Wednesday, August 30, 2023

A Necromunda Invite!

I was invited recently to join an upcoming Necromunda Campaign. As this is one of those systems I've been collecting, I jumped at the chance.

Heading over to Elliot's we built my Genestealer Cult gang to prepare, then sat down to play a few turns.


Photo by Elliot

This past Sunday eve, we met up with all those who would be partaking in the campaign & had a open game to test our our gangs (3 of us haven't played before)

One of my gang members has the infiltrate skill which allows him to deploy last. Armed with a hand flamer, his role is to get things cooking.


Moving forward, he unleashed his flame, catching the Goliath Leader & one other within the blast. His leader caught on fire & spent several turns trying to put it out.


Of course being alone like that doesn't usually end well for the infiltrator. He got taken out be another hand flamer, which even his hazard suit couldn't protect him from.


The biggest challenge my gang had was punching through the high toughness of the Goliath's, my autoguns were just not up to snuff. However my Mining Laser was more than capable. (It would also have helped if I rolled a few 6's).

I believe our next game will introduce us all to vehicles, so looking forward to that!

Thanks again for the invite!



Sunday, August 13, 2023

Palette Lifts

With all the cargo stacks I've been painting up, I had these 2 palette lifts sitting at the side of the paint table, waiting for their turn.


These are 3d printed figures from Lv427 & I believe came with the Hangar set as additional pieces


I added some paper warning signage & onto the screen, followed by some old model kit decals for the numbering.


After that it was time for some weathering & now I call these done. 


Thanks for stopping by!