wight. He died rather quickly.

The fog cloud continues to be extended, allowing Ember's troops to scale the platform & snag one of the treasures.

Andy & Scott's Wizards squared off with Elemental Bolt's back & forth.

Andy eventually scored the telling blow.

The Vampire, caught up to Scott's Treasure hunter & critted him.

Andy had a real fear of Scott's Marksman & kept casting Fog & Walls to screen his soldiers.

Scott's band was eventually all taken out of action. Both Andy & I took away 3 treasures each.

The after game results were

Scott - 330x'p; Thief & Archer died, Treasure Hunter & Archer badly wounded & missing next game.

Andy - 600xp; 410gp, Ring of Will, Grimoires of Reveal Invisible & Strike Dead

Terry - 840xp; Templar, Archer & Dog Dead; 350gp, 2 Grimoires

At this point after levelling it was determined that Ember would have achieved level 31. With the other warband wizards being so far behind, we discussed the ending of this campaign & restarting at our next meeting.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Frostgrave has a bone to pick with you

Although a horrible title for this post, it is apt as I completed some re-paints of some skeletons I picked up action lot, in a trade (I honestly don't know).

However I do know that I really like these metal sculpts. Whomever owned them prior went to some effort to twist arms, etc to make the poses different & I like what they did.

A nice simple paint job, as they are all 1 colour. 

I then weathered the sundered shields & weapons with some rust colouring to show their age.

Then it was painted on Army Painter Strong Dip followed by the matte over spray.

I have a few more of the old Ral Partha skeletons on the paint table (more repaints from my youthful D&D days) as well as a bear. Also coming up the line are the Malifeaux Starter set crews.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Gibbons Town-Wide Garage Sale 2016

So once again, today marks what I term, the end of Garage Sale season. At least for me, as I only tend to be interested in Town-wide ones. As usual, the Gibbons Garage Sale sets the high standard that other towns are still trying to emulate & attain in their own.

Once again, some cash in hand we hit the town & it was a good (though somewhat expensive) day. What I am showing here is a part of the haul, as between my wife & I, we purchased at least 20 DVD/Blueray movies. I also got quite a few more books at the library sale & from houses visited.

So up first I found this kids tower in a box & paid 50 cents. I should easily be able to fill the gap with some foam, strip the hinges & get it all glued solid. This will be a future post. A figure has been placed at its base for scale.

3 of the Hard Cover books. Pretty much $1 each for hardcovers was the standard I saw today. As usual there will be sales where the prices are higher.

As the day was winding down I stopped at a home that had quite a few books, I managed to find a couple Pratchett novels amongst them. Then I saw this guy, so I managed a deal for the stack of 10 books I had & this guy for $10

That's when I started talking to the folks there & after some discussion learned they were pretty much done with Warhammer, & miniatures in general. With some more discussion he offered to give me what he had left.

Now to be fair, none of what the boxes were, contained everything expected. They were more pieces & bits, leftovers from previous use. But there was still quite a bit of stuff as shown in the next 4 images.

The Tau Battleforce box had a couple pieces of terrain, some of the old GW jungle trees & lots of TAU drones, with a couple space marines in the mix. 

The Devilfish box offered some other goodies, namely a knife set, file set & some clippers.

The Tau Codex & a Warhammer 40K rulebook, certainly not the newest version, but then I don't play 40K.

He also threw in these Battlefleet Gothic ships & a bag of all his old paints ( likely most are long dried out, but you never know). I gave him $10 for the batch.

A couple more 28mm scale vehicles have joined the pile. $1 each.

Earlier in the day I ran into a fella selling lots of collectibles, model kits & a couple GW items. Rather than pay the prices seen, I got both for $80. Some of the Warhammer figures have been build, but most of the sprues still seem to be intact.

Another great day, with lots of sun, though the gusting winds wreaked havoc on some vendors glass items. I am pretty happy with the finds & can now relax the rest of the evening with a beer.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Frostgrave: 2 More Archers & another Thug

As I continue to work through the stuff cluttering my painting table, I've completed 2 more archers & another Thug for use in Frostgrave.

The archers are both plastic GW, while the thug is another old Citadel metal figure

I wanted to try something a little fancier on the tunics of the archers & this led to a very long time to get them done (they should have been done on the long weekend!)

Regardless, they are now finished & will likely face their first game at Fallcon where I am running the Frostgrave event.

Short & sweet for this eve, as we prepare for the Gibbons Town-wide garage sale tomorrow. I am sure there will be an after event post to display what I was able to find.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Silver Tower - Round 2

Last night at the club, Kevin once again brought out Warhammer Quest the Silver Tower. We marched into its whirling mists with 5 stalwart warriors hoping to achieve our first piece of the symbol.

We entered the first chamber & encountered 2 Acolytes & a Blue Horror. I believe they were dead by the 3rd player's turn.

Delving deeper we discovered the Librarian again (A Pink Horror with increased stats)

Defeating him, we pressed on through the ledge room, requiring some dexterous dice stacking skills to avoid injury. We were then beset upon by 5 acolytes.

As chance would have it, we then discovered the goal of the first scenario, a room which contained some laser's, a demonic statue & lots of adversaries.

As my priest was the second player, I was able to get into the chamber & activated one of the laser pillars, sweeping it about & was able to fell several foes while wounded the others in its path.

The remainder of the group were able to get within the chamber & again used the laser's to good effect. We then encountered the demon within, who taunted us with a story & the first piece of the symbol we sought.

Shortly after as it was dispersed in a wretched foul cloud, we held the first piece.

With the night still young & several of the members close to receiving a skill, we pressed on into the second quest.

The first room had an embalmed acolyte revenant attack. We slew him. 

More acolytes attacked, in what was to become our main room of battle, more-so as it provided double the renown as long as we remained within it.

The next chamber spawned Tzaangors, which Elliot cajoled into charging us.

We then saw the arrival of a Skaven Deathrunner who had Kevin's warrior on it's list. We took great effort to kill this thing off as soon as we could.

As we proceeded, we encountered some huge Flamer, as it was not the chamber we sought, we proceeded to withdraw & were hoping to get far ahead of this monstrosity as we sought the chamber that would yield the second shard.

Encountering a gaunt summoner, we were able to use ranged attacks to weaken it, & then let loose the barbarian to deal some heavy damage. The mage finished it off, at which point we deemed it a good place to call the game (as it was now getting quite late)

Thus our next foray will see us once again attempt to retrieve the next piece. At the games end, my Priest of Sigmar now had the Eye of Fate skill & managed to retain an Unseen Amulet.

Thanks to Kevin for bringing this out!